Best Ballroom Dance Shoes: 2021’s Most Popular

Are you thinking ‘Will I ever find the best ballroom dance shoes near me to wear during my dance performance?’ Well, what’s stopping you from ordering them on Amazon? You’re going to nail it with the Capezio Rosa or the TTdancewear Rhinestone!


You might have to consider several factors when buying a new pair of dance shoes for ballroom dancing. This can be challenging, especially if you don’t know what to look for in your next pair of shoes. 

The good news for you is that there are many brands out there that will satisfy your needs. But that just means more decisions to make! Don’t fret, as we’ve written down some tips below that will help you narrow down your final decision! 

If you are a beginner dancer looking to buy dance shoes for salsa or tango, then we would recommend investing in an inexpensive brand. You may wish to spend $20-$40 for the best value and cost-per-wear.

For ballroom dance lovers, of course, you want to wear the best ballroom dance shoes. Brands like Gogodance, CLEECLI, or Capezio can provide you the footwear you’ll need to kill it on the dance floor. 

If you plan to continue dancing for quite some time, then it’s safe to invest in premium dance shoe brands such as TTdancewear, DKZSYIM, Aida, etc.

You’ll find Amazon also the best place to buy ballroom dance shoes from the aforementioned brands. Below are just some of the best choices we managed to find on Amazon when it comes to the best quality ballroom dance shoes:

Best Ballroom Dance Shoes in 2021

  1. Capezio Rosa 2.5&quot – Best Overall for Women
  2. Gogodance Dance Shoes – Best Overall for Men
  3. CLEECLI ZB04 – Best for Beginners
  4. TTdancewear Rhinestone Dance Shoes – Best for Wide Feet
  5. iCKER GetMine – Best Budget-Friendly
  6. Capezio 550 Junior Footlight – Most Comfortable
  7. DKZSYIM Model 213 – Best for High Arches

7 Best Ballroom Dance Shoes Researched & Reviewed

It is certainly a real challenge to find a good pair of the best ballroom dance shoes for beginners and professionals. The quality of the shoes and their cost vary greatly, as do styles of the shoe (i.e. a Salsa dancer might look different than a Tango dancer). 

In fact, let’s simply say that if you are going to be doing lots of dancing, make sure you have plenty of money in your budget for more than one pair of shoes! 

But enough about spending… rather than focus on the negatives here, if you’re still wondering what are the best ballroom dance shoes you should get, we’re going to show you some of the best quality ballroom dance shoes Amazon listed just for you! 

Capezio Rosa 2.5&quot – Best Overall for Women

Capezio Rosa 2.5&quot - Best Ballroom Dance Shoes -

We didn’t choose these elegant, sophisticated-looking ballroom sandals as our overall best women’s ballroom dance shoes for nothing. What you’re staring at and possibly going to get are the best-rated ladies’ ballroom dance shoes Amazon has right now.

Capezio Rosa 2.5&quot shoes are our best ballroom dance shoes for women because they’re not only the best deal you can find in this price range but they’re also super high quality and more than durable enough to last you for as long as you want.

Capezio dance products are internationally recognized for their quality construction. Rosa shoes are one of them. As you may have guessed, they’re pretty much great for your dancer’s footwork! 

The stripes on this shoe are a tad bit thicker than those on other models of brands, which provides additional support to the foot while never sacrificing an ounce of grace and beauty that comes in designing these particular products.

The flared mid-heel lends stability, but beware the heel protectors that add up to ⅛ of an inch of height and make the shoes seem even more graceful and chic on the foot. 

And there’s also the cross-strap that adds an element of support without adding a lot of weight, making it more graceful and beautiful. These are nice professional ballroom dance shoes to wear on a DanceSport.

Gogodance Dance Shoes – Best Overall for Men

Gogodance Dance Shoes - Best Ballroom Dance Shoes -

Gentlemen who love Tango and Salsa will definitely find Gogodance Dance Shoes the best men’s ballroom dance shoes to wear. 

You can be assured that you are getting premium materials and fine workmanship with every step that you take in these stylish Gogodance shoes. 

Careful attention has been taken to ensure a beautiful, long-lasting finish providing maximum comfort and stability for a wide range of styles, from Tango to the Jive. 

Being passionate about dance but don’t want to feel self-conscious when dancing? 

It doesn’t matter if you want to take your partner for a quick spin down an empty street or bring out the moves at an evening party; these are the best ballroom dance shoes men will be very happy to wear. They’re the ideal shoe that fits comfortably and clips gracefully.

The incredible design philosophy in this footwear highlights the natural beauty of your foot’s shape, most especially in length, and helps you find the most elegant fit. 

The lightweight outsoles and anti-slip features ensure that you will stay comfortable and steady on any dance floor while also looking trendy. Don’t bother looking for the other best men’s ballroom dance shoes out there, this one will surely make you happy on the dance floor!

CLEECLI ZB04 – Best for Beginners

CLEECLI ZB04 - Best Ballroom Dance Shoes for Beginners -

CLEECLI dance shoes are a favorite among professionals and amateurs alike for their excellent quality, versatility, and comfortable fit. They help dancers regularly perform to the best of their ability in classes or at competitions.

If you want to look as good as movie stars on the red carpet, then you definitely need to look your best so why not get a pair of shoes that will help you shine? 

These satin open-toe ballroom dance shoes have a stylish, shimmering design that is sure to delight anyone who catches sight of them and they are also very comfortable for long periods even during intensively demanding performances. 

In fact, with supportive and comfy features like fast-release buckles and secure thick straps, the manufacturer knows that amateur and pro dancers will be very happy wearing one of the best beginner ballroom dance shoes out there and will always be confident in their ability to perform at their peak no matter what the occasion!

Additionally, between straps is the mesh that provides toe protection in one area while also allowing you to move freely. Its lining is soft and breathable, and the shoes are extremely soft and nice to touch.

With all those features in mind, we’ve come to the conclusion that the CLEECLI ZB04 is one of the best ballroom dance shoes for beginners who want to learn the art of ballroom dancing.

TTdancewear Rhinestone – Best for Wide Feet

TTdancewear Rhinestone Dance Shoes - Best Womens Ballroom Dance Shoes Wide Feet -

These jeweled dance shoes are a work of art, classically chic and oh-so-stylish. While the rhinestones provide excellent visual interest for your ensemble in any color you choose, the cushioned footbed lends extra comfort while spinning across the studio floor. 

These versatile dance shoes are perfect for the serious ballroom dancer or a girl just starting out; no matter what you put them through they will hold their own. Perfect with skirts, dresses, and pants they are quickly rising in popularity with dancers of all styles!

The very reason why these shoes have every right to be here on this list of the best ballroom dance shoes is that we found them to be one of the best ballroom dance shoes for wide feet that women will have no problem wearing.

The shoe is fastened by a satin ribbon, so you do not need to worry about any element slipping off at a time when you are showing your dance moves. 

The arch of the shoes makes it ideal for salsa dance enthusiasts who have wide and thick feet since this shoe has been intricately designed especially with that sole purpose in mind. 

As such, these TTdancewear Rhinestone Shoes are ranked as our ultimate pick for the best women’s ballroom dance shoes. Wide feet? No problem! These are pretty awesome open-toe ballroom shoes that will make ladies a total head-turner!

iCKER GetMine – Best Budget-Friendly

iCKER GetMine - Best Affordable Ballroom Dance Shoes -

Our ultimate pick for the best Latin ballroom dance shoes of 2021, The iCKER GetMine Ballroom Dancing Shoes are the best practice ballroom dance shoes as they come with a heel of 2.2 inches which might seem a tad daunting to some dancers, but those who are just getting started and who have developed confidence on the dance floor have trained in heels this tall. 

iCKER designed these shoes’ exterior section with the best quality sequin to give it a dash of sparkle, while the interior holds a faux-leather lining, making it a fashion-savvy and contemporary piece. In essence, 

These shoes have a dedicated strap that does more than just look good – it helps to keep your foot secure and protected from slipping out. The insole is cushioned for comfort, and although it’s well-padded there’s still plenty of room within the shoe for you to add even more cushioning if you’d like! 

In addition to looking good and providing excellent protection for your feet, these shoes are meant to last so they’ll take care of your feet day-in, day out.

The sole is anti-slip and perfect for dance floors. The flexible yet durable compound makes it ideal to adapt depending on what kind of floor you’re dancing on. This is very important because a lot of dance floors are often slippery and one needs to make sure that they have good enough grip to be able to do the steps they need with confidence – otherwise, you could fall down and possibly hurt yourself.

Really, at nowhere near $30 as of this writing, you’re going to find these iCKER GetMine shoes one of the best affordable ballroom dance shoes today! Just make sure not to be overzealous if you’re not ready!

Capezio 550 Junior Footlight – Most Comfortable

Capezio 550 Junior Footlight - Best Ballroom Dance Shoes Comfort -

Not all women are natural ballroom dancers. But then there’s Capezio and you will not find any better company that will help you in ballroom dancing through life with ease. 

Capezio really knows how to design footwear that makes women even better at ballroom dancing. They’re like the forerunners of the best ballroom dance shoes comfort-wise! 

Because when looking for the best ballroom dance shoes, comfort is a very important factor that you need to consider! This is why in this list; we have the Capezio Footlight ultimate comfort dance shoes. These are brilliant closed-toe ballroom shoes any ballroom dancer would be proud to own.

And these have an immovable heel due to pressure testing and prevent heel delve during pointe. These elegant yet durable dance shoes are ideal for dancers of any level and the preferred style of top performers alike! 

It is available in 7 colors which include Caramel, White, Black, Tan, Suntan, Black Patent, and Silver. Red models are out of stock. This dance shoe brand also offers sizes that are available for kids.

In addition, its sewed leather sole even comes with adjustable taps. Made from the best microfiber material that absorbs moisture easily, you can utilize it for all-day practices and feel great the whole time.

To conclude, we can confidently say that these shoes are one of the best ballroom dance shoes available on the market today thanks to their top quality design and craftsmanship! 

Definitely one of the best ballroom dance shoes — white Capezio 550 dance shoes seem like a fantastic pristine piece to own and wear.

DKZSYIM Model 213 – Best for High Arches

DKZSYIM Model 213 - Best Ballroom Dance Shoes for High Arches -

If you’re here for the best ballroom dance shoes with arch support and didn’t find the Rosa worth your money, well here’s a runner-up.

This pair of shoes is nonetheless a true beauty among the many beautiful pieces of dancewear produced by DKZSYIM, a professional dance shoe brand known for its high quality. No doubt the best ballroom dance shoes for high arches and wide feet as well.

DKZSYIM Model 213 Dance Shoes are elegant and glossy ladies’ ballroom dance shoes that feature excellent balance, a strong grip on the floor surface, and a classic design. 

These shoes have become popular with both amateur and professional dancers alike thanks to their exceptional wear comfortability and easy-to-use performance characteristics which make them an absolute delight to be worn on dance surfaces during dances such as Salsa throughout Europe or Latin America; other dances and genres too!

These dancing shoes are one of the best ballroom dance shoes for beginners. They are perfect not just for those who want to go for a tango or rumba session at some point, but also for people who simply want to buy ballroom dancing shoes that will fit comfortably when worn during practice. 

Since they are available in different colors and with high arches, you can rely on these shoes no matter what type of outfit you decide to wear that day -be it blue jeans or going out in formal apparel. 

There are even reviews from customers who were satisfied enough and very much agreed that DKZSYIM Model 213 Dance Shoes are the best ballroom dance shoes for high arches leading them to buy a second pair due to how durable and supportive they find the shoes.

Best Ballroom Dance Shoes Buying Guide

Best Ballroom Dance Shoes Buying Guide

You need to have the best ballroom dance shoes if you plan on dancing. Besides the fact that the shoes may affect your overall health, they also directly influence your dance. 

If you start to feel any pain in your feet during practice, there is a high chance of it being caused by your footwear. But what makes for the best ballroom dance shoes?


As adults, dancers need to take their footwear seriously. 

It’s important that when you’re picking the right dance shoes, for example in a Latin shoe size or standard dance shoe size, that you also pay attention to how loose or tight it feels. 

This is because they may feel one way when first bought but after using them for some time they will probably stretch out and it’s important to ensure you have the correct fit by doing some final checks with your toes. 

This is something that dancers should be extra vigilant about. While choosing dance shoes, care should be taken as there are different types of leather on offer along with different sole thicknesses.


In general, shoes are manufactured with suede, leather, or satin fabric. 

A pair of leather shoes will always feel comfortable on your feet, and they’re relatively easy to care for in comparison to other types. 

Leather can last much longer than material alternatives! There are a handful of reasons you might prefer satin; it’s lightweight, washable, and dyeable. 

It may not be as durable compared to natural leather however, these shoes wear out fairly quickly which means you have to replace them often; this type of shoe only lasts around six months.


And of course, there’s the heel. When searching for the best ballroom dance shoes, low heel dance shoes are fine. It depends on what you need but we advise you to get mid-heels or high-heels if possible. 

Why bother with the length of the heel? — Because the heel is a vital piece of any shoe for ballroom dancers as it supports your weight during certain moves and routines. 

Experienced dancers have their preferred size and shape of heel to work with, but beginners need to be aware that dancing comfortably on your heels is essential to mastering any form of ballroom dancing. Beginners – we advise you to get the best price ballroom dance shoes with a 2-inch heel. 

Heel Protector

You might also consider buying a shoe heel protector. Buying this will normally help you to keep your shoes in good condition for longer, and it will also provide you with some comfort as well. 

You’ll be able to wear your heels without having to worry about them getting worn or damaged too quickly, plus you’ll find that the heel protector will help keep them looking attractive and new once again.

Heel covers can be made of silicone, usually, and come in black. Note that transparent ones are also available for those who need an invisible cover while others prefer a solid color dark enough to go with almost every outfit and look elegant with any pair of shoes.

Check out this video blog tip about how to choose your next pair of ballroom dance shoes, courtesy of Duet Dance Studio and professional dancer Szewai (C-Y) Lee.


Whether you’re an amateur or a professional ballroom dancer, it’s pretty given the necessity to move your knees, hips, feet as well as your arms keeping a straight posture for your body not to lose control while creating really beautiful positions and forms on the dance floor.

When choosing the best ballroom dance shoes for you, you must consider how they will protect your feet from potential traumas now and in the future as injuries suffered while dancing could limit their ability to perform.

Choosing the best ballroom dance shoes can be a challenging task given how many different types there are. So we’ve rounded up the top seven choices that are available on Amazon. While it might be more expensive or difficult to purchase, it’ll provide you with guaranteed comfort and helps you become the best dancer.

No matter what, we highly recommend that you get yourself the Capezio Rosa 2.5&quot or the Capezio 550 Junior Footlight as both will provide much-needed comfort and support as you shake off all of that nervous energy on your big night!

OR choose the other ones on this best-list or try the shoes of one of the mentioned brands. It can be more expensive or harder to buy but it is your health guarantee and way to be the best.