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"This was my first online purchase from Sole Awesome. I ordered the pre release Retro 11 Bred and I am very satisfied with my purchase. 100% authentic shoes, just like you would get in store or at a shoe release. Also the shoes only took 4 days to ship all the way to Florida. I will be making more purchases in the future, thank you Sole Awesome for the great experience!" -Julie R. (Order# 6196)

"I recieved my shoes yesterdayy thank you sole awesome, great communication and awesome quality! AAAA ++++++++++ shoe i loved it and im 100 percent satisfied with my purchase. legitness is to the roof. looking forward to buying more from sole awesome." -Ariel H. (Order# 4999)

"Good service, quick shipping, GREAT product!!!" -Daniel C. (Order# 4810)

"Just received my Jordan Retro 11 Bred 2012, and they are in fact SOLE AWESOME! In perfect condition, not a flaw. Great service and fast shipping! April from SA was very professional and responsive. I was not planning on waiting hours and hours before 12/23/2012 release and wanted to cop my pair early. I would definitely buy from Sole Awesome again! Great Job SA!" -Joe. G (Order#4744)

"Awesome colors, legit, just like the website said. Thanks guys!" -Jjr (Order# 4508)

"My second purchase from SOLE AWESOME. Once again, amazingly fast shipping from [where are they located, Vancouver] to New York City. Highest quality product and most definitely authentic. 
The only con is the price. But can't complain too much when I'm getting them 2 months before the release date, and knowing how tough they'll be to get from the store. Also, this one didn't come with the Jordan hang tag, although my first purchase did. And who doesn't have like 20 of those things by now anyway?" -Mark B. (Order# 4210)

"Great sneaker very happy with my purchase and very fast shipping def someone to do business with again and again and again!!!!" -Chris M. (Order# 4132)

"Despite the fact that it took a little longer than expected to receive the shoes (I was probably too eager and I understand they were away at a convention for a week). I am still 110% satisfied with soleawesome.com's overall performance. The Air Jordan IV Bred came in near perfect condition. I am not like other sneakerheads that set unrealistic expectations. The Jordan brand quality now simply doesn't match previous years. I think sneakerheads should understand that a little excess glue here and there and exposed thread should be expected. They simply don't make sneakers the same anymore. Also, the reality of early release sneakers is very misunderstood by the sneaker community. I don't understand when some sneakerheads complain when there is excess glue and minor flaws when they receive a pair of early release. I mean your trade off for buying early release is that you MIGHT get sneakers of lesser quality. MIGHT. (Not the case with Sole Awesome) But the reward is that you get to rock hot kicks early... I mean the quality you get from released shoes from Nike or Foot Locker has excess glue all over too... That is just the reality of the sneaker industry nowadays.. It is also not fair for those of you that compair the quality of a pair of sneakers with its previous release, the quality is unparalleled! Sucks for us sneakerheads! but lucky for us... Sole Awesome here is great. They actually try their best to minimize this and do their own quality control! I think sneakerheads should appreciate them for doing this! Well.. I'm a happy camper! AAA+++ 6 stars from me! Have a wonderful day!" -Cyrus B. (Order# 3717)

"Thanks SA! Now my daughters, wife and I can rock these awesome Fire Red VIs together!"-Ben R. (Order# 3618)

"This is not my first purchase at SOLE but I think a review is long overdue. These guys are great! I talked to April over email for a long time before I decided to place my first order.. and she was always patient with me (even though I wasn't a purchasing customer at the time) 
These kicks came in perfect condition! They pack their shoes real nice... a plastic wrap over the shoe box to prevent moister AND they double box to make sure nothing is damaged during transit! great job guys! keep it up" -Jeremy R. (Order# 3588)

"April, you have been great! I am glad we sorted my order out very quickly! Got the Raptor 4s in less than a week. WOW retail store quality!!!! will buy again fo sho" -Kaman B. (Order# 3456)

"THANK YOU FOR DOUBLE BOXING!!!! My boyfriend's Olympic VII came in one piece and in puuurrrfect condition! He loves his birthday present!! I love YOU SOLe AWESOME!" -Jenna M. (Order# 3439)

"GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! They answered all my questions clearly and erased whatever doubts I had. Best decision ever to shop with these guys at SOle Awesome1 No regrets! Im one big happy camper!" -Yuek P. (Order# 3409)

"To whom it may concern,
I am not a purchasing customer. But April has been so great with me that I have to write this email so you guys can give her a raise or somethn'. April was so patient with me eventhough I haven't purchased anything yet. She explained to me in detail and answered all my questions. Imma buy myself some sweet kicks from yall soon! keep up the good work!" - Jason K.

"Thanks.. for going out of your way in finding my size for me! u guys have been more than awesome..." Sean R. (Order #3245)

"WOW. JUST WOW." -Alex A. (Order #3212)

"sole awesome is the best place to shop. period. this is my second time ordering from dem. i used a coupon code they included in my last order and saved $10. their honest about their pre-release sneakers and never push u to buy anything ur not sure. i took a leap of faith in ordering from u when i didn't know anything about sole awesome the first time. not a single regret! my KD easter came perfect and fast. so much win XD!" -Sandy H. (Order# 3199)

"Sorry my English is not first language of mine. I will like to thank you to provide me with Jordan shoes hard to find. I tell all my family and friends buy from Sole Awesome. Shipping to Thailand was slow but safe. Shoes is in condition that is perfect. Will buy very many more. Krob kun kup (meaning thank you in Thai)." -Anita P. (Order# 3109)

"I know nothing about sneakers. But my boyfriend is a huge sneaker head. I wanted to buy him a memorable birthday present and shoe him that I am willing to learn about his passion. I am so lucky I came across your online store! You guys have been so patient with me in helping me pick the perfect sneaker for my love (I think we exchanged emails back and forth for over a week!). We decided to get him the Air Jordan 13 Ray Allen. My baby said he couldn't ask for a better birthday present!! OUr anniversary is on August 13th, Ray Allen is one of his favorite players and Air Jordan 13 happens to be the first Jordan shoes he has ever gotten when he was a kid.I couldn't ask for a better reaction from my boyfriend! Sole AWesome, you made us the happiest couple on his birthday! thank you thank you thank you1! (my boyfriend is so impressed with me in finding you guys, you may notice that a Christian Edgar is now a regular customer...maybe you should thank me =P)" -Jamie G. (Order# 3042)

"The Last shot is probably my favorite sneakers of all time. Relatively fast deliver to Japan, shoes in pristine condition. I will come back!" -Kenji T. (Order# 2947)

"Wow what a nice collection of OGs you got there! When I get a fat paycheck I will come back and cop the Air Jordan 1 OGs! In the meantime, I am happy with my last shot!" -Ernest C. (Order# 2942)

"Happy customer I am. Great sneaker store you are. Perfect kicks my Jordan 16s is." Victor E. (Order# 2884)

"My third order with you guys, I think I owe you guys a testimonial! Sole Awesome is not just a good sneaker store. Their customer service is out of this world! SA even gives out coupon codes with every purchase. They go above and beyond! This is what I like to see in the sneaker industry, and it is hard to find nowadays." -Greg G. (Order# 2737)

"Can't express my satisfaction more. I want to hug and kiss you!" -Reese D. (Order# 2675)

"Attn: Alex
You were so patient on the phone. You spend 30 mins on the phone with me figuring out the best option for my complicated situation. Everything is smooth and worked out now! The shoes have arrived swiftly and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I will definitely come back for more kicks. I also followed you on twitter! PLEASE do more giveaways!!!!" -Quinn W. (Order# 2529)


"Can I say that Sole Awesome may be the best sneaker online store on the market right now. They are fast in getting kicks and they also have a ton of selection on OG Jordans. I consigned my sneaker collection with SA and they sold my shoes very quickly! Got good money too!! I highly reccomend anyone who is planning to sell their kicks for more newer kicks chose their store credit option! you pay less commission and SA's selection is great, you will have a fun time spending your store credit in their store." -Lance B. (Order# 2160) 

"Thanks! My order came double boxed and wrapped in plastic to prevent moisture. What a nice touch!" -Wesley B. (Order# 1894)

"Amazing. My Concords are so fresh. I have to hug it to sleep! Thanks SOLE AWEOMSE in getting this to me so quickly!" -Ivan R. (Order# 1862)

"Wow the Concords are the most gorgeous shoes ever made yet. and I don't think they can make a better one anyway. You guys are cool. Very satisfied." -Chris L. (Order# 1796)

"I think this is my 4th or 5th purchase from you. Sole Awesome, you never fail to impress me! I used the coupon you guys gave me from my previous order to buy a pair of padded converse for my buddy's birthday --he's not a jordan fan! hes so happy with it! I saved $20 with your coupon code, what a steal!" -Henry T. (Order# 1618)

"Cannot be happier with my Concords. Everyone in school is asking me where I got them! If you mail me a stack of your postcards I can help you spread the love!" -David C. (Order# 1596)

"Found your site on sneakershoebox.com. Jstar was right about everything. You guys are more than legit! Thanks for hooking a brother up with these Concords." -James H. (Order# 1487)

"Sole Awesome, you guys made my dream come true. I was too young and I had no money to buy my dream shoes when it first came out. Now my life is complete. And I have you to thank for that. lol ;)" -Asher D. (Order# 1340)

"I ordered the early release Concords from you guys so I can give it to my brother for his birthday and Christmas. I also got a released pair of Concords from Foot Locker on release day (I'm tight with the store manager) and compared the two. Not a difference. To the people who complain about the carbon fibre plate being foggy or non existence or whatever. The released Foot Locker version is exactly the same. I have no complaints! Will buy more!" -Daniel I. (Order# 1200)

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