Do VANS Run Big or Small Compared to Converse?


Do vans run big or small than Converse? We’ve compared Vans vs. Converse sizing across many of their most popular styles so that we can figure out the answer to that. We found classic Vans shoes to run, often a little slimmer than Converse shoes. For example, we noticed that Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars ran about a half size bigger than Vans.

Do VANS Run Big or Small

It’s not a myth. 

You could say that Vans and Converse are a lot like siblings; there’s a certain bond between the two brands. 

Whereas one brand focuses on the punk rocker looking for canvas shoes, while the other offers rubber shoes made with ultra-comfy padded insoles, the two companies have always been compared among other popular shoemakers. 

But, really, do VANS run big or small compared to Converse shoes?

In particular, Vans are a bit “slimmer” compared to Converse because their canvas sneakers tend to be looser and bigger by about half a size. 

This may be due to Converse making their shoes more comfortable, which they do with their larger content of rubber padding underfoot, which will always help cushion your feet. 

Otherwise, both pairs come with the essential canvas upper sides reminiscent of tennis shoes in the 70s!

The best way to get the perfect fit for your Vans or Converse kicks is by identifying what kind of feet you have. Did you know that?

Luckily for us, both brands have created their own easy-to-follow tutorials, which help you better grasp what will work out best. 

Here’s a link to the one for Vans – it’s a great place to start!  

And here’s a link to one for Converse, which is another helpful resource.
Do Vans run big or small compared to converse _

We’ve worn Converse shoes, Vans shoes, and pretty much any kind of sneaker that you can put on your feet. 

We tried the new Vans Sk8-Hi, new Vans Slip-On, new Vans Atwood Mid, the all-black Vans Authentic, new Vans Old Skool, the rugged-looking Vans UltraRange EXO (which we were pleasantly surprised with as rugged as it looked), the classic low top design of the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars and Converse One Stars. 

And we were absolutely amazed by these classics, which fit like a glove. 

We love our Converse Chucks and really like how they feel and how their manufacturing company has managed to keep these great old-school sneakers in production for many years now! 

But do VANS run big or small compared to Converse chucks?

If you’ve ever worn Chucks before and liked their fit, we suggest purchasing a half size up from what you usually would because these two models featured here run just a tiny bit smaller than VANS. 

Obviously, you need to know what size shoe someone wears to determine if they can fit inside of it. So here’s a handy-dandy guide that’ll help you figure out their shoe size.
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Vans Sk8-Hi vs. Converse Chucks 

Do VANS run big or small when it comes to VANS Sk8-Hi vs. Converse Chucks?

What we have observed is that Vans Sk8-Hi shoes run a half-size smaller than Converse Chucks. 

Converse Chucks’ fit is a bit looser. 

But, please be aware that our findings for this comparison between the two brands do not entirely come from the identical styles of sneakers but also include several other different styles of each brand. 

For an even closer fit than you’d get with the Vans Sk8-Hi, go for Converse PRO Leathers because their snugger fit has compared favorably to both versions of Converse One Stars and Pro Leathers.

Got Wide Feet?

How about if you have wide feet – do VANS run big or small?

When it comes to Vans and Converse shoes, some models are performance shoes made for those of you who have narrow feet, resulting in a narrower than average fit. 

If you happen to have wider feet than the average person, we recommend going for custom fit shoes so that they aren’t squeezed into a traditional sneaker too harshly. 

Alternatively, if you want more room in your sneaker than most people who wear the same size as you do, you can go with a wider shoe!

Do Vans Run Big or Small? How Are They Compared to Converse Shoes?

Do VANS Run Big or Small Compared to Converse

It might seem illogical at first to be turning vans into sneakers, but once you actually strap yourself in, you’ll see why they are getting all the attention. 

We put the VVans Authentic, Old Skool, Vans Slip-On, Vans Sk8-Hi, Vans UltraRange Hi DL MTE, Converse Court Daze Pro Leathers, Converse Chucks, and Converse One Stars to the test against each other.

And not just on looks! 

Many shoe brands claim that their range of shoes fits wide feet better than others. 

So we researched those with narrow feet who bought and wore the shoes and noted their reviews to find out which brands really offer a proper fit for those chubby feet.

The first thing you might want to consider about a pair of Vans – aside from what you’re going to use them for – is the fit. 

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Some Vans have a performance design, so they fit a little snug. 

This can be nice because it generally means they will give your feet more freedom as you move around, but it can also make choosing your size a bit of a challenge as some may find themselves needing to go up or down one full length to get the perfect fit. 

You need to remember that some of their models offer different purposes, so getting the correct size is crucial. 

Do Vans Slip On Shoes Run Big?

Vans Classic Slip On Black 9.5 - Do Vans Run Big -

Classic slip-ons are so comfortable; it’s hard to take them off. 

And you won’t have to when you have the Vans classic style Slip-On 9.5 in black. 

The stylish shoe is easy to wear and made with top-quality comfort materials, including durable canvas for the upper, a rubber sole, padded collar and heel tab, elastic side inserts for easy on-and-off wearability. 

The slip-ons’ diamond tread pattern anti-slip rubber outsole increases grip on wet or slippery surfaces and has subtle embroidered logo detailing in back.

Do Vans Authentic Shoes Run Big?

Vans Men's Authentic Pro Skate Shoe - Do Vans Run Big or Small -

Vans Authentic shoes are the foundation for creative self-expression. 

This versatile design is perfect for all occasions, from being outside to being on stage, from the beach to your local hangout.

Based on our experience with Vans Authentic shoes, we learned that these shoes are a bit on the narrow side. 

If you have wide feet or prefer a wider fit, we recommend getting a half size larger than usual.

Do Vans UltraRange Hi DL MTE Shoes Run Big?

Vans UltraRange Hi DL MTE - Do Vans Old Skool Run Big -

It’s hard to believe how versatile the Vans UltraRange Hi are! 

These are great shoes but are especially useful when it comes to comfort, so if you’re looking for something that feels incredibly comfortable while still being attractive enough, you should check out the UltraRange Hi DL MTE. 

Even their color options are drop-dead gorgeous. 

The best part about these shoes is definitely how clean they look—it’s quite simple actually, which fits in perfectly with their minimalist aesthetic. 

We assure you that you’ll be delighted with them, given that they have an outsole made of co-molded rubber that will provide the grip needed for finding traction on wet surfaces. 

Best of all, you’ll love how well they fit, mainly because the design is inspired by traditional Vans styles even though they don’t feel like them at all! 

Some people need extra room because their feet swell (or whatever), so make sure to get your size right because otherwise, you might end up not liking your purchase.

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Do Vans Old Skool Run Big?

Vans Old Skool - Do Vans Run Big -

If you are looking for a shoe that can handle both sports and leisure activities while remaining casual, then the Vans Old Skool Shoes are just the thing. 

These shoes are an example of a functional shoe since it’s highly flexible without being too loose or tight. 

Moreover, this shoe showcases good traction to keep you stable during physical activities while remaining comfy enough so as not to offer too much resistance when moving about casually. 

The flexibility ensures your foot doesn’t get tired fast while wearing these beautiful shoes!

Do Vans Sk8 Hi Run Big?

Vans Sk8-Hi Casual High-Tops - Do Vans Sk8 Hi Run Big -

Another fun fact about Vans sizing is that Vans Sk8-Hi shoes run true-to-size!

The skate shoes sometimes have an even tighter fit – which does happen with these – so if you decide they’re right for you, don’t worry too much about finding yourself wanting to order half-sizes lower than usual.

Do Vans Run Big Than Chuck Taylor All Stars?

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star - Do Toddler Vans Run Big -

Converse is a brand that most of us have likely heard of. 

They have been making shoes for a long time, and they have become a household name globally. 

In our opinion, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars are probably some of their best sneakers! 

Depending on your preference, they come in an assortment of colors and designs with different fatness/thickness of white shoestrings from low to high or from narrow to wide. 

We like the ones with high white shoestring pieces because they make them look more casual, but there are also times when thinner ones (like my One Star shoes) take the spot. 

Whoever makes these amazing shoes should give themselves a pat on the back for making something like this because, quite honestly, it takes talent to make anything that will stand the test of time!

We just want to let you know that we prefer a snug fit, so if you’d like a shoe with typical roominess for your toes, you should consider purchasing a half size smaller than typical.

Do Vans Run Big Than Converse One Star Shoes?

Converse Unisex One Star Ox - Do Vans Run Big or Small -

These one-star Converse shoes are some of the most popular on the market for a good reason. 

You can own one of these shoes, and five years later, you’d be amazed how they’re still holding up. 

Some people say that even though they own Vans, they tend to lean more towards these shoes since they’re more comfortable than the sneakers that Van’s offers. 

And they aren’t ridiculously overpriced like most other brands on the market that appeal to skateboarders out there.

These sneakers fit a little bit larger than most Vans shoes, so if you’re the kind of person who prefers a snug fit, you might want to try sizing down half a size.


We all know that Vans are great shoes, but before you buy them, you may want to see if they run big or small compared to Converse. 

We found that classic Vans often run a little bit tighter than the shoe brand Converse.

We hope this post was able to help answer your question; if for some reason it didn’t, feel free to leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to help you out. 

We love hearing from all of you, so don’t be shy! 

Thank you for reading, and be sure to check out our other articles for more great content.

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