How Great Are Vans Non Slip Shoes? Time to Find Out!


Vans are an excellent pair of shoes, especially if you’re looking for slip-resistant soles. But how great are Vans non slip shoes?


Time to Find Out!

They look great, they’re very durable, and they come in many different colors and styles! 

Best of all, you can find Vans non-slip shoes explicitly designed to be slip-resistant, and they’re affordable! 

Before buying your first pair of non-slip shoes, though, there are some things you should know about them first to make sure you find the right pair for you! 

Here are some facts about Vans non-slip shoes that may surprise you!

How Do You Know If A Shoe Is Slip Resistant?

So, how do you know if a shoe is slip resistant? 

If we want to know how great are Vans non slip shoes, we need an answer to that question.

Well, your first step should be looking for shoes that come with an outsole design with slip resistance in mind. 

Those shoes will feature added tread patterns and grip points, so they remain secure on your feet no matter what surface you’re on. 

Tread Pattern

Tread Pattern _ Are Vans Non Slip Shoes _

Even if a shoe is marketed as non-slip, it doesn’t always mean that it will provide you with enough traction to keep you safe. 

It would be best if you knew how to tell whether or not a certain shoe has slip resistance. 

If you notice that your shoes lack non-slip features, look for ones with tread patterns like a ridge, pin, and ribbed sole designs. 

These are all excellent ways of preventing slips. 

The next time you need new shoes pay close attention to their tread design; it might save your life.

Outsole Design

Outsole Design _ Are Vans Non Slip Shoes _

Before you start shopping for non-slip shoes, it’s important to know what makes a shoe actually non-slip. 

In reality, no industry standard or regulation defines a non-slip shoe. 

Most people would simply say if a shoe has a scuff plate on its sole, then it must be non-slip—but that isn’t necessarily true. 

Shoe soles can have all kinds of markings and textures etched into them designed to help you stay on your feet even when wet. 

If you want to ensure your safety from slipping accidents at work or home, ask about outsole design before purchasing any shoes.

Ultragrip Soles, also known as Chevron Sipe Soles, are self-cleaning soles that enhance foot grip. 

They are just one of the many exciting innovations that futurists have imagined for the future.

Aluminum Oxide Grit treated soles offer the maximum amount of gripping strength for your shoes. 

Aluminum oxide grit is an easy-to-apply abrasive which actually serves a practical purpose – to increase traction on smooth surfaces.

The Cleated Soles are reliable for all outdoor terrains and are perfect for people whose work may involve prolonged walking on rough surfaces.

Safety-Loc Soles provide excellent traction that makes walking around safer and more comfortable.

Shoe Material

Shoe Material _ Are Vans Non Slip Shoes _

When choosing shoes, don’t assume that just because you’re buying a high-quality brand, they will be slip-resistant. 

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Instead, do your research by carefully examining shoe material. 

Avoid materials that are leather or smooth in texture as they are less slip-resistant than shoes made of cloth or other sticky soles. 

Instead, choose shoes with Neoprene/Polyurethane/Nitrile/Rubber/PVC construction since these materials stick better to surfaces like wet floors. 

When it comes to traction, soft soles are more efficient than stiff or hard ones. 

The most common outsole material is rubber, famous for its pliability and reliable grip under cold or warm weather conditions. 

Rubber is also oil-resistant, which explains why it protects the shoe’s bottom from wear and tear.

If you aren’t sure if a specific material is safe enough for non-slip purposes, it never hurts to ask someone working at your favorite shoe store!

Slip-Resistance Test 

If you want further reassurance, there are also safety tests you can take. 

The first is a simple surface test. 

Place one foot on a dry, non-slip floor and walk back and forth while keeping your heel in contact with the ground at all times. 

If you feel any slipping, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use them, but they aren’t slip-resistant. 

The second method is more accurate because it involves taking measurements from both inside and outside of shoes. 

Some people think that shoes are just plain “good” at keeping you safe when you slip or “bad” at it, but this isn’t the case. 

With footwear, the level of slip resistance is measured on a scale called the coefficient of friction (COF), which is determined by its ability to prevent units of force from sliding one over the other. 

Check out the video below by American Apparel and Footwear Association for a demonstration.

Although seemingly abstract, the COF scale goes from 0.00 to 1.00 with 0.83 being an ideal rating due to it making a reasonable compromise between improved performance and maintaining a reasonable level of comfort. 

So the higher the rating, the better your shoe will be at performing well under slipping circumstances!

It’s not mandatory that any pair of shoes pass these tests, but they can give you peace of mind and help ensure that there won’t be an accident at work or home — and we all want to avoid those!

Are Vans Non Slip Shoes For Work?

Are Vans Non Slip Shoes For Work _

The best thing about slip-resistant shoes is that they’re great for practically any situation. 

Whether you’re working in a restaurant or simply need stylish and secure shoes, non-slip shoes are great. 

You might not know it, but slip-resistant soles have been a feature in leather and canvas shoes for decades. 

If you live in an area with frequent rainfall and slippery conditions, investing in a pair of non-slip shoes will ensure that your feet stay safe and dry all year round.

But are Vans non slip shoes for work?

It’s all about the environment, really. 

If you work in an office setting with carpeted floors, you’re better off with slip-resistant shoes designed to keep your foothold against other floor materials like tile or marble or other smooth but slippery surfaces like that. 

Vans are this kind of shoe (although they started as boat deck shoes!) which is no surprise since skateboarding was born on smooth, slick surfaces like concrete and asphalt.

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So bailing out of a half-pipe onto concrete without falling somehow is the main reason these shoes are made to grip the earth, slide over it, or under it! 

However, in our opinion and from a big fan of the brand, though we love these shoes, they probably aren’t the best to wear if you’re going to be standing on your feet all day long. 

The basic ones could be. 

However, the Pro Skates have a cushioned insole that gives a better ride than the regular ones. 

Well, whatever floats your boat!

What Vans are Slip Resistant?

What Vans Are Slip Resistant _

When you purchase a pair of Vans slip-resistant shoes, you aren’t just buying a pretty pair of sneakers. 

You’re getting a top-of-the-line shoe that meets or exceeds industry safety standards. 

When your feet are planted on those slick tile floors at work, you don’t want to have to worry about losing your footing and possibly hurting yourself. 

Luckily, with non-slip shoes from Van’s shoes, slipping isn’t an issue because these shoes provide enough traction that they exceed industry requirements for non-slip footwear.

But, really, what Vans are slip resistant?

Are Vans Old Skool Non Slip?

Vans Men's Old Skool Sneaker - Are Vans Non Slip Shoes -

The straight answer to the question, “Are Vans Old Skool Non Slip?” is YES!

Old Skool Vans are great when you want to avoid slipping on the floor. 

It owes its slip-resistance feature to its rubber outsoles and tread pattern.  

That combination made them one of the most popular on-sale shoes by Vans!

They’re not just for skateboarders anymore. 

Vans Old Skool non-slip can be worn casually with jeans or dressed up with a suit and tie. 

The style, comfort, and security of these non-slip shoes allow you to wear them confidently in any situation. 

They’re also stylish enough that they don’t look like work shoes, so if you prefer a more casual look, these non-slip shoes will still go great with your outfit. 

Are Vans SK8-Hi Non Slip?

VANS Sk8-Hi - Are Vans Non Slip Shoes For Work -

Vans SK8-Hi Classic Skate Shoes are one of many fine products made by Vans

These shoes are part of their new line, which features rubber soles that will give you extra grip on slick floors or slick inclines. 

Whether you’re looking for non-slip shoes for work or just some non-slip casual footwear, these kicks provide you with more than just style; they offer an extra layer of protection for your feet. 

And unlike other brands that use similar materials, these will not rub uncomfortably against your skin or cause blisters. 

If you have never owned any non-slip shoes before, these are a great option because they are reasonably priced and come in various fun colors and designs.

Are Vans Authentic Non Slip?

Van Unisex-Adult Authentic - What Vans Are Slip Resistant -

One common concern about most slip-resistant shoes is that they are not stylish. 

That certainly isn’t true with Vans Authentic non-slip shoes. 

They come in many different colors and styles, like Zinnia/True White, Red/Black, Hawaiian Floral, Frost Grey, Port Royale/Black/White, White, and more. 

For those who do care about their shoe looks, and their comfort and security, it’s hard to go wrong with these shoes. 

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The only downside of Vans is that they tend to run a little on the smaller side (most customers recommend sizing up half a size). 

If you plan on using them for work, they can be resoled by a professional shoe repair shop—however, if you want them for fashion only, consider buying at least one size larger than usual.

How Do I Make My Vans Non Slip?

How Do You Know If A Shoe Is Slip Resistant _

If you’re asking yourself, “How do I make my Vans non slip?” there are some clever ways and products on today’s market that will help you out. 

All you need is a little bit of creativity and an understanding of how non-slip shoes work.

It’s all about friction, so let’s start there. 

How do you stop your feet from slipping on slippery surfaces? 

You increase friction, that’s how.

If you own a pair of Vans sneakers that you want to make slip-resistant, there are a few different ways that you can do it. 

It’s all about experimentation and finding what works best for your particular pair of shoes. 

Some people will suggest scuffing up your soles with sandpaper, but that’s not good for your shoes, and it’s also not as effective as you might think. 

The most popular method is using a non-slip spray. 

Many brands offer them specifically for shoes but don’t go overboard because some sprays can damage your shoes if applied too heavily. 

You can also use skateboard tape or simply purchase non-slip soles with adhesive backing and stick them directly onto your shoes.

When considering buying slip-resistant Vans shoes, remember that not all styles come with non-slip bottoms, so it’s best to do a bit of research first. 

However, if you have found a great style that comes with anti-slip bottoms already installed, then consider yourself lucky.

If you want to learn more ways to make your shoe slip-resistant, we’ve got a guide for that. Check it out!

Other Non-Slip Shoes Brands

Other Non-Slip Shoes Brands _ How Do I Make My Vans Non Slip _

Whether or not you want to invest in a pair of Vans non-slip shoes, many other fantastic brands provide similar features. 

Even though Vans has probably been around for as long as you can remember, it’s always a good idea to know what other brands are out there. 

For example, Crocs also offer great non-slip soles on their shoes. 

They might not be as stylish as some brands, but they certainly get by. 

Nike, New Balance, and Converse all offer shoes with slip-resistant soles as well. 

With so many options out there, you should definitely keep your eyes open when shopping for non-slip shoes so that you can find something stylish but practical. 

Do some research and find out what shoe manufacturers make non-slip shoes for your specific requirements.


So are Vans non slip shoes any good?

The bottom line is that these shoes are very fashionable, stylish, and comfortable. 

They feature a tremendous non-slip sole, so you will feel confident walking across slippery surfaces. 

These shoes come in several different styles so you can choose exactly what you want. 

The lace-up version is amiable because it gives you a better fit than many other slip-resistant shoes. 

If these features sound like they’re suitable for your needs, then I highly recommend you get one for yourself today.

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