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As of today (09.09.2022), no74-berlin.com is now officially part of soleawesome.com! We’re excited to welcome our new subscribers and followers and we’ll be working hard to bring you the latest news, reviews and insights on all things footwear. For those of you who aren’t familiar with us, soleawesome.com is the leading online resource for sneakerheads and footwear aficionados. We’ve been in the business for over 10 years and have built up a loyal following of dedicated readers. So make sure to stay tuned for more exciting content from us in the future!


We’re a group of shoe/sneaker aficionados

that want to continue the inspirational legacy of No74-Berlin.com by helping our readers learn more about new trends, important factors when choosing shoes, and all things shoes/sneakers!

Every one of us here at SoleAwesome.com (aka No74-Berlin.com) is an integral part of this sneakers fan base. Each member contributes something different to the team which allows us to specialize in a diverse range of fields such as branding and lifestyle, event production, design, communication, and marketing. 

We have established relationships with representatives from various countries around the world including Germany, France, The United Kingdom, and beyond with a wide range of expertise from industry professionals that include both local and global perspectives on the sneaker scene alike.

The History of No74-Berlin

No 74 Lives On!

When Berlin’s legendary footwear shop closed its doors, we were disheartened and missed it terribly. 

As connoisseurs of high-quality sneakers, we’re absolutely in love with the shop and dedicated customers who return time and again for their big-name brands (Adidas, Nike) and eclectic selection of offbeat kicks.

Being supporters and loyal fans of No 74, the closure of this shop came as a shock. Rather than mourn its passing, we decided to take action and keep the spirit alive. We decided to carry on with its legacy.

No74-Berlin.com and now SoleAwesome.com was created to give sneakerheads another wonderful way to engage in the culture. We created this website to be a one-stop information hub for all things footwear.


A shoe geek in heart and soul

Hi, Sol here!

Creating SoleAwesome.com has always been my life goal. 

As a fashionista, I always wanted to combine my interest in hiking and health with my love of street style and had no better way to share it than through sharing my passion and interests on this site!

It was a dream of mine to build a place where I could showcase my favorite outdoor picks and my shoe collection.

When I heard the news that one of my favorite shoe boutiques, No 74, closed, it felt like all hope was lost.

And I’m not the only one who felt that way – so as my fellow sneaker enthusiasts/friends. Although it saddens us to see the shop go, we know that sometimes such changes are essential to bringing about new beginnings.

We’re not one to give up that easily so we decided that the best way to honor the shop would be building and contributing to this blog site as a tribute, but most importantly to help create informational guides for our fellow sneakerheads!

Since the start of this site, we’ve been highly focused on giving back to our community and turning our long-held passions into reality.


Looking to make a positive difference,

we here at SoleAwesome understand that people and culture are important to us. This is why we are also on a mission to give back through charitable endeavors on a local and international scale.

We want to help build a better world. We’re interested in creating partnerships that are mutually beneficial where our combined efforts can do some good in the world.


SoleAwesome — Online Portal to All Your Shoe Information Needs!

Our website provides you with access to our reviews of some of the best name-brand outdoor footwear. It also allows you to check out news about our most current, original, and popular blog posts.

Feel free to read up on your favorite brands like Nike, Adidas, or New Balance. Read about the latest trends and what inspired a particular shoe’s design while getting down-to-earth advice from people just like you who love their sneakers as much as we do!


Helping you to have the best…

Fitting into types of shoe styles and dressing for particular events can be tough. Especially when you need that perfect item that will set you apart from others or even give you a boost in terms of confidence.

That’s why we want to help, here at SoleAwesome, we have an entire catalog of shoe guides, advice, and reviews.

Whether you want the perfect pair of summer sandals, winter boots, or sleek pumps and dress shoes for a special event, we can help present you with a vast array of options to suit every taste and preference.


Expert Advice & Reviews Only!

No one can ever have enough pairs of shoes in the shoe closet. But there are just so many different types and styles to choose from, not to mention the various materials being used!

That’s why you need help.

You deserve honest answers to your questions from someone who knows their stuff about shoes.

Ask away and we’ll give you our best advice on styles, price, material, size, and more that will match your needs as an individual or as a fashionista for your entire shoe collection.

At the same time, you can depend on us to provide accurate reviews.

We guarantee it!

For one thing, we only review the brands which are worthy of your money.

Whatever we say about them doesn’t change because of our affiliation with them.

This is critical for us since it is our goal for you to see the total picture of the product you’re aiming for.

Put another way, we seek advice from relevant professionals as well when we write a buyer suggestion to provide a more comprehensive overview of each item that comes into question.

We believe in the power of footwear as an extension of one’s personality, so feel free to browse around to not only educate yourself on what shoes/sneakers are popular at the moment but also on ways you can wear them as fashion statements or even ways you could incorporate them into intense sports performance activities like running or practicing martial arts for example!

Thanks for choosing SoleAwesome!