Best Police Boots for Men & Women


Law enforcement officers like the Police need boots that have better traction than regular work boots. And Under Armour Stellar Boots is one of the best police boots that can provide that.


Police officers should have boots that can handle the physical demands of their job. A police boot must be comfortable and durable enough to protect when jogging in a high-stress situation. It also has to be light enough to sprint across a busy street in an emergency.

Under Armour Stellar Boots is flexible enough to keep up with the police officers who wear them. These boots keep officers’ feet comfortable while they run down suspects or chase after criminals. It is also offering support without slowing them down.

There are various types of police boots to cater to the specific needs of officers. For instance, a duty boot that has leather and you can wear for 8 hours a day. Its other counterpart is the patrol boot that’s lighter and easier to run in with rubber soles. 

You might want to invest in thick-soled boots for police officers who need extra warmth and comfort during winter. 

You need boots that offer you excellent protection even in colder environments. In addition, boots that is great for police officers with plantar fasciitis as well.

You want a boot that can perform under the most extreme situations. For this reason, keep on reading to know more information on the top brands of police and tactical boots.

Best Police Boots: Our Top Choices

Overall BestUnder Men’s Armour StellarUnder Women’s Armour Stellar
Best for RunningUnder Armour Men’s Valsetz RTS 1.5Under Armour Women’s RTS 1.5
Best Police Duty BootsDanner Tachyon GTXBates Gx-8 Gore-tex
Best Tactical BootsBates Men’s UltraliteBates Women’s Ultra-Lites
Best Police Patrol BootsThorogood Gen-flex2 SeriesDanner Patrol
Best winter Police Boots5.11 Men’s TATAC 2.0 Storm5.11 Women’s ATAC 2.0 12403
Best Police Boots for Plantar FasciitisReebok RB RB8874Reebok RB RB8874
Best Waterproof Police BootsRocky Paraboot 2095Bates Gx-8 Gore-tex

Best Police Boots for Men & Women 

We all have a “partner” in life – a significant other that makes our lives better, and vice versa. But just as relationships with loved ones change, so do the situations we face every day.  

Are you prepared for your next sticky situation? 

From police officers to hunting guides, everyone can make use of premium tactical and duty boots. 

For this reason, we have provided a review of the top brands and their usefulness across different situations.

Under Armour Stellar – Overall Best Police Boots

Under Armour Stellar - Overall Best Police Boots

Police departments trust the Under Armour Stellar Boots for their quality, comfort, and support. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of the job, these boots stand up to any kind of weather and withstand hard-hitting abuse. 

The unique design puts your safety first. A grippy oil-resistant sole withstands slips on slippery surfaces, while the anti-metallic shank protects against electromagnetic charges.

Under Armour wants to keep law enforcement personnel safe all year round with these boots. That is why they designed the Stellar Boots with a thick TPU shank in its midsole for extra cushioning. This innovative safety feature helps disperses the weight of each step and reduces fatigue, which is crucial for first responders on the job.

Under Armour’s Stellar boots combine durable construction with a lightweight, fast-dry design. Designed with an anti-microbial Ortholite sock liner, you won’t have to worry about severe infections and odors when wearing these police boots.

Designed for police officers with rigors of duty, these boots have durable leather and nylon upper. It also has a heavy-duty rubber sole that gives you a firm footing even in slippery situations. Under Women’s Armour Stellar Boots are available for female police officers too.

Under Armour Valsetz – Best Police Boots for Running

Under Armour Valsetz - Best Police Boots for Running

No matter the situation, Under Armour boots will always find a way to have the best preparation. That’s why we’ve found that each of the top ten Police boots reviews will recommend one as their go-to choice. Whether you need a boot for running or climbing, the Under Armour Valsetz Boots will be on top of every list.

But why do reviewers always make it their top choice when it comes to the best police boots for running or climbing? And why do many of our police officers who have used it agree?

Well, it turns out that these boots offer a unique crossover between a light-duty work boot and a sporty tennis shoe. The outsole has some of the highest levels of grip on the market while also being flexible enough to offer unparalleled movement.

Valsetz creates the most powerful running experience with the UA ClutchFit technology. It wraps around your ankle to keep it secure. The foot-strike guidance ensures that you transition from impact to propulsion quickly, so you can outrun any bandit with ease.

These boots are perfect for police officers because they’re made from the lightest materials. They won’t weigh you down when you’re chasing bad guys around the streets. 

The durable build ensures that you’ll be able to run around doing errands or going after those robbers.

Ladies! Thankfully, Under Armour also made a female-specific version for you too — the Under Armour Women’s Valsetz Rts 1.5, and they’re priced lower than men’s.

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Danner Tachyon – Best Police Duty Boots for Men

Danner Tachyon 8″ Duty Boot - Best Police Duty Boots

Danner is a company that has anchored in the idea of quality materials and processes. Danner Tachyon 8″ Duty Boots are a testament to just how good quality can be. 

There’s a lot of attention to detail in these boots, from the durable leather and double stitching. Another detail is the Vibram sole and classic shape, every bit of it has craftsmanship that can stand up to the test of time.

Featuring a sleek, minimalist design, the Danner Tachyon Duty Boots give you all the performance of a combat boot without the extra heft. 

They’re designed to be ultra-lightweight while still providing support and control. These boots are perfect for both heavy combat training and daily wear.

Tachyon police boots are the answer to police officers’ long-standing search for a good pair of boots that are durably comfortable and protective. 

With an extra high 8-inch shaft height from the heel to the ball of the foot, these boots are perfect for policemen who need to stay on their feet to chase down suspects or perform other physical tasks while on duty.

These boots are specifically for police officers who want comfort and performance in a duty boot. They are light but durable, flexible enough to give your foot a full range of motion, and comfortable enough to wear all day. 

With 100% waterproof protection and slip resistance, these boots will protect you from the elements and keep you safe on the job.

Bates Women’s Gx-8 Gore-tex – Best Police Duty Boots for Women

Bates Women's Gx-8 Gore-tex - Best Police Duty Boots for Women

Brave police officers are working for the best interest of their countries and are constantly improving themselves to be at the top of their game. 

In order to remain protected during these rigorous missions, many female officers are taking advantage of the increasing number of tactical and duty boots created for women. And we found one of the best police duty boots for women.

Bates Women’s Gx-8 Gore-tex brings technical features and all-day style in a single, stylish package. These boots feature a durable nylon upper paired with leather overlays for increased comfort and flexibility. 

Their waterproof, breathable construction also ensures your feet stay dry and comfortable on a day-to-day basis.

Tested for slip resistance by the SATRA WTM 144 standard, these boots are an excellent choice for days when the ground is particularly wet or icy.

Built with a slip-resistant rubber sole and featuring a sleek side zipper design for easy entry, this boot is a top choice among military and policewomen for its superior comfort and utility.

Bates Ultralite – Best Tactical Boots for Police (Men)

Bates Ultralite - Best Tactical Boots for Police (Men)

Bates has a reputation for being the gold standard of police boots. Their latest Ultra Lites are no exception. 

With tough ballistic nylon and soft but robust leather construction, these boots are for performance and comfort. They’re also great as everyday shoes thanks to their stylish looks and durable construction.

The Bates Ultra-Lites Side-Zip Boot is to keep pace with the needs of police officers on duty. With its exclusive blend of materials, including high-grade synthetic leather, these boots remain durable and comfortable from beat to beat. 

Whether you work in a rural or urban area, these boots can follow the rigors of your job, keeping up with everything from traffic stops to after hour’s stakeouts.

The Bates Ultra-Lites offer all the support and protection you need for your job. With a compression-molded midsole that absorbs shock, highly cushioned EVA footbeds, and padded collars, the Ultra-Lites are for comfort on your feet. They’re also easy to put on thanks to the Velcro zipper strap.

These boots are the best tactical boots for police officers. They will endure training exercises and long shifts without a hint of discomfort or poor performance. The lightweight and sturdy build makes them ideal for any policing situation.

Bates Ultra-Lites – Best Tactical Boots for Police (Women)

Bates Ultra-Lites - Best Police Duty Boots for Women

For female firefighters, EMTs, and police officers seeking comfort and support in their footgear, Bates has the answer. 

Although the Bates Women’s Ultra-Lites 8 Inches Tactical Sport Side-Zip Boot is not designed to be waterproof or water-resistant, their durability and comfort make them ideal for long shifts. 

With enough support to run in and an anti-fatigue design that keeps your feet comfortable even when you’re working long hours, you won’t want to wear anything else.

These boots took a minimalist approach to comfort and support with their hybrid of comfortable materials and slip-resistant outsoles. 

They come with removable cushioned insoles, moisture-wicking linings, EVA midsoles that are lightweight and shock absorbent, as well as durable leather uppers that can stand up to some rough wear.

If there is one more drawback to these shoes, it’s that they take a little while longer to break in than other comparable products. However, once they are broken in, you will find that they last much longer than any other pair of shoes, which is a fantastic benefit.

Smith & Wesson Breach 2.0 – Best Boots for Police Officers

Smith & Wesson Breach 2.0 - Best Boots for Police Officers

Smith & Wesson developed the Breach Tactical Boot as a way to give law enforcement officers all of the benefits of a SWAT boot without any of the extra weight. It features a lightweight, durable design that includes reinforced leather panels for long-lasting durability and less wear and tear.

The construction alone is insane. The boots come with a board-lasted design that provides incredible torsional rigidity. It translates to a boot that is more durable and less experience fatigue. They’re also completely waterproof thanks to a gusseted tongue, so your feet won’t get wet when you’re on duty during those rainy days.

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When it comes to working in law enforcement, the last thing officers need is a weak pair of boots that will break after a few years of regular use. The Smith & Wesson Breach Tactical Boots (available for men and women) feature a Thermo PolyUrethane Outsole, a synthetic material known for its toughness and resistance to damage from chemicals like gasoline or oil.

The wide array of features available in the Breach Tactical Boots gives you the confidence to tackle any situation. Whether you’re chasing a suspect or searching a dark alley, these boots are the best boots for police officers.

You ladies can actually wear these boots as well, but you have to go two sizes down from your typical shoe size to find the best size for your feet. If you wear a shoe size 7.5, it’s highly recommended that you choose a size 5 when buying these men’s boots.

Thorogood Gen-flex2 Series – Best Police Patrol Boots for Men

Thorogood Gen-flex2 Series - Best Police Patrol Boots

These Thorogood boots may have a familiar look, but they have the performance of modern tactical boots. 

Made with premium full-grain leather and tough 1000D nylon, these boots can take a beating while still looking great. It’s no wonder police officers have trusted Thorogood for years. 

The Thorogood is a work boot that’s good for police officers. Made from genuine leather, it features a comfortable padded collar for flexibility. 

Also has a riveted anti-fatigue footbed with an OrthoLite® Sockliner that absorbs moisture and keeps you fresh while you work.

These boots are tough. They’re Goodyear welted, meaning that the upper and sole are sewn together and then you can attach both to the insole. A composite shank ensures that they have support.

Designed for patrol officers who need to be ready for any situation, these boots are as tough as they come. 

They can withstand repeated wear and tear, protecting your feet from injuries that could occur during long shifts. 

The boots are completely waterproof — an important feature for keeping feet dry on those wet winter nights.

Danner Patrol – Best Police Patrol Boots for Women

Danner Patrol - Best Police Patrol Boots for Women

The Danner Patrol 6 Inch Law Enforcement Boot boasts of a simple yet robust design and is ideal for use by patrolmen. But that’s not our only basis as to why it’s one of the best police boots any officer can have.

Designed with a waterproof Gore-Tex membrane, it keeps water out without restricting airflow. Durable full-grain leather helps prevent tears and abrasions even after long patrols.

Stitch-down construction creates more space on the sole and makes it perfect for people who are fond of a customised fit. Lace-to-toe styling gives you a secure fit plus easy on/off and lace adjustability. 

The Vibram Sierra outsole has a durable and shock-absorbing polyurethane compound, which provides traction and comfort — all in a lighter package.

So, if you’re looking for the best police patrol boots to take with you, you can’t go wrong with these Danner Patrol 6 Inch Law Enforcement Boots!

5.11 TATAC 2.0 Storm – Best Winter Police Boots

5.11 TATAC 2.0 Storm 12392 - Best winter Police Boots

​If you’re a public officer, you know the importance of keeping your feet as warm and dry as possible during your shift. 

For this reason, we recommend one of the best winter police boots out there: the 5.11 Men’s ATAC 2.0 12392 police boots — they keep up to your standards with a leather lining and a zipper closure.

The A.T.A.C 2.0 Storm boot has been updated with a lightweight strobal construction that helps conserve energy during movement, reducing your fatigue and allowing you to carry on for longer. 

This tactical boot is equipped with an Ortholite footbed that makes it suitable for long hours of use — even if you’re in the field or at the office.

The A.T.A.C 2.0 Storm allows you to explore the outdoors without having to worry about your feet getting wet. 

This lightweight hiking boot features a waterproof and wipe-clean BBP membrane, meaning that you can wear them even in rainy conditions! 

And when it’s not raining, its side YKK zipper ensures quick donning — so you’ll never be slowed down by your outfit again.

The 5.11 TATAC 2.0 Storm winter police boots are not just for male officers — the brand made a special version of it for policewomen as well, so, ladies, you can feel comfortable and secure in your own pair of these police footwear with complete traction.

Reebok RB RB8874 – Best Police Boots for Plantar Fasciitis

Reebok RB RB8874 - Best Police Boots for Plantar Fasciitis

Comfort is essential for police officers who have Plantar Fasciitis, which is why so many police turn to Reebok Tactical Boot. Their durable and supportive line of tactical boots lets you concentrate on your day without worrying about pain in your heel or arches. The Shock Eliminator Heel Cushion and Foot Force F2A Removable Polyurethane Cushion Footbed are bonuses that ensure your moving around with ease all day.

These boots are the best if you want extra cushioning in the heel. They can wear these right out of the box without needing to use an orthotic insert.

The thick sole on the Rapid Response boot is one of its most impressive features. The shock absorption provided by this sole ensures that you’ll be comfortable for your entire shift, regardless of bumps and falls. 

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It also has an extra-wide toe box, which means that it also accommodates wider feet, providing you with more comfort. With a YKK zipper on the side, putting these boots on and off is as easy as ever.

The Reebok Tactical Boot is a shaper and protector of your feet. It offers plenty of space to avoid pinching. It features electrical hazard protection as well as a composite toe that meets the requirements for airport security. These boots are the best police boots for officers with Plantar Fasciitis.

And ladies, if you’re wondering whether these boots are for you or not — listen up. Yes, you can also wear them. But here’s the thing.

While they look great on women of all sizes, we recommend going down two sizes from your normal size when ordering. If you’re half-size, don’t be afraid to round up or down — the boots run wide, so know that you won’t feel like you’re wearing clown shoes.

Rocky Paraboot 2095 – Best Waterproof Police Boots for Men

Rocky Paraboot 2095 - Best Waterproof Police Boots for Men

Paraboot’s Rocky Modern boots go way back to the original style of police boots, leaving behind any trace of modernity. If you want a pair of excellent leather boots to stand the test of time, you can’t miss these.

These police boots have a 10-inch-high, steel-toe boot that is more than capable of protecting its wearer against impacts and other threats. It’s also equipped with patented technology that can make it deadlier than its looks suggest. The toe cap can do more than just protect against impact, but also deliver extra kicks when needed!

It also features a Goodyear welt construction that can withstand all kinds of wear and tear while keeping your feet protected. With their soft interior, they’re comfortable to wear, too — so you can get through the day in comfort.

Good for both dry and wet conditions, these boots are for police officers. These heavy-duty boots feature a waterproof design that prevents water from seeping in while you’re out on the beat.

The Rocky Paraboot 2095 is the best pair of police boots any officer can have in their arsenal. But sorry ladies because there isn’t a single female version of this perfect boot, which is kind of a downer.

FORTUNATELY, we’ve already mentioned one of the best police boots that happen to be also one of the best waterproof police boots on the market – Bates Women’s Gx-8 Gore-tex Waterproof Side Zip Boots. And they’re made specifically for you ladies!

Best Police Boots Buying Guide

Best Police Boots Buying Guide

What to look for when buying the best police boots

When choosing a tactical or police boot, you have to consider three things: support, flexibility, and durability. A good pair of boots has to help you stay comfortable and safe throughout your shift. It can’t be too hot, it can’t rub your skin the wrong way, and it can’t be uncomfortable.

A police boot should have those basic qualities to ensure comfort and efficiency on the job. But, there are specific details you’ll want to note depending on your needs.


When you’re out and about in the rain, puddles, and other bodies of water, a waterproof boot is necessary to protect your feet from becoming wet. Waterproof boots help keep your feet dry when walking through puddles — splashes should slide right off. Water-resistant boots are great when it’s raining but aren’t made to keep your feet dry through larger bodies of water.


Your Police boots should offer excellent traction to make your job easier. The durable outsole grips the ground and delivers the traction and support you need when performing various activities, such as running, patrolling, jumping, and more.

Zipper or Laces

Depending on your needs, there are two different types of boot: lace-up and zip-up. Zips-up boots are ideal for police officers who need speed and convenience, but they may prove uncomfortable after long periods of use.

Lace-up boots give you the ability to adjust the boot’s tightness with the laces, making it good for running or police who require a secure fit.


You have to be on your feet for long hours at work and you need to be alert and on standby for emergencies. As a police officer find a shoe that provides excellent comfort and cushioning.

Shock Absorbent

Being constantly on the go and a job that requires a lot of walking, you still need to enjoy a cushioned step. Then you should have boots that have shock absorption features that create a spongy layer under your feet to absorb impact and make every step you take feel like you’re walking on the soft grass.


You want your boots to be breathable and to have a lining that prevents moisture build-up and odor. Sweaty, hot feet are uncomfortable. That’s why air vents or mesh linings are key features of any good boot, especially in hot weather.

Check out the video below by Just that Officer. It goes over some key points to consider before buying tactical police boots.


The best police boots and best tactical boots are those that can take on the beating of being on duty. Police officers need to be ready for anything — whether it’s a pursuit or an unexpected confrontation. 

Under Armour Stellar Boots is your top pick. It offers protection in possible unfavorable situations. These boots help police officers in getting the job done and inputting their lives on the line to keep others safe.

These boots are available for men and women in the police force. It has all the features of the best police boots, comfortable and flexible. It should also have other features like cushioned footbeds and waterproof too.

We put together this review to help you choose the best police boots for your needs. We’d love to hear from you — we want to make sure we’re covering every aspect of choosing great police boots, so leave us a comment and let us know what we’re missing!

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