Best Beach Shoes to Buy [Buyer’s Guide]

Are you planning on walking at your local beach or plan on visiting an exotic island? Then Dreamcity Beach Shoes is for you! It lives up to its name because these shoes are your dream beach companion and are overall the best beach shoes today!


Dreamcity Beach Shoes possess all of the best water shoes qualities like being extremely comfortable with durable breathable mesh that is also quick drying! The rubber sole is perfect for water sports as well as surfing and diving.

Searching for the best beach shoes can be tough! Not only do you need a comfortable shoe, but it also has to suit your needs and preference too. 

When it comes to the best beach shoes, you might want to consider a lot of factors like quality, durability, pricing, and so on. All very important when it comes to buying the best beach shoes.

The kind of water activities you’ll be doing is a crucial aspect in choosing the best water shoes too. 

You’ll need something with excellent traction if you’ll be beach hiking and maximum support to keep you stable and free from foot pain during your water sports activities.

Best Beach Shoes

  1. Dreamcity Beach Shoes – Best Overall
  2. ALEADER Slip-On Water Shoes – Runner-up
  3. SIMARI Water Shoes – Best for Men
  4. JIASUQI Water Shoes – Best for Women
  5. Crocs Kids’ Swiftwater Shoes – Best for Toddler
  6. Voovix Water Shoes – Best for Running
  7. Crocs Adult Swiftwater Water Shoe – Best for Walking
  8. Speedo Surfwalker Pro 3.0 – Best for Swimming
  9. Merrell All Out Blaze – Best for Hiking
  10. UBFEN Aqua Sports Shoes – Best for Water Sports

Top 10 Best Beach Shoes

The best beach shoes are different for men and women, there’s a different one for your kids as well. That’s why we’ve dissected them for you.

While considering all the factors and key features we’ve rounded up the best ones in each category and for different water activities.

Here’s a detailed review of each beach shoe and tell you what sets them apart from one another. So let’s dive into it, shall we?

Dreamcity Beach Shoes – Best Overall

Best Beach Shoes

Dreamcity Beach Shoes are the best beach shoes because they’re not just comfortable but they dry quickly and they’re very easy to clean as well! 

These beach shoes feature a rubber sole that is flexible but durable, so it’s easy for you to walk across sand and rock with them on. 

You also won’t have to worry about getting sand inside of these best beach shoes because they have breathable and durable air mesh upper material that also allows your foot to breathe while repelling sand. 

Dreamcity Beach Shoes also have a Solyte midsole which provides a lightweight midsole with exceptional bounce-back.

These shoes’ water grip outsole provides awesome traction in wet and slippery surfaces as well.

And, its ComforDry sock liner gives you optimum cushioning that offers cool, dry, and healthy feet.

You can even wear these for long periods without feeling uncomfortable since they have a design that’s specifically for comfort! T

The base of each shoe is washable, which means you can get rid of any sand or dirt that gets stuck on your shoes with ease. 

Each pair is also guaranteed waterproof, which means water won’t get into your shoe when you step in puddles or wet spots during the day.

These best beach shoes are perfect for walking, running and even swimming on beaches since they’re very easy to clean and easy to wear too.

ALEADER Slip On Water Shoes – Runner-up

Best Beach Shoes

ALEADER Slip On Water Shoes has great features which makes them the best water shoes for our Slip-on design category.

These water shoes have breathable mesh upper makeup with hot melt overlays that provides maximum support and keeps your feet cool and dry too.

Its added feature of synthetic hot melt toe caps offers protection on your toes and uppers from extreme bumps and abrasion.

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ALEADER Slip On Water Shoes also has quick-adjusting elastic bungee for an easy on/off convenience when you put them on and it offers extra support as well.

While these water shoes’ removable footbed will help you clean and maintain these shoes in a breeze.

The Integrated Drainage System of Aleader water shoes will easily drain water and will improve its breathability while you walk or swim.

All these amazing features are great for beachgoers who want to bring the best water shoes with a Slip-on style on their upcoming vacation at the beach or on their weekend beach trip.

SIMARI Water Shoes – Best for Men

Best Beach Shoes

The best beach shoes for men should have safety as their priority and SIMARI Water Shoes offers that. It has non-slip features and soles with breathable material which is perfect for men who seek water adventures.

SIMARI Water Shoes also feature extremely strong straps that will firmly keep your foot inside. 

These shoes have a lightweight yet very comfortable design for easy walking and running motion on sand beaches, shallow lakes, or any other beach area that men will surely love.

Simari Water Shoes have a quick-drying material that is essential for the best beach shoes for men.

These shoes are for men who want great quality yet at an affordable price. Most would agree that these shoes are worth it!

JIASUQI Water Shoes – Best for Women

Best Beach Shoes

JIASUQI Water Shoes are the best beach shoes for women because they are super lightweight so you can wear them all day long! 

It has an adjustable buckle for better fit, smooth and non-slip sole. These best beach shoes for women have soft and breathable materials too while keeping your feet dry and comfortable at all times. 

These shoes come with a handy mesh bag where you can store them which is great for women who want to keep their things organized.

 If you want the best beach shoes for women that will give you comfort and style, these water shoes are worth considering! 

Crocs Kids’ Swiftwater Shoes – Best for Toddler

Best Beach Shoes

With high-quality materials with breathable holes which keep your toddler’s feet cool and dry, as well as easy on/off construction so your child can easily put them on himself, the best toddler beach shoes are these Crocs Kids’ Swiftwater Shoes.

Crocs Kids’ Swiftwater Shoe is a top-selling shoe for toddlers and has received excellent reviews from both parents and kids alike. 

Overall it’s an excellent choice for children that may be learning how to walk or stand. 

Reviewers note that it stays well attached to feet despite them trying to remove them which helps prevent tripping over their shoes, making it one of our top picks for young children. 

If you’re looking for a fun and colorful pair of shoes that are ultra-lightweight, these would be a great option for your toddler who loves water activities at or by the beach.

Voovix Water Shoes – Best for Running

Best Beach Shoes

Voovix Water Shoes are the best beach running shoes that you can find in the market today because of their lightweight features, yet have a sturdy design. 

The sole of these best beach running shoes offers a firm grip on slippery surfaces and a non-slip traction pattern prevents slipping on wet, hard surfaces. 

It’s a great choice for ocean swimming as well and beaches walking, especially because it dries quickly. 

The Zero heel-to-toe drop of Voovix Water Shoes allows your feet to keep their neutral position which supports a healthy posture and lessens stress on your joints.

There are several colors you can choose from, but there’s also a reflective option available for night activities or low visibility conditions which are perfect for your beach running at night.

Some users reported sizing problems so make sure you measure your feet correctly before ordering! These shoes may be small for some men so consider buying one size larger than usual.

Crocs Adult Swiftwater Water Shoe – Best for Walking

Best Beach Shoes

The best shoes for walking on the beach are Crocs Adult Swiftwater Water Shoe since they have a low-top design that offers great traction thanks to its thick, chunky tread. 

It’s also pretty durable thanks to its solid rubber construction, which is what you’ll find with all Crocs shoes. 

These water shoes are water-friendly too because of their siped outsoles design that channels water away rapidly. 

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These shoes are not just the best shoes for walking on the beach but are also great as an all-purpose shoe for beach adventure seekers.

The Crocs Swiftwater is easy to clean too, making it perfect for use on sandy beaches. You can also rinse these off when they get dirty or muddy so they’re always ready for your next stroll along the beach.

Speedo Surfwalker Pro 3.0 – Best for Swimming

Best Beach Shoes

Speedo Surfwalker Pro 3.0 are versatile and very sturdy water shoes that are perfect for any type of beach use but are also the best beach swimming shoes.

The upper of these beach shoes are stretchable which allows for pull-on entry when worn and ensures a secure fit.

Speedo Surfwalker Pro 3.0 water shoes’ S-trac outsole feature also provides a no-slip grip which is perfect for swimming and beach running as well. 

This water shoe offers great comfort and durability at a reasonable price. It also dries faster than other comparable shoes on today’s market. 

The only downside is that it might not fit your foot perfectly if you have wide feet or flat feet.

Overall, these best beach swimming shoes are perfect for not only swimmers but surfers as well who just want a pair of water shoes that won’t budge. 

Merrell All Out Blaze – Best for Hiking

Best Beach Shoes

The Merrell All Out Blaze is one of the most popular beach hiking shoes. It combines comfort, durability, and weightlessness for day-long hikes at the shorelines. 

With a Vibram sole, these best shoes for beach hiking become tough and lightweight. Its hollowed lugs design also causes its lightness. They can also absorb shock as your feet walk across loose sand or rocks.

Merrell All Out Blaze water shoes also have waxy waterproof leather and fabric uppers that help keep feet dry even if you go into shallow waters while beach hiking. 

The Lycra neoprene stretch collar feature of these water shoes allows for easy on and off while beach hiking too.

These are the best shoes for beach hiking and are an excellent choice for people who like day-long hikes along rocky shores. 

UBFEN Aqua Sports Shoes – Best for Water Sports

Best Beach Shoes

If you like watersports, these UBFEN Aqua Sports Shoes are a fantastic buy. Their gripping treads will keep you safely upright on any slippery surface while their mesh design will keep your feet cool. 

They also have a reflective design for increased visibility when swimming or playing at night. And if they get wet, these best beach shoes for water sport will quickly dry. 

UBFEN Aqua Sports Shoes have stretchy materials that help them fit perfectly onto your feet since you especially need securely fitted aqua sports shoes when you perform at the beach or out doing water activities.

The flexible twist and loop of these shoes will enable you to carry out any maneuvers and do things with ease when you go underwater for activities such as swimming, diving, snorkeling, or even fishing. 

There’s no need to worry about getting your feet wet since your feet are well protected with their mesh top cover. 

Another special feature of these best beach shoes for aqua sports is its holes on the bottom that ensures proper water flow but the holes are not too big for sands or rocks to penetrate inside.

UBFEN Aqua Sports Shoes are the best beach shoes for aqua sports lovers that want comfortable yet functional water shoes.

You can also check out other options for various water sport activities like Best Shoes for Kayaking: Buying Guide & Reviews (2021) 

Best Beach Shoes Buying Guide

Best Beach Shoes

No vacation will be complete without a trip to the beach. 

That is why whether you go to a tropical shore or your favorite rocky lake-shore, these specialized beach shoes should offer features and benefits specifically designed for your various types of beach activity. 

That is why it’s important to consider these features and factors when buying the best beach shoes.

Here are a few things you might want to consider before you make that purchase.

  1. Comfort
  2. Breathability
  3. Easy Wear
  4. Durability
  5. Traction
  6. Support


The best beach shoes must have maximum comfort because when you’re on vacation, relaxation is key. 

When choosing a pair of the best beach shoes, make sure they allow you to move your feet freely and don’t pinch or restrict movement. 

Comfortable beach shoes are very important because you’ll be wearing them for long periods and you don’t want to develop any foot problems while at sea.

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With comfort in mind, make sure your best beach shoes fit properly. Look for sizes that are true to size and you can easily adjust if needed. 

You want your best beach shoes to last throughout your entire vacation, so you don’t want them too tight or too loose when you wear them right out of the box. 

And remember that different brands fit differently, so it’s important to try on several pairs before making a purchase. 


Breathable materials in your best beach shoes are a must since you’ll be walking and running around in sand and water all day. 

A lightweight material or mesh uppers that will let you run through the water shouldn’t be exquisitely compromised.

Breathability features in your beach shoes are a major consideration since you’ll probably be spending a day at a water park or on a water-based adventure all day. 

An easy way to tell if something is breathable or not is by checking how tightly it fits. 

If it’s too tight, they’ll quickly become uncomfortable and that usually means that sweat will accumulate inside them, which can contribute to bacterial infections down there. 

So try looking for something with an adjustable size if you’re unsure about what size will fit best.

Easy Wear

Easy to wear beach shoes and you can remove them right away are a key to hassle-free beach trips.

Always opt for beach shoes with effortless features and usually slip-on designs because these are your best bets or beach shoes with stretchable materials that can easily fit you and are secure.

An easy-on and off design are crucial when you’re trying to enjoy your favorite water activity.

Comfortable designs tend to be simpler, so choose beach shoes with fewer straps or buckles than other shoes. 


Durability is also key. Is it well made? What to expect with its wear and tear? If you plan on wearing your beach shoes every day because you live near the sea. 

You don’t want to buy something that will fall apart after just one week of daily use or worst, after your first use.

Make sure your beach shoes have a design that fits for everyday wear, and they should be sturdy enough. 

Durability will also affect price; many manufacturers keep costs down by using cheap materials that aren’t built to last so consider that price tag and if its quality suffices then it will be worth it.


The best beach shoes should have great traction so that you don’t lose your footing while walking or beach hiking. 

You want something that provides excellent grip with the best beach shoes you’ll choose because wet rocks and slippery surfaces can be dangerous. 

Traction also helps protect your feet by minimizing cuts and abrasions when they come into contact with sharp rocks or other hard substances on your adventure. 

Make sure special treads in your beach shoes’ rubber outsoles are present to ensure safety during your beach activities that require you to trek through rocky beaches or other difficult terrains.


Support in the best beach shoes can make or break your water shoes, especially when you’re on the sand. If your beach shoes don’t have a good support system, you’ll feel every grain of sand underneath your feet and likely end up with soreness and blisters by day’s end. 

In some cases, water shoes without adequate support can even cause more long-term damage. 

For example, poor support might put a strain on certain parts of your foot that aren’t designed for all that walking on sand.

So make sure that you consider excellent support when buying the best beach shoes because it will not just significantly reduce stress on your feet and ankles but ensures that your feet are closely protected throughout your beach trip.


We highly recommend Dreamcity Beach Shoes as the overall best beach shoes because of its high-quality comfortable fabric, which also has great traction on all types of surfaces.

These best beach shoes also cover the important features that the best water shoes must possess. It boasts a ComforDry sockliner too that provides extra comfort for your feet.

Runner-up on our list for the best beach shoes are the ALEADER Slip-On Water Shoes because of its slip-on style and great traction that it provides, making it a perfect pair of water shoes. It is also pretty affordable and waterproof.

We are glad to assist you in choosing the best beach shoes for your beach vacation soon. Leave us a comment and share this helpful guide with your friends too.