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How to Consign

If you have new or gently used authentic kicks that you want to sell, we are glad to consign them for you. 


How to Consign:

1) Simply tell us the list of items you would like to sell in the form below, we will evaluate your item based on your item description and one of our staff will contact you in a timely manner. (We are particular with the kicks we consign, please do not ship us anything before you have contacted us.)


NOTE: To protect our customers from fraud, you must be a registered user to access the Consignment Form.

Click Here for the Consignment Request Form


2) Once we have approved your consignment request, we will provide you with an address to send the shoes to.


NOTE: We highly recommend that you insure your item(s) when you ship it to us, as we cannot guarantee for lost and damaged items while they are en route to us. Don't forget to record the tracking number(s) of the item(s) being shipped to us!


3) From here, we'll do the rest! Upon the arrival of your item(s), a confirmation notificaiton will be sent to you, confirming that your item(s) are now in our possession. Photographs of your item(s) will be professionally taken at our studio and will be posted on our website under the Consignment category.  


4) Once an item is sold, we will notify you and the funds will be sent to you via your preferred method. (Paypal, Check, or Store Credit)

It is as simple as that!



Consignment Fee:

  • We charge 18% of the sale price;
  • or 15% of the sale price if you choose the Store Credit option.


Why Consign with SOLE AWESOME?

  • It's cheap!  We only charge a one-time 18% of the sale price! No insertion fee, and listing fee! We also offer a store credit option for a cheaper consignment fee of only 15%!
  • It's easy! All you have to do is ship us your item(s) and we will take care of the rest for you!
  • No dealing with annoying emails, faudulent and deadbeat buyers. No fret! No worry!


What does Consigning with SOLE AWESOME include?

  • We will photograph your item(s) professionally for a polished presentation.
  • We will promote your item(s) on our website, blog, and forum, as well as, on Facebook and Twitter.
  • We will provide potential buyers with customer service and answer all their inquiries, so you don't have to!
  • We offer convenient and secured payment methods so potential buyers feel safe to shop with us.
  • Worry-free transaction from beginning to end.