Best Shoes for Retail Workers (Reviews + Buying Guide)

Working and standing all day at a retail store can take a toll on your body. The Merrell Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe is our top pick for the best shoes for retail workers that we’ve reviewed.

They’re great for keeping you comfortable while standing and tending to customers all day. It will help you avoid posture issues and many other complications too.


Many work shoes don’t provide the wearer with the support and comfort necessary to endure long hours at work especially for retail workers. 

While features like lightweight materials and enhanced traction are important, a good pair of work shoes will also incorporate additional cushioning and support features into its design.

You need great shoes to work in retail and make sure the customers are happy and satisfied. That means standing on your feet all day and walking around. 

You have to be agile and light on your feet to get those orders and get the job done.

The Merrell Slip-on has all these qualities that make it your best bet. It is functional and durable. It has a wide range of features, making it the perfect shoe for your needs as a retail worker.

If you’re working in the retail industry, you need to pay special attention to your footwear. 

If you’re suffering from uncomfortable shoes or achy feet, no amount of sitting will make you feel better. You have to pay attention to lasting comfort and superior quality when choosing your next pair of shoes.

For men, you need to consider shoes flexibility since oftentimes male workers have to run errands. While for women, comfortable shoes that have arch support would fit best since they might likely be standing all day.

Factors outside of shoe comfort are just as important when choosing shoes for retail workers. Remember to consider the brand, if they’re made for a flat foot or a narrow one, thick or wide feet. Taking note of these details will ensure you get the best shoes possible.

To dive into details and to know more about shoes that are best for you and your needs as a retail worker, keep on reading.

Best Shoes for Retail Workers: Top Picks

  1. Merrell Jungle Moc – Overall Best Shoes for Retail Workers
  2. Skechers Equalizer – Best Men’s Shoes for Retail Workers
  3. Grasshoppers Stretch Plus – Best Women’s Shoes for Retail Workers
  4. Reebok Jorie RB1100 – Best Shoes for Retail Workers with Flat Feet

Best Shoes for Retail Workers Reviews

When you’re working retail, you’ve got a lot to be crunched for time. You need comfortable shoes that can keep up with the long hours on your feet. 

With these ten pairs of comfortable work shoes, you won’t have to sacrifice your comfort or safety. 

Not only will they make your day easier and infinitely more comfortable, but they’ll also help you look great — ultimately raising the quality of your experience at work.

Merrell Jungle Moc – Overall Best Shoes for Retail Workers

Merrell Jungle Moc – Overall Best Shoes for Retail Workers

Merrell has a reputation for making some of the most comfortable, sturdy lace-ups on the market. With their Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe, they’ve turned their attention to slip-on for the first time. The result is a great look that is incredibly comfortable and durable.

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This is our #1 in our list of the best shoes for retail workers and our top pick for the best shoes for vet techs. 2020 seems to be the year that really pushed this shoe pair to popularity and for good reason.

Every aspect of this shoe has to ensure a perfect, long-lasting fit. The lining has soft 100% synthetic leather that ensures exceptional comfort. 

The moisture-wicking insole keeps your feet dry even after long hours of use. To further enhance your experience, this shoe also features an anti-bacterial lining that helps keep gruesome odors away.

With the flexibility of a running shoe and the shock absorption features of a hiking boot, the Merrell Jungle Moc is ready to take on whatever work lies ahead. 

The insoles are specially padded for added foot protection, while the stability shank keeps feet firmly planted on rough and uneven ground.

Merrell’s Jungle Moc is a classic slip-on that you can wear to your work every day. It combines a stylish silhouette with quality construction. It is giving the versatility perfect for retail workers as well.

And of course, there’s the Merrell Women’s Jungle Moc Slip-on Shoe too and they’re simply the best shoes for female retail workers out there — for us of course!

Skechers Equalizer – Best Men’s Shoes for Retail Workers

Skechers Equalizer - Best Men's Shoes for Retail Workers

If you are looking for style, comfort, and minimalist footwear, then you need to try this yet another one of the best shoes for retail workers 2021 has to offer: the Skechers Men’s Equalizers

Just like the Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Slip-on Shoe, this is also one of the best men’s shoes for retail workers available on the market. 

They come in several colors that can you can pair with your retail uniforms. They feature an easy slip-on design that’s perfect for men who just don’t want to deal with laces.

The extra padding of these shoes means that you can be more comfortable in a work shoe than you would be in those slippers. 

Designed to help absorb shock and reduce the chance of injury, these shoes will make you feel like you’re walking naturally, even at the end of your shift. 

The mesh fabric is breathable and will help keep your feet from getting too hot.

From the comfort and shock absorption to the style and durability, Skechers Equalizers work the best for retail workers. 

It’s great for men running errands or lifting heavy boxes in a retail store. You will surely get more done with the extra comfort and support that these shoes provide all day long. 

Grasshoppers Stretch Plus – Best Women’s Shoes for Retail Workers 

Grasshoppers Stretch Plus - Best Women’s Shoes for Retail Workers

We remembered how the Skechers Women’s Ghenter Bronaugh Work Shoe got the ‘The Best Shoes for Retail Workers 2020 Women’s Choice Award’ – we just made that up.

But this year, the Grasshoppers Women’s Lace-Up Sneaker, one of the latest best shoes for retail workers and our second-best women’s shoes for retail workers, should take the crown.

This lace-up sneaker holds up to long hours on your feet with its supportive design, while its materials are resistant to spills and stains. It is also great for the lunch rush or running a register. 

Grasshopper shoes have amazing features like their OrthoLite design. This makes them perfect for keeping your feet comfortable while you run around or stand all day behind the counters. 

You’ll love the Pure-Fit comfort cushioning too. It’s an exclusive feature that gives you support while at work.

The rounded heel pad on these shoes offers a cushioned comfort for your stride. It also provides a slight grip and traction that are noticeably improved over standard shoes. 

They are perfect for women who are retail workers but they aren’t waterproof, so be careful in wet weather!

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Reebok Jorie RB1100 – Best Shoes for Retail Workers with Flat Feet

Reebok Jorie RB1100 - Best Shoes for Retail Workers with Flat Feet __

Now, there’s a very good reason why the Reebok Jorie RB1100 is our most recommended best shoes for retail workers with flat feet.

Its slip-resistant SureGrip sole makes sure that it’s safe to wear in wet areas or on rainy days — which is almost always true. 

Jorie’s great traction also means that you can confidently work and attend to clients or even run during lunchtime.

This shoe comes with an ultra-comfortable removable footbed, and it’s the same material used in soft orthotics

The footbed will mold to your feet’ shape over time, so you’ll have arch support for your specific foot type.

With their remarkable moldability, these shoe is a great option for flat-footed individuals looking for orthotic-level support. 

By removing and then reinserting the foam, you can mold it to fit your unique foot shape.

Women with flat feet looking for cute shoes for retail workers, rejoice! The Women’s Jorie RB110 by Reebok has been designed with you in mind.

What Shoes Brand is Best for Retail Workers Today?

What Shoes Brand is Best for Retail Workers Today _ New Balance Casual Shoes _

New Balance has never been about money. Instead, it’s about making sure that even those who are working long hours in retail settings can stay comfortable and fashionable. 

Not only do they make their shoes like the New Balance 608 V5 with the utmost care, but they also provide a brand-new retail worker grant to help them get started with a working wardrobe.

They offer you excellent stability and shock absorption. New Balance’s ABZORB Technology cushioning cradles the heel, protecting you from impact and keeping your feet comfortable during work. 

While the Dual-Density Collar Foam minimizes irritation around your ankles and helps keep your feet fresh during your shifts.

A casual everyday work shoe that brings together the soft comfort you want with the premium leather upper you love. 

Built on a flexible rubber base, these New Balance upper features deep flex grooves to help you move through your day in comfort

After a long day of standing and walking around on your feet, you deserve a comfortable pair of shoes. New Balance casual shoes are the perfect pair for you. 

It offers casual footwear for retail workers that have extra cushioning and support in the right places. This is to keep you cushioned and comfortable all day long.

Ladies! Check out the New Balance Women’s 608 V5 if you’re like us here in no74-berlin who’s a fan of New Balance and whose answer to the question: what shoes brand is best for retail workers today — is the Boston footwear manufacturing company.

Best Shoes for Retail Workers Buying Guide

Best Shoes for Retail Workers Buying Guide _

What to look for when buying the best shoes for retail workers?

Retail workers need more than just comfortable shoes: they need the right shoes. Shoes that can take on long shifts and protect their feet from accidents like slips and falls, and shoes that will keep their feet healthy.

You might want to consider these features when buying the best shoes for retail workers.

Stability & Safety 

Best Shoes for Retail Workers Buying Guide _ Stability & Safety

You shouldn’t sacrifice comfort and support for fashion. Even though these shoes are fashionable, they can still provide great stability and support with every step you take. 

When you start to notice instability or unsteadiness in your gait, it’s time to have your shoes replaced immediately.

And, of course, the shoes you wear to work should do more than just make you look good. They should also keep you protected from the hazards of your job. 

Shoes that are lightweight and low-to-the-ground can help lower your risk of slips and falls. Those shoes are always a great choice for retail workers that offer the right balance between being comfortable and stylish. 

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Best Shoes for Retail Workers Buying Guide _ Durability

Durable shoes are an important part of retail work and something that the best shoes for retail workers can never go without. 

Having the right pair of boots, sneakers, or sandals to work in can seriously affect productivity. Not only affecting in terms of operational efficiency but also in foot health. 

You’ll be on your feet receiving orders, stocking shelves, and moving materials around the stockroom. The last thing you want is a pair of cheap shoes that will let you down.


Best Shoes for Retail Workers Buying Guide _ Lightweight

The right shoes can make the difference between an easy workday and one that makes you want to stay home. 

If you’re going to spend most of your day on your feet, then a lightweight pair of shoes is likely a better choice than a clunky leather option.

Heavy work shoes can lead to sores on your feet and unnecessary tension in your muscles. 

Retail employees have a lot of stress to deal with during the day, so you want to make sure they don’t have to worry about their work shoes adding to it.

Heel Structure

Best Shoes for Retail Workers Buying Guide _ Heel Structure

The heel of a shoe plays an important role in how the shoe feels on your foot. Some high heels are much higher than others, and in some pairs, the heels come loose from the bottom of the shoes. This can make them feel too clunky and difficult to walk in.

Regardless of the height of the heel, every pair of shoes should have shock absorption. Since you’ll be spending many hours on your feet, it pays to invest in shoes that have a well-constructed shock-absorbing heel.

Roomy Toe Box

Best Shoes for Retail Workers Buying Guide _ Roomy Toe Box

When you buy shoes with small toe spaces, your toes cramp up in them. It is uncomfortable and painful especially if you need to stand all day. 

Furthermore, if you don’t have enough toe space to wiggle in, you might develop swelling. This happens because there isn’t enough room for your toes to move around and get comfortable.

Cushioned Insole

Best Shoes for Retail Workers Buying Guide _ Cushioned Insole

Make sure your work shoes have specially-made insoles that contours to your feet. This is for added cushioning and moisture-wicking. Some insoles provide more arch support.

And what’s even better is that many shoes have detachable insoles. You can replace these insoles with any medical insole for added support.

You have two major options when it comes to choosing insoles for your shoes, polyurethane, and foam. 

Your best option is to choose a polyurethane insole that has pads and is moisture-wicked. These insoles will ensure your feet stay comfortable while you work inside the store.


The best shoes for retail workers are the Merrell Jungle Moc Slip-On. These shoes are all about comfort. They’re made from high-quality materials and use a non-slip design to keep you upright on slippery or wet surfaces. 

They feature a rubberized sole that also keeps you comfortable, while a molded nylon arch shank provides arch support.

Retail workers often have to spend long hours on their feet in uncomfortable shoes that can cause pain. 

A great pair of shoes from Merrell would be comfortable and durable. It also allows the worker to focus on providing good customer service rather than on their feet. 

With these solid pair of shoes, retail employees will feel more energized, allowing them to concentrate on their jobs.

These easy-to-wear Jungle Moc Slip-on shoes can make a huge difference. Not only in how you feel on the job, but also in your posture, your back pain, and other physical issues that stem from ill-fitting shoes. 

The other pairs listed in this article are also excellent, and you should make a final decision based on what you think looks best and suits your personality. 

If you have any questions or would like to share your thoughts, please leave your comments below!