Best Boot Laces on the Market: Top 10 Best!

After doing a rigorous evaluation of, what we believe to be, the best boot laces on the market today, we have concluded Miscly Round Boot Laces as being ahead of the competition!


Laces: the bane of any parent’s existence and a seemingly mystical part of anyone’s favorite pair of kicks. 

It always ties in a menacingly knotty fashion to its eyelet mountings. 

There is no understanding of how it wants to be wrapped around your shoe or boot – so oftentimes, you often just tie it off and pretend you didn’t see the tangled unknown abyss beneath its dangling tail.

So you may have heard the one about the Gurkha soldiers and how they would crawl along the ground feeling their way through enemy troops? 

This particular story comes from the fact that there was a major difference between lacing patterns used by British and Japanese troops during World War II. 

The lacing pattern that the Japanese troops employed was criss-cross, while the lacing pattern that the British used was either a bar or straight. 

With this concept in mind, it made perfect sense to the Gurkhas that if you could tell which soldiers were your foe by having them feel around with their hands for who knows what, they’d be able to know who was friend or foe without even seeing them! 

While this is indeed one of those intriguing tales popular among military history circles, all is fair in love and war. 

And as it turns out, with boots… basic survival training.

Moving on, if you’re looking for the best boot laces on the market, you’re in luck! 

We’ve done some extensive research and have compiled a list of the snaps that we think are the very best on the market. 

Please take a look at our top 10 selections!

Best Boot Laces on the Market

  1. Miscly Round Boot Laces – Best Overall
  2. Lock No Tie Boot Laces – Best Replacement
  3. OrthoStep Shoelaces – Best Work Boot Laces
  4. IRONLACE Unbreakable – Best Heavy-Duty
  5. Xpand No-Tie – Best Snowboard Boot Laces
  6. TOFL Leather Laces – Best Leather Boot Laces
  7. Shoeslulu Desert Shoelaces – Best Affordable
  8. Kg’s Boot Guard KG-XTREME – Best Steal
  9. Mercury + Maia Honey Badger – Best Value
  10. Sport28 Shoelaces – Best Round Laces

Top 10 Best Boot Laces (Unbiased Reviews)

A good pair of boot laces is one of those things that you take for granted until you need them. 

Then, when you don’t have any extras or spares, all you can think about is how much you wish you had more. 

They are not just an accessory—they are your lifeline in your boots, making sure they fit just right and stay in place.

Miscly Round Boot Laces – Best Overall

Miscly Round Boot Laces - Best Boot Laces -

You know when you ever just look at a product and think: “Well, they really nailed it when creating this one,” and you feel so lucky to have found it? 


That’s what you’ll feel when you get Miscly’s Round Boot Laces


Because they really got it right! 

These laces are different than any other laces we’ve reviewed. 

Miscly boot laces are parachute-tough! 

They feature strong polyester and nylon webbing, braided together really tightly. 

They’re not only more sturdy for use for work boots or hiking shoes, but they also do the trick of regular old day-to-day footwear. 

Each pair features laces that are 3/16″ thick and fit into your shoes with stride! 

You can choose from four different sizes, from 45″ to 72″, so you don’t ever have to worry about tripping over the stylish, sturdy laces of your boots.

You are going to get six pairs of laces tied up snug in their own little baggy.

Most importantly, this is a big one — they’re super reliable and arrive with a 100% satisfaction guarantee from Miscly themselves! 

Now that’s one heck of an excellent investment if you ask us!

Lock No Tie Boot Laces – Best Replacement

Lock Boot No Tie Boot Laces - Best Hiking Boot Laces -

Ever been bound by those relentless round shoelaces only to be frustrated as they fall off your foot during an important hunt? 

Don’t worry – there’s Lock Laces! 

They are the original, patented, innovative no-tie shoelaces for the year 2000 and can turn your boots or shoes into slip-ons. 

You can put them on easily once they’re laced into place and conform uniquely with your feet so that you can wear boots or slip-on shoes.

With Lock No Tie Boot Laces, you’ll never feel uncomfortably tight, making your feet feel much better when you’re out hiking, working, or hunting. 

Lock Laces’ seven-strand fibers come with a diameter of 0.25cm, a length of 72 inches, and the ability to stretch up to 108 inches.  

Best of all, it is possible to install them even if your foot is inside the boot, allowing for an even more custom fit! 

This revolutionary design makes sure that you are totally satisfied by the end of your day.

Came here for waterproof, heavy-duty, durable replacement laces for your work boots?

Or, you just want your trail hiking boots to come with more comfortable no-tie boot laces?

Lock made one of their laces to be the best replacement boot laces out there!

They’re easy and convenient to lace up your boots without missing a beat. 

Lock knows that you rely on quality products like these boot laces to take care of your feet, and the kind of commitment to helping you feel and look great and maintain peak performance in any attire is unbeatable!

OrthoStep Shoelaces – Best Work Boot Laces

OrthoStep Shoelaces - Best Work Boot Laces -

You’ll find it hard to find a thicker, more durable shoelace on the market. 

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Thick enough to keep your shoe up, while flexible enough never to be in the way. 

And straight outta Lakewood, Orthostep promises to be the buddy keeping your shoe secure! 

Well, safe from accidental slippage that is.

Made in USA, Orthostep shoelaces went through the original nylon construction process for its design.

That of course adds the tough and sturdy material 1/8″ (3 mm) thin, which includes heat formed tips to prevent cracked or lost ends. 

The design is such that their ends allow you to tie knots that won’t come undone. 

With a product rating of 4.5 on Amazon, Orthostep shoelaces have lightweight quality that makes them ideal for shoes, work boots and boots.

And so what makes them our top pick for the best work boot laces.

They come in a package of 2 pairs (4 laces)!

IRONLACE Unbreakable – Best Heavy-Duty

IRONLACE Unbreakable - Best Heavy Duty Boot Laces -

Got a pair of boots that you love? 

We bet you love your boots so much that you wish you could never have to replace your laces. 

Well, now you can! 

The Unbreakable Heavy Duty Boot Laces from IRONLACE are the Strongest, Longest Lasting Laces you will ever own. 


Made from premium Para-Aramid fibers, these round boot laces can take whatever you can dish out. 

They are abrasion and war-Resistant, chemical-resistant, and fire and heat Resistant up to 630 F (332 C) and will not break when you pull on them (over 1500 pounds of force). 

These boot laces make an excellent replacement for your old laces and make a great gift for anyone who needs a solid yet flexible lace.

These are one of the best heavy-duty boot laces out there and a top contender for Miscly, Lock, and OrthoStep! 

Literally, the only issue that you might run into is that they will start out brown but then end up looking grey after a few years.

Xpand No-Tie – Best Snowboard Boot Laces

Xpand No-Tie Shoelaces - Best Snowboard Boot Laces -

Xpand No Tie Shoelaces are an innovative method of speedily converting your favorite shoes into slip-ons while retaining the fit and support you expect from your footwear. 

These laces feature high-quality no-stretch 100% polyester material that lets you pull the shoe’s opening into position, then tighten the laces with a simple series of loops to achieve an ideal fit. 

This provides a tight and comfortable fit and also prevents the laces from coming undone. 

The laces are available in thirty five colors to choose from (love the Rainbow one!). 

These laces are compatible with most footwear and can work with any model you like. 

So you can totally rely on them if it’s the best snowboard boot laces you want!

Whether you want to wear them with your favorite snow boots or sneakers, if you’re going to wear them with your favorite hiking boots or your favorite running shoes, Xpand No Tie Shoelaces work with all of them!

Once you try on your Xpand lacing system, there’s no turning back. 

They’re durable in the harshest environments, reliable in extreme heat and cold without compromising performance. 

Just remember that the first time you use them, it can be a little tricky to figure out how to use their latches to hold your laces down!

TOFL Leather Laces – Best Leather Boot Laces

TOFL Leather Boot Laces - Best Leather Boot Laces -

If you’re looking for some strong laces to keep your can-do work boots attached to your feet, TOFL has the laces for the job. 

TOFL Leather Laces are a long-lasting, high-quality alternative to shoelaces. 

Made from genuine leather, these laces are durable and available in fourteen colors. 

You can easily cut them to your desired length, so you don’t have the hassle of tying the laces all the time. 

These shoelaces are 72 inches long, so you’ll get to lace up your footwear without having to worry about having too little lace. 

Besides choosing your desired length, you also get to choose your favorite color; we featured the smokey gray, but you can choose from other colors like red, brown, white, etc. 

Whether you are lacing up your biker boots, construction boots, work boots, or outdoor hunting, walking, hiking, trekking shoes, these genuine leather laces are the perfect fit. 

Plus, now you can lace up your moccasins, sperrys, and boat shoes with a pair of these leather laces. 

Plus, these leather laces also make an excellent gift for the crafty person in your life. 

You can also craft a leather necklace string or leather cord for jewelry making.

With TOFL Laces, you can always stay stylish while maintaining an active lifestyle.

Shoeslulu Desert Shoelaces – Best Affordable

Shoeslulu Desert Shoelaces - Best Replacement Boot Laces -

When you’re starting your day with a splatter of paint on your athletic shoes, it’s like having an out-of-tune symphony in your ears when all you want to do is hear the sweet sounds of your morning walk. 

Combining elegance and precision, these Shoeslulu Desert Shoelaces will add a furry touch to any shoe!

Available in furry colors, these laces are going to spice up your look in a flash. 

Combining elegance and precision, these laces aren’t only tied in original knots but remain tight throughout the day.

These desert boot shoelaces are one of the best replacement boot laces for any fashion-conscious wearer of common two-eyelet boots, but they’re also great for folks that want some color in their chukka or oxford shoes! 

Additionally, these shoelaces come with some shiny’ green’ packaging to help reduce your carbon footprint (and waste in general!). 

The non-toxic dye used to color these shoelaces is grown with minimal chemicals, so you can feel good about putting them on your feet.

Shoeslulu Desert Shoelaces are relatively economical, and easily one of the best boot laces there is.

You will most likely have the most time-consuming task choosing from their selections which color combinations would best match your pair of shoes!

Kg’s Boot Guard KG-XTREME – Best Steal

Kg's Boot Guard KG-XTREME - Best Waxed Boot Laces -

Going for Kg’s Boot Guard KG-XTREME is a smart move if you’re looking for one of the best waxed boot laces!

100% Kevlar and heavy-duty nylon mean durability, while the wax coating helps keep them supple enough to tie tight around multiple pairs of boots. 

If you want extra peace of mind before facing whatever weather awaits outside, make sure your laces are coated with flame-resistant fiber tips at each end, so they can brave fire after fire without giving up!

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It’s time to kick up your boots and trade in those old weathered laces as tough as the boots they came with for a pair as strong as the boot itself. 

These fire-resistant, chemical resistant, and virtually unbreakable tough boot laces make perfect gifts for the machinist, welder, construction worker, or firefighter in your life – or whoever happens to be wearing those work boots day after day because they’re comfy and trustworthy. 

The best part is that you can choose between 54 inch and 72-inch laces to find the correct length for any size.

4.7 is a pretty high rating on Amazon, but let the buyer beware: it may be optimal to look for an alternative to replace your old pair of KG’s Boot Guard after using them for almost a year.

Mercury +Maia Honey Badger – Best Value

Mercury +Maia Honey Badger - Best Way to Tie Work Boot Laces -

Mercury + Maia’s Honey Badger boot laces use exclusive Dupont Kevlar – the stuff they make bulletproof vests with – for its construction.

The name of these heavy-duty boot laces comes from nature’s most tenacious survivalist, the honey badger. 

The honey badger with tough rhino-like skin proves that the smallest things are often stronger than even the biggest predators on the savannah.

Isn’t that what the best boot laces should be able to do?

Being able to withstand 350 pounds of pressure, these heavy-duty shoelaces never bend or break, making them perfect for ensuring your work boots last! 

Mercury + Maia’s round shoelaces often make for the best boot laces for workers who face some harsh conditions, so they need something that can take a beating and keep on ticking. 

Thanks to their proprietary blend of materials, they form rigid bonds, which make them practically bulletproof.

Sport28 Shoelaces – Best Round Laces

Sport28 Shoelaces - Who Makes the Best Boot Laces -

When it comes to footwear upgrades, one of the best boot laces today, Sport28 Shoelaces, is here for you. 

These laces are a colorful addition to any boot or shoe needing some extra pizzazz, including sneakers and oxfords! 

With a thicker fabric strewn over a more durable braid inside, the richness of their colors will never fade. 

Mesh them through any lace-up with ease thanks to long-lasting durability and trust us – you’ll be happy with the comfort Sport28 takes pride in! 

So go ahead and spice up your shoes in these 40 to 160-inch Nylon Laces in brown featuring matching plastic aglets at the tips. 

Everything is machine washable, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of hand cleaning these lace accessories.

However, one customer recently pointed out that though these shoelaces are great for the most part, the lace tips have a flimsy lace cap that doesn’t last long. 

It can be challenging to retie your shoe when there are no lace caps to feed the lace through the holes!

Best Boot Laces Buying Guide

Best Boot Laces Buying Guide _

With so many best boot laces to choose from, it can be hard to know which ones will work best for you. 

Choosing between all these choices can be a headache. 

That is why we made a list of criteria that will help you pick out the suitable laces for your next pair of boots. 

The following guide should help you understand what you need and make your buying decision easier. 


One of the main things you should look for in boot laces is price. 

You want to find something reasonably priced but doesn’t cut too many corners when it comes to quality. 

There are tons of boot laces that fall into a vast range in terms of prices, with some running up into hundreds or even thousands of dollars while others can be found for mere pennies. 

If you’re looking for something more affordable, look for cheaper materials like cotton or nylon. 

These are typically cheaper because they aren’t as durable or efficient at absorbing moisture. 

Still, they work well enough if you take care of them and don’t use them in extreme weather conditions where water is present more often than not.


Length does matter when it comes to choosing laces. 

When looking to buy the best boot laces, you must consider what length would be best for your needs. 

The correct lacing will ensure that your boots are secure and comfortable to wear. 

If you’re buying for a pair of boots, you should try and ensure that your new laces are at least one inch longer than your current ones. 

This is to ensure that there’s enough excess lace should you decide to swap boot styles down the line. 

Too long is better than too short! 


There are many different types of materials that lace manufacturers use for shoe shoelaces. 

Some are better than others in certain situations or climates, but most options will work perfectly fine even in extreme conditions. 

The most common option for the best boot laces is polyester which makes up about 95% of all available lacing today. 

Nylon and cotton can also be found on some pairs, but they are far less common than polyester, so they tend to be more expensive than regular boot laces.

Cotton boot laces generally cater to hikers and outdoors enthusiasts who use their boots for extended periods. 

These can be washed, but some people find them too stiff for everyday footwear. 

Synthetic laces are more comfortable to wear and don’t need to be washed as often. 

They do break down over time, though, so you should still expect to replace them with normal wear and tear every year or two. 

Leather is excellent for giving your boots a sleek finish. 

Most people like leather boot laces because they give off an air of class and sophistication. 

When choosing leather laces, look at how they are tanned. 

Only high-quality leather will last long enough to be considered for boot laces. 


Make sure to choose a bootlace that matches your shoes as well as your boot. 

A great way to match colors is to shop online at retailers such as Amazon, which offer vibrant color options for every taste. 

Make sure to select laces that coordinate with other aspects of your ensemble, such as ties or buttons. 

There are even some great patterns and textures you can choose from! 

It all depends on what sort of look you’re going for; there may be plenty of choices out there for you. 

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Just remember that it’s not just about choosing a color; it’s also about making sure they will stay put and look nice in your boots during high activity levels like running or skiing!


Boot laces come in various styles and colors, all designed to fit different types of boots. 

Flat boot laces are excellent for lace-up boots or shoes that already have eyelets—you can tie your flat boot laces into an easy-to-untie bow. 

Round boot laces are shorter than flat ones but can be threaded through eyelets more quickly; they make an excellent choice for children’s boots. 

No-tie boot laces require no tying or special hardware; simply thread them through eyelets like round boot laces, then pull tight to secure around your foot.

Benefits of the Best Boot Laces

Benefits of the Best Boot Laces _

It’s not always easy to find boot laces that are of excellent quality. 

However, there are some brands out there that provide you with great laces. 

If you are looking for a good pair of boot laces, you should try purchasing from one of these brands: Miscly, Lock, OrthoStep, IRONLACE, Xpand, TOFL, Shoeslulu, Kg’s Boot Guard, Mercury + Maia, and Sport28.

There are many benefits to doing so. 

Below, we discuss some of those benefits and how they can help your footwear last longer than usual.


When heading out for a run or quick walk, the last thing you want to think about is whether your laces will untie themselves. 

Solid and dependable laces are essential if you don’t want to be interrupted by bow knots every few steps. 

We only chose laces that tied quickly and stayed tied throughout your entire run or walk. 

We also chose laces long enough to fit any shoe comfortably; it would suck having to buy another set because they didn’t stretch far enough. 

Some of our top picks (and least favorites) even come with clips to keep them from flying around while running!


Let’s face it; there are some days when you just need to be comfortable. 

Boot laces are no exception.

The most comfortable boot laces are made from cotton or nylon webbing, both of which breathes well and absorb moisture when your feet get sweaty. 

Some boot laces use buckles that can sometimes dig into your skin when you tighten them; in general, metal buckles don’t pose much of a comfort issue, but plastic ones may. 

Check out customer reviews for details on how certain boot laces feel when they’re in use.


The appearance of the best boot laces matters a lot. 

For people who want their boots to appear classy, colorful boot laces should be your best bet. 

Since leather boots are primarily used for formal occasions, it is advisable to get laces that will go well with their color and texture. 

On the other hand, if you plan to use your leather boots for sports or casual occasions, you should consider getting a pair of durable black boot laces.

Who Makes the Best Boot Laces?

The short answer is that it depends. 

For some, what they’re looking for in a bootlace is different than others. 

One of these laces might be ideal for someone who wants something peculiar in terms of overall durability, while another option could be perfect for someone who isn’t sure exactly what features are most important to them. 

But again, as mentioned above, if you’re looking for the best boot laces, we could suggest these brands: Miscly, Lock, OrthoStep, IRONLACE, Xpand, TOFL, Shoeslulu, Kg’s Boot Guard, Mercury + Maia, and Sport28.

Who knows, out of the ten, you might just find the best brand of boot laces for you!

What’s the Best Way to Tie Work Boot Laces?

What's the Best Way to Tie Work Boot Laces _

Work boots are among the most hard-wearing footwear around. 

However, the tradeoff for durability is that they don’t always provide an easy way to make quick adjustments. 

Workboot laces that come with loops attached to create a bow—also known as speed lacing or speed hooks—can eliminate that issue by making it easy to tighten or loosen work boots with just one hand. 

When purchasing laces for your work boots, keep these tips in mind to find ones that you’ll love for years to come.


Everyone has a different style when it comes to tying shoelaces. 

No matter what, the first step is always to take a good look at the bootlace material and whether or not it works or would function as well as your specific lace as your environment you live, play, or work in. 

If you work with heavy machinery and environments daily, then Kevlar Laces are best for this purpose. 

However, if you want something that gives you an extreme sense of fashion and elegance while ensuring your look works for you… We suggest using leather boots!


One sartorial tip for fashion-conscious individuals is to make sure you’re not pulling your boot laces too hard. 

It’s an easy thing to do when taking off your boots in a hurry, but you can actually cause yourself problems when you do this. 

For example, say that the back of the left lace catches on the top right hole – then when you pull it through forcefully with your right hand, all that friction against the eyelet could cause it to fray. 

It could even become loose in the long run. Instead, go slowly with both hands, so there’s no undue strain on either lace!

Here’s a nifty trick for keeping your boot eyelets from fraying or messing up your laces: put clear nail polish or super glue on them! 

It can keep them from ripping and keep your laces safe. 

If you’re an eco-friendly person, grab some sandpaper and rub off the rough edges inside. 

If you’ve got cheap eyelets, just buy new ones, and you’ll be good to go!


As you can see from our list, there are a lot of boot laces out there. 

Most of them have remarkable qualities and will not let you down. 

But, we have to factor in price and all other aspects to decide which one reigns supreme. 

If it were up to us, we would pick Miscly Round Boot Laces

It is an excellent quality lacing that won’t break the bank. 

With a 9/10 score and a relatively low price point, it’s hard to beat. 

However, even though Miscly Round Boot Laces isn’t perfect, no product is! 

We suggest you check each product out thoroughly before making your final decision!