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The main requirement for laboratories is to have comfortable shoes. We did our research and found that closed shoes like the new Dansko XP 2.0 are the best shoes for laboratory work for men and women. 


The best shoes for lab work should also be tough enough to protect scientists from the hazardous substances they are working with. With these shoes, you can avoid the risk of slippage due to chemicals, especially for those working with acid.

When it comes to work-ready styles, nothing is more important than a shoe that can keep you comfortable all day long. A sturdy sole and breathable material will keep your feet feeling cool while a solid grip on the ground will keep you stable as you walk from lab to lab.

Laboratory shoes like the Dansko XP 2.0 protect your feet while allowing you to perform well in the laboratory. With reinforced soles and airflow technologies, these shoes allow you to move freely. Letting you move without discomfort or distraction as well. 

Regardless of the chemicals, you’re working with, these shoes will give you the performance boost you need to get your work done.

These shoes are for laboratory professionals, with a focus on comfort and safety. Shoes with exclusive features for lab-weary feet and launder easily, so they’re great for working a long day. 

To know more keep on reading. Here are some pairs of shoes that will make you feel comfortable in the lab. You won’t go wrong with these choices, handpicked meticulously!

Best Shoes for Laboratory Work

Best shoesDansko XP 2.0 Mens Dansko XP 2.0 Womens
Runner-upMen’s Professional ClogWomen’s Professional Clog
Cute Lab ShoesSkechers GozardSkechers Go Walk Evolution Ultra
Best Lab SneakersSkechers After BurnSkechers D’Lites
Best For Medical StudentsTimberland PRO MudsillTimberland PRO Drivetrain

10 Best Shoes for Laboratory Work Reviewed

From the best brands in the business such as Dansko, Skechers, and Timberland, we’ve handpicked shoes for you to consider when looking for office-ready footwear.

All of these shoes are available online at the click of a button, so you can find the pair that works best for your needs.

Dansko XP 2.0 – Best Shoes for Laboratory Work 

Dansko Men's XP 2.0 - Best Shoes for Laboratory Work (Men)

So why did we dubbed the Dansko XP 2.0 our best shoes for work in the laboratory and what are the features that made it deserving of the #1 spot?

The Dansko Men’s XP 2.0 is a unique example of blending taste and functionality into one elegant package. Its carefully selected materials and high-quality construction will keep you comfortable all day, rain or shine.

These shoes have APMA status which means they’re among the best in the industry. The form footed tailors their shapes to your foot to deliver you real comfort, even after long hours standing on your feet.

The toe box can shield you from any probable toe injuries. The footbed is also removable so that you can modify your fit and the cushioned neckline. The heel will allow you to feel the difference.

When you’re looking for a comfortable fit that will keep your feet happy all day, the XP 2.0 is the right choice. It is the best shoe for laboratory work since it’s easy to slip on too. 

Dansko’s Men’s XP 2.0 is very similar to Dansko’s Men’s Professional Black Box Clog, which is one of the best shoes for male nurses available on the market.

With the same features, it is available for women too with Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clog. Because honestly, they’re just the best Dansko shoes for laboratory work out there, and thank God the brand made a model for the ladies. Isn’t that right, ladies?

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Dansko Professional Clog – Runner-up

Dansko Professional Clog – Runner-up

Dansko’s commitment to creating the world’s most comfortable shoes is evident in every pair, like the Dansko Professional Clog. These shoes almost look identical to Dansko’s XP 2.0. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that it’s our second pick for the best shoes for laboratory work.

Materials are carefully selected for comfort and durability, and the construction of each shoe promotes healthy posture so that you can stand longer, walk further, and go harder.

Dansko’s Professional clog offers outstanding arch support and the padded instep collar gives relief, making it a great shoe to wear all day with comfort, style, and functionality.

The upper of these shoes have leather. Its durable and tough quality keeps the shoes from breaking down. Moreover, a breathable PU Foam Footbed offers temperature control so you can stay cool on hot days. Rocker Bottom lessens fatigue and bids shock absorption similar to athletic shoes.

The anti-slip outsole on these shoes is perfect for lab workers who need to protect their feet from accidental slips, as well as spills. With a 2-inch heel with an appropriately raised platform, the shoes also offer stability and support throughout your shift.

And it turns out that there’s Dansko Women’s Professional Clog for women too. Definitely get these shoes if you’re looking for one of the best lab shoes for ladies and an alternative to Dansko XP 2.0.

Skechers Gozard – Cute Lab Shoes for Women

Skechers Gozard - Cute Lab Shoes for Women

Stay cushioned and comfortable all through your workday with the excessively chic and defensive Gozard slip-on from Skechers. One of the best shoes for laboratory work on the market, these shoes feature a Relaxed Fit framework for a roomier, increasingly agreeable fit, and Memory Foam padding that conforms to your foot shape for an agreeable fit.

Soft and padded toe guards keep your toes safe from scratches. Super flexible sides bend to fit your feet and allow you to easily put on and take off the shoes. The soft material coating offers extra comfort.

Gozard Skechers will melt away stress with a plush memory foam footbed that hugs every curve of your foot. This ultra-flexible, lightweight sole takes the hard work out of putting on your shoes and lets you focus on laboratory works.

These shoes are adaptable, elastic, and have a slip-proof outsole which provides a solid footing for lab workers. This is the perfect shoe for women standing all day doing laboratory works.

Skechers Go Walk Evolution Ultra – Cute Lab Shoes for Men

Skechers Go Walk Evolution Ultra - Cute Lab Shoes for Men

Aren’t Skechers shoes just the cutest? As it turns out, there’s the Skechers Go Walk Evolution Ultra for men too.

Thanks to breakthroughs in technology, one of the most popular footwear brands has released the next iteration of the Skechers GOwalk series with the Skechers GOwalk Evolution Ultra. 

But what was our basis in terms of laboratory shoes specifications for making this laboratory footwear one of the best shoes for laboratory work and cute lab shoes for men?

Well, it has ULTRA GO cushioning that provides a responsive feel for unmatched comfort.  Its ULTRA PILLARS provide resilience for a smooth stride. The Skechers GOwalk is designed to promote your natural gait.

Another thing that makes these shoes one of the best shoes for laboratory work is the knit-in texture detail that’s perfect for walking on busy lab days. 

They’re also crafted with soft woven mesh fabric and include a solid color design, side S logo, top pull-on loop, heel fabric overlay panel, and a padded collar to provide ultimate comfort.

With ULTRA GO cushioning and a breathable Goga Mat insole, this pair will hold up to your active lifestyle. Its lightweight frame means you’ll forget you’re even wearing shoes. 

And its ability to withstand a gentle cycle cold wash is incredibly helpful — so you needn’t worry about having to put off the dirty work until later.

Skechers After Burn – Best Lab Sneakers for Men

Skechers After Burn - Best Lab Sneakers

If you’re looking for one of the best shoes for laboratory work other than the Dansko XP 2.0, Dansko Professional Clog, Skechers Gozard, Skechers Go Walk Evolution Ultra, how about one of the best lab sneakers we found out there — the Skechers After Burn? 

The leather upper on the Skechers After Burn offers a smooth, comfortable fit that holds up to wear and tear. The synthetic overlays of these shoes help to add durability. 

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Another feature of the Memory Fit Sneaker is the puncture detail around the shoe that gives it a nice visual pop. Its Memory Foam insole provides cushioned comfort for all-day wear. 

These shoes have rubber soles which is a great material for traction. It offers excellent traction on both wet and dry surfaces, which means you can step around with confidence when the ground is slick. You don’t have to worry about chemical spills with these shoes on.

With a rich design and style history, the Memory Fit sneaker reflects the brand’s commitment to versatility and functionality. This is a great option for male lab workers who want optimal support when doing lab tests and standing most of the time.

Skechers D’Lites – Best Lab Sneakers for Women

Skechers D'Lites - Best Lab Sneakers for Women

One of the best shoes for laboratory work and our top pick for the best lab sneakers for women is the Skechers Women’s D’Lites Memory Foam Lace-up Sneaker. We have found that women absolutely love this new pair of shoes, and we believe you will too.

These sporty Skechers are the perfect laboratory footwear for those looking to step up their casual game.

The thick, air-cooled memory foam insole, the tongue, and the padded collar mean you’ll always be comfortable, while the thick midsole means you’ll be shock-absorbed throughout your step. 

Featuring a 100% smooth sport trubuck leather upper with a rubber sole, these absolutely best lab sneakers are perfect for everyday, casual wear. 

Timberland PRO Mudsill – Best Lab Shoes For Medical Students (Men)

Timberland PRO Mudsill - Best Lab Shoes For Medical Students (Men)

If you’re a medical student and you are a lad who needs good shoes to wear during your lab activities, here’s what you’ve been looking for!

With premium materials, advanced technology, and a passion for the outdoors, Timberland PRO Men’s Mudsill Steel-Toe Shoe offers an extensive range of reliable shoes that are great for lab workers. 

So if you boys are searching for the best lab shoes for medical students like yourselves, these shoes will be of great assistance when working in the laboratory.

Let’s get into the details on why these shoes are one of the best shoes for laboratory work and they’re worth getting.

One of the best shoes for lab work for men, the Timberland PRO Mudsill comes with the safety features required to take on an active job site, as well as the comfort features required to survive long days in laboratories.

These shoes have outsoles designed for secure footing and shock dissipation starting from one day to the next. On top of this, it even exceeds ASTM wellbeing necessities.

This shoe has a steel toe, ultra-comfortable leather upper, breathable mesh, and a footbed lined with polyurethane. It’s also safe to wear in electrically charged environments and comes with antimicrobial protection.

Unburden yourself during long lab hours with these Timberland Pro shoes for lab use. It is for lab workers who want a lightweight and sturdy design that will ensure that you can get your work done without feeling weighed down by heavy shoes. 

With a special water-resistant coating, you don’t need to worry about hazardous chemicals spilling onto them, either.

Timberland PRO Drivetrain – Best Lab Shoes For Medical Students (Women)

Timberland PRO Drivetrain - Best Lab Shoes For Medical Students (Women)

If you’re you a medical student and you are a lassie who needs good shoes to wear during your lab activities, you’ll love wearing these shoes!

Timberland PRO women’s work shoe is for demanding laboratory environments. We won’t deprive it of its right to be here on this list of the best shoes for laboratory work.

With its patented energy-returning outsole, electrical hazard protection, and slip-and-oil resistant soles, you can get the job done with minimal discomfort.

Inside these Pro women’s work shoes, Timberland anti-fatigue technology provides a comfortable ride for all-day wear and puts your best foot forward. 

Not only is this air-cushioned sole more comfortable than padded alternatives, but CarbonShield technology makes it safe too: it’s built to withstand extreme heat and flames that may be present in laboratories.

These shoes have a single-width anatomical last that makes them more versatile. It also offers an abrasion-resistant TPU outsole that provides maximum protection from oil, heat, and abrasion. 

These shoes are ideal for running around the lab and performing experiments and tests. The thick foam sole helps insulate your feet from cold floors while a snug arch support helps reduce fatigue over time. 

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This is the best fit for women working in labs that want to keep their foot stable and protected all day.

Best Shoes for Laboratory Work Buying Guide

Best Shoes for Laboratory Work Buying Guide _

What to look for when buying the best shoes for laboratory work?

The safety and protection of your toes should be your priority, regardless of the type of research that you do. To keep your feet protected from any kind of danger in your laboratory it’s important to know how to safely select the right kinds of shoes.

Check out these key features to look out for.

Comfort and Support

Lab work is tough on your feet — but there are specific arch support, cushioned or shaped footbeds, and padded soles you can use. By using these items, you’ll be able to keep working for hours without feeling pain.

Look for a sturdy outer frame with a removable inner liner. A double or triple layer design is a must, as it offers more cushioning.

While you may be eyeing up a pair of kicks with that perfect look, don’t compromise on the shoe’s stability. So keep this in mind when you’re looking for the best shoes for laboratory work.

For long-term use and comfort, consider only those shoes with a firm, supportive sole. While you’re at it, stay away from shoes with slippery soles. These can cause falls and injuries in the blink of an eye.


Best Shoes for Laboratory Work Buying Guide _ Breathable

Shoes for laboratory specialists have to stay on the strict side, which is why you need to go with a stable leather upper or a breathable engineered fabric. 

These materials are particularly suitable for work environments where tough-to-wash compounds and dangerous fluids are present. 

A canvas upper is a poor choice because it’s too porous — your feet will get wet and cold rather quickly after all. For comfort, you should get a pair of shoes with some sort of ventilation system.

Safety and Protection

Although there’s no universal field guide for the best shoes for laboratory work, there are some guidelines that apply to the vast majority of workplaces like laboratories. You need to protect your toes and heels. 

The toes and heels are typically the most vulnerable areas on your feet. To prevent injuries, you should always choose lab shoes with reinforced toe protection. 

There are many options to consider, including steel, composite, or a combination of both materials on top of a composite base.

The design of your footwear should ensure that it protects the foot from any unwanted or harmful impacts. 

You needn’t just look at protection against broken glass and debris, but also shock absorption. This will reduce injuries when you run around the laboratory.


Best Shoes for Laboratory Work Buying Guide _ Slip-Resistance

The last thing you want to do is skimp on an outsole. You need outsoles that are specially chosen for their good slip and oil resistance. 

They should also be ASTM-approved for protection against slips and oil spills. This means they’ll protect your feet from dangerous falls and tripping hazards. And, just because they do their job, doesn’t mean they’re ugly. There are plenty of options that look good too!


When looking for the best shoes for laboratory work, one of the most important aspects is durability. Search for a durable shoe with a strong upper made from wear-resistant leather and polyester. High-quality construction can make all of the difference when it comes down to your feet on the line.

Dress Code

Best Shoes for Laboratory Work Buying Guide _ Dress Code

High-end safety boots or shoes are fundamental for laboratories that require a lot of protective clothing and specialized gear. It’s the law in California for labs with high-hazard materials to have stringent safety measures, such as the right footwear.


For the best shoes for laboratory work, lab workers need to have great shoes like the Dansko XP 2.0, because they often work on hard and tricky floors, along with the fact that dealing with hazardous chemicals from time to time. 

Therefore, all employees are responsible for owning safe yet comfortable slip-resistant shoes. The products covered here for the best shoes for laboratory work are the best on the market right now.

Ideally, researchers should wear comfortable athletic shoes to work because they have a non-slip bottom. Skechers Men’s After Burn Memory Fit is your best bet, they are airy and pleasant for standing during long research periods, and they protect the entire foot area.

When working in labs, it is always important to wear comfortable shoes with good traction. This ensures that there will be no accidents caused by slipping or chemicals spilling. 
In addition, wearing the best shoes for laboratory work can prevent injuries. So the next time you’re out shopping for the best shoes for work in the laboratory, consider one or two of the laboratory footwear we listed here to stay safe!