Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

Indoor soccer demands fast movement and agility. That’s why the classic Adidas Samba is our ultimate pick for the best indoor soccer shoes.


These lightweight and comfortable low-cut indoor soccer shoes will give you all the support and stability you need to move effectively through the pitch, but without sacrificing your style or comfort.

Its leather upper offers excellent support for a natural feel on the foot, while its rubber outsole offers complete traction so you’ll never slip on the floor.

When buying the best indoor soccer shoes, you need to consider the level of play, your foot shape, and the materials. Different brands have different characteristics, so it’s crucial to ensure that you choose a shoe that suits your needs.

When you play indoor soccer, it’s important to wear the right gear. Wearing the wrong pair of shoes can leave your ankle vulnerable to injury.

We’ve found that there are a few features and elements that make for the best indoor soccer shoes.

We’ve rounded up 11 pairs that we think are worth checking out if you’re in the market for a new shoe for indoor soccer!

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes of 2021

  1. Adidas Samba Classic – Best Ever!
  2. Adidas Samba Classic – Best for Kids
  3. Nemeziz Messi 19.4 FxG J – Best for Youth
  4. Adidas Ghosted.3 – Runner – Up for Men
  5. Diadora Capitano TF – Best for Women
  6. Adidas Men’s Copa 20.4 – Best for Wide Feet
  7. Invicto Sala – Best Indoor Puma
  8. MercurialX Victory 6 DF IC – Best Indoor Nike
  9. Mundial Team – Best Indoor Adidas
  10. Adidas Predator 20.4 – Best Cheap
  11. Joma Dribbling TF – Unique Choice

11 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes Reviewed

If you don’t know this yet, we’ve written an article on the best turf soccer shoes for playing on artificial grass should you be interested.

If you need help picking the right shoes, then here are the best indoor soccer shoes review guides for you. Hope you’d find the shoe that’s perfect for you.

Adidas Samba Classic – Best Ever!

Adidas Samba Classic _ Best Indoor Soccer Shoes Ever

The Adidas Samba Classic sneakers were originally developed for frozen pitches, meaning that they are an excellent pick for indoor soccer.

These are not only one of the best indoor soccer shoes out there but also one of the best Adidas indoor soccer shoes as well.

Built with a suede leather upper and a patent-pending TRAXION™ outsole, these shoes provide excellent traction on flat surfaces. They are smooth as butter when you’re running or gliding across the field to take a shot at the goal.

These Samba best indoor soccer shoes offer lightweight comfort and traction, so you’ll be ready to move freely during training and games. The rubber sole is die-cut to mold to the shape of your foot for targeted support in areas that require it most.

EVA foam provides lightweight support and comfort without weighing you down when you need to run up and down the field with ease.

These indoor soccer shoes are the best indoor soccer shoes ever! They are incredibly lightweight, provide excellent traction, and keep your feet comfortable and locked in for hours of play.

Whether you’re trying to make a play on an indoor pitch or step lightly across bare floors in your home, these shoes will keep you feeling light as a feather.

Adidas Samba Kids Classic – Best for Kids

Adidas Samba Classic for Kids _ Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Kids

The soft, full-grain leather upper and the ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) midsole make Adidas Samba Classic for Kids a joy to touch and wear. They’re also extremely lightweight and the best indoor soccer shoes for kids.

The gum rubber outsole offers a steady grip, while the non-marking rubber ensures that you won’t leave marks on the floor as you play.

Its die-cut EVA insole is lightweight and comfortable, enhancing wearability further. That’s why it is the best indoor soccer shoes for kids.

Your kid will want to move quickly, jump high, and hit every ball hard the instant he puts on these shoes. The material and design of the shoes are perfectly matched to the needs of kids’ feet, giving him a huge leg up on his competition.

The Adidas Performance Kids’ Samba Classic is a great bargain. The shoe’s high-quality build and favorable price tag make it the perfect piece of kit for kids who are avid soccer players.

Nemeziz Messi 19.4 FxG J – Best for Youth

Adidas Nemeziz Messi 19.4 FxG J _ Best Youth Indoor Soccer Shoes

Our best choice for the best youth indoor soccer shoes, Nemeziz Messi 19.4 FxG J is not just suitable for indoor matches, you can also wear them to school, or around since they are so stylish.

Sadly, the excessive wear and tear that your child may cause if he wears the shoes too often. What you need is the best indoor soccer shoes like the Messi Indoor Soccer Shoes!

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You don’t have to worry about getting disappointed with your shoes. The synthetic leather material allows for a perfect clean for the youth and a comfortable fit so that you can play without any worries later on.

Adidas Ghosted.3 – Runner-Up for Men

Adidas Ghosted.3 _ Best Men’s Indoor Soccer Shoes

Adidas Ghosted.3 is about as comfortable as sneakers get. No wonder it’s been Men’s favorite among the best indoor soccer shoes on the market.

The lightweight design boasts a stretch-knit sock that hugs the foot for a secure fit. The low-cut design is sleek and supportive, making these shoes so comfortable you could wear them to bed!

The feather-weight upper of the Adidas Ghost 3 SpeedSkin has a dual-layer mesh construction for crucial breathability and a slim fit, while the Sprintframe outsole gives you the support you need to make split-second movements.

If you’re a footballer who’s looking for a quick take on the pitch, Adidas X Ghosted.3 football boots are for you. They’ll propel you to the top of your game! That’s why it’s one of the best men’s indoor soccer shoes right now.

Diadora Capitano TF – Best for Women

Diadora Women_s Capitano TF _ Best Women_s Indoor Soccer Shoes

It doesn’t get any better than this shoe. The Diadora Women’s Capitano TF Indoor Soccer Shoe is one of the best women’s indoor soccer shoes.

It has premium quality and a low price that everyone can enjoy. With what you pay, it also comes with a lot of features to make sure you’re safe and comfortable when playing soccer.

These shoes are for female athletes who want to leave their mark on the field. With a multi-studded anti-abrasion rubber outsole and an upper made from soft yet durable leather, your game will be the talk of your team.

The Capitano TF is also wider than most sports shoes — giving you that extra space you need to make those jaw-dropping plays.

Diadora’s women’s Capitano is a great-quality shoe that does it all. With a soft, synthetic upper and built-in EVA shock absorption, this shoe is ready for any turf surface.

With its well-priced performance, the Women’s Capitano is perfect for seasoned players and beginners alike. It is also the best women’s indoor soccer shoes.

Adidas Copa 20.4 – Best for Wide Feet

Adidas Men_s Copa 20.4 _ Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Wide Feet

Adidas Men’s Copa 20.4 Indoor Soccer Shoes are the perfect solution for indoor soccer enthusiasts who need excellent traction and support. Engineered to grip the surface of indoor courts, these kickers will keep you balanced and on your feet no matter how intense your game gets.

Their breathable design means you can wear them during both training sessions and games without worrying about overheating.

These indoor soccer shoes have synthetic materials, which give them a lightweight feel and the ability to quickly improve speed. The rubber outsole keeps you stable as you move with lightning quickness—making you perform better in your matches.

Inspired by soccer cleats, the Adidas Copa 20.4 indoor soccer shoes offer great stability and traction.

The shoe’s lace-up closure offers a snug fit, which means it’s perfect for those with wide feet. It comes in three colors that suit your style or your favorite team’s colors.

These shoes are wide-footed players’ best friend when it comes to nailing those moves when in the field.  The best indoor soccer shoes for wide feet indeed.

Invicto Sala – Best Indoor Puma

Invicto Sala _ Best Puma Indoor Soccer Shoes

The Invicto Sala is the ultimate choice for the best Puma indoor soccer shoes. With a premium design and a stunning look, the Invicto Sala provides the features necessary for any competitive athlete to perform at his or her highest level.

The materials used to make the Puma Invicto Sala are different than those typically used in soccer shoes: the main part of the shoe has natural suede, while the entire vamp has full-grain leather.

This combination results in soft touch and an extremely comfortable feel for the soccer ball. The rubber toe reinforcement offers long-lasting durability, while the low-profile outsole provides superior grip on any surface.

PUMA is a brand that is always striving to create trendy, fun, functional products without ever compromising its quality. It’s an innovation-focused brand for those looking for the best indoor soccer shoes.

MercurialX Victory 6 DF IC – Best Indoor Nike

Nike MercurialX Victory 6 DF IC _ Best Nike Indoor Soccer Shoes

It’s raining Adidas here. How about the best Nike indoor soccer shoes then?

It’s undeniable that Nike must be a huge name in the shoe scene. So it’s no surprise with their MercurialX Victory 6 DF IC Indoor Soccer Shoes they’ve made waves yet again.

We like the way these shoes look, but what’s even better is how built from scratch these shoes give off the ability to hug your feet with socks-like fabric on a regular shoe body. These will surely power you through your indoor soccer practices!

This composition is a suitable alternative to your usual shoes as it allows the feet to get an extra snug fit. In addition, unlike other shoes, it also provides ankle support due to the fastening system of laces that you can alter to fit every shape of the foot perfectly without making the shoe uncomfortable.

To put it simply, this shoe is usable in any field or area that requires a common and very general use. Some would even say that it’s even better than the Michelin Star 360, as its sole is thinner and thus closer to the ground.

It comes with an upper made of simple synthetic material – you know, the kind with those parallel ridges that help the player have a better connection between the ball and their foot.

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You won’t meet too many people saying lengthy things about this shoe, but overall, it is a great shoe. The main thing it has is gum-rubber studs. They provide strong great traction when playing on artificial grass, so they are one of the best Nike indoor soccer shoe choices you have if you want to play indoor soccer.

Mundial Team – Best Indoor Adidas 

Adidas Performance Mundial Team _ Best Adidas Indoor Soccer Shoes

When it comes to indoor soccer shoes, the Adidas Performance Men’s Mundial Team Soccer Shoe stands out with its uniform circular studs on the rubber sole.

This shoe gets an immediate vote as one of the top soccer shoes from Adidas for playing indoors because of these traits alone.

The gum-rubber outsole is also named Traxion. This clever name comes from a combination of the words traction and excellence. In essence, this means that the Traxion outsole provides an excellent grip on any type of surface (traction) while at the same time guaranteeing that this grip will be constant (excellence).

The tongue of this indoor shoe is thick, rigid leather. This provides firmness on the inside to help stabilize your steps when you’re on the ball.

The outside of this shoe and its midsole has thick cushioned rubber covers which lets you move around more freely if you aren’t as concerned about controlling the ball during practice but rather just getting a good workout.

Your feet will feel pampered with how soft your shoes are from within thanks to an EVA foam layer laminated onto a die-cut midsole that supports your arch and cushions your feet from any angle whether you’re walking or running while playing.

All in all, if you’re looking for a reliable pair of soccer shoes that will help you get great traction on indoor surfaces – the Adidas Performance Men’s Mundial Team Soccer Shoes are a great option!

If you’ve been searching for an indoor soccer shoe that can complement your field play and also maximize comfort while wearing it indoors, then take a look at the Mundial Team – arguably the best indoor soccer shoes that Adidas makes!

Adidas Predator 20.4 – Best Cheap

Adidas Predator 20.4 _ Best Cheap Indoor Soccer Shoe

Adidas Predator 20.4 Indoor Soccer Shoes are for indoor use, but you can also wear them outdoors. They’re designed for agile movements and precise passes — this is what players need to push defenders back to their half of the pitch.

With its Primeknit top, these indoor soccer shoes has a comfortable and secure fit.

When you sport Adidas Predator on the pitch, your game will improve immensely. The oblique cut out of the boots upper will give you better ball control, making your game lightning fast.

At the same time, its patented Controlskin grip system will ensure that you never let the ball slip out of your feet — making you unstoppable.

The Adidas Predator Turf 20.4 is a high-quality soccer shoe that provides excellent stability and comfort. An EVA midsole gives the shoe cushioned support, ensuring feet stay protected from dangerous impacts on the pitch.

Plus, it’s among the cheapest options but with superb quality indoor soccer shoes.

The shoe’s lace-up closure gives you a custom fit as well. And thanks to the textile lining, your feet stay dry while you play. The injected thermoplastic urethane foam outsole delivers stability.

If you’re looking for the best cheap indoor soccer shoes, the Predator 20.4 is a great pick. It will also keep you firmly planted on the pitch. The traction pattern on the sole will let you handle the ball with confidence.

Joma Dribbling TF – Unique Choice

Joma Dribbling TF _ Best Indoor Soccer Shoes Review

Joma Dribbling TF Indoor Soccer Shoes are ideal for any player, from the amateur to the professional. With a wide range of sizes and vibrant colors that help you stand out on the field, you can count on these shoes to help you perform at your maximum potential.

The high-quality construction of these indoor soccer shoes makes them stand out in a crowd. An integrated Fibertec dual-layer midsole and an EVA foam outsole ensure that your feet are perfectly supported.

The traction is also top quality: you’ll never slip, despite the sports rubber outsole’s triple-density rubber padding.

The lightweight and the cushioned insole make it comfortable to wear — especially when you’re out on the pitch, giving it your all. The material breathes, keeping you cool and helping the shoe breathe too.

To ensure that you can always keep control of the ball, it has a quilted upper that provides extra grip without sacrificing playability. So when you’re dribbling past opponents during a match, you can be sure that your feet will stay in place as you play.

With the durable rubber outsole and triple-layer protection of Joma soccer shoes, you’ll have more stability and support to keep playing at full speed.

By far the most significant addition is the Flexo system that allows for superior ball-striking by adapting to different feet. And with the stitching of the upper and sole going through to the upper, it presents a low-profile design that you’ll love kicking around in.

Joma dribbling soccer shoes have features that make them an excellent choice for indoor soccer. That is why it’s no wonder it has great reviews and is among the top picks on our list.

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes Buying Guide

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes Buying Guide _

Indoor soccer is a fast-paced, high-intensity game with the capacity to get physical. To make sure you and your teammates have a safe experience, you should choose footwear that provides top support.

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Good indoor soccer shoes provide excellent traction on surfaces such as turf and concrete. They’re typically made with durable leather to keep them sturdy and supportive over time.

Here are a few things you might want to consider when buying indoor soccer shoes.

  1. Quality Material
  2. Comfortable Fit
  3. Shoe Sizing
  4. Grip and Traction
  5. Style and Design

Quality Material

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes Buying Guide _ Quality Material

The best indoor soccer shoes are the ones crafted with durable, and well-designed materials. A quality pair of indoor soccer shoes will last you for years to come and should continue to provide a comfortable fit, no matter how many games you play.

Although finding a world-class pair of shoes can be difficult, due to manufacturers like Adidas providing an immense selection of products.

When buying a shoe, the first step is to consider the quality of the materials that it has to make it. While many people turn to brands like Nike or Adidas for their consistent quality, there are other factors, such as synthetic materials.

This may not be the best choice when buying shoes, as synthetic material cannot last as long as leather — even if the quality is consistent.

Comfortable Fit

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes Buying Guide _ Comfortable Fit

Comfort should be at the center of any shoe purchase. When you’re stepping out on the soccer field, you don’t want to spend all your time thinking about your feet — where they are, what they’re doing, how much they hurt.

Soccer athletes need shoes that will give them the full support and protection their feet need. The better your shoes work for you, the better you’ll play as a team.

Cushioning in indoor soccer shoes is a very important factor to determine comfort, especially because these aren’t the typical running shoes that most players use.

A lot of players new to indoor soccer will instinctively compare their first pair of soccer cleats to their favorite pair of trainers, but that isn’t a fair comparison.

When shopping for soccer shoes, start with a look that’s low profile, lightweight, and flexible. Look for synthetic leather or mesh upper materials for comfort.

Those materials allow your feet to breathe and move freely. That’s key when you’re running around the pitch controlling the ball.

Shoe Sizing

The size of your shoe can contribute greatly to its comfort. An indoor soccer shoe that fits well is the best option because it will keep you comfortable and safe while supporting your athletic needs.

The lace-up closure allows you to fine-tune tightness, ensuring your feet stay locked in place and will not move around.

Grip and Traction


When it comes to finding the best indoor soccer shoes, the two most important factors you need to consider are grip and traction.

If your indoor courts have a slippery feel, then you’ll want to make sure that you’re wearing gum rubber soccer cleats.

An all-around indoor shoe will provide comfort with its padded midsole and sock liner, giving you the durability that you need to dominate on the hard surface courts.

Style and Design

Soccer shoes you see on the pitch are not the kind of shoes you need to be wearing during training. Instead, you need a pair of indoor soccer sneakers that can withstand the constant landing and jump from drills and scrimmages.

After all, a game of soccer is a couple of hours long, and training can take up a lot of your time, so you want to ensure you like the shoe you wear.

Choosing a soccer shoe is a difficult task. Most shoes have similar styles, but there are some factors you may want to take into consideration. High-top shoes can be a great way to get extra ankle support for your best kicks from the goal line.

In addition to style, the color and pattern of the shoe can also make or break the deal for you. You’ll find that most shoes are black or white and come in a variety of different patterns.

Materials also impact a shoe’s overall style. Leather shoes, for example, tend to be old-fashioned and bulky; they can make a person look top-heavy and unbalanced.

Alternatively, modern shoes made from synthetic materials can give the wearer a more youthful appearance — an advantage for those who need to look professional.

The shape of the shoe is also impacted by additional factors, such as foot size and fit.


We hope you’ve enjoyed the guide, and there’s a pair of shoes here for you and your indoor soccer games.

Whether you’re serious or just getting started in soccer, the best indoor soccer shoes are for whatever kind of player you are.

For a top-ranked indoor soccer shoe, we recommend purchasing the Adidas Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe.

Overall, the Adidas Samba Classic is the best indoor soccer shoe ever. It also has the highest sales and reviews. Affordability and durability are also on point with this shoe.

Nike soccer shoes are also among the most highly regarded on the market today. The Nike MercurialX Victory 6 DF IC has exceptional features, both in its appearance and its comfort.

We also suggest you check out these shoes, because they offer high-quality construction and materials, with a strong focus on safety. It is also providing players with the best environment for their feet.

So, pick out the best indoor soccer shoes for you and take the next step to become a soccer star! Let me know in the comments if you love this list and share it with your friends.