What does GS mean in Shoes? GS Size Chart and Guide


If you’re wondering every time you look at GS labels on shoes and asks what does GS mean in shoes? Well, GS stands for Grade School which simply means it supports a smaller size range between sizes 1 and 6. 

You can find a great example of these shoes from the Nike and Jordan line of footwear which use this label to denote their children’s shoes. If you see GS on your next pair of kicks, you know that it is for kids!


What does GS mean in Shoes?

What does GS mean in Shoes

GS or Grade School means that those shoes are fit for young kids aged 8 to 12. Whereas those shoes with a big K indicate that they are fit for much older age, perhaps high schoolers and adults. 

The same goes for female models as well, whereas if there is a small W written next to a grade school shoe it means it’s fit for young girls of around 8-12 years old.

In most cases, any grade school shoe will also have an S which stands for boys/girls while men’s shoes would have only an M for men.

What does GS mean in Jordan shoes?

what does gs mean in shoes

You’ve probably seen GS on many different pairs of sneakers. GS stands for grade school and GS in Jordan shoes mean that kids can wear them with no problems. 

As an adult, you may wonder if you can wear those same shoes now. The answer is yes and no. Jordan GS shoes are usually one size bigger than your shoe size. 

If you want to wear them as an adult then we recommend going a half size smaller than your normal shoe size. If they fit well and feel comfortable then go ahead and rock ’em. 

What does GS mean in Nike Shoes?

What does GS mean in Shoes

GS also stands for Grade School in Nike shoes just the same with what does GS mean in shoes, which is also the term Nike uses to classify children’s sneakers that come in smaller sizes than adult models. 

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GS Nike sneakers usually feature an upper similar to their Adult counterpart with no additional design elements or tooling. 

A good example of a GS sneaker is Nike’s Air Force 1 High, which features an upper identical to that of its adult version but has a smaller heel-counter and ankle-strap cutouts. 

In most cases, GS Nike shoes have thinner materials intended to give little ones a comfortable fit without sacrificing the support needed to help them learn how to play at their highest potential.

What does GS mean in shoes? You can check out Nike’s GS or Grade School Sizing Chart below.



AgeAverage Shoe Size
0 – 3.5 Months0C-2C
6 Months3C-4C
1 Year5C-6C
18 Months7C-8C
2-3 Years9C-10C
3.5-4.5 Years11C-12C
5-6.5 Years12C-13C
7-8.5 Years12C-13C
9-10.5 Years1Y-2Y
11-14 Year3Y-7Y

What does GS mean in Basketball Shoes?

What does GS mean in Shoes

GS in basketball shoes also means Grade School. This is usually used to help distinguish between smaller sizes for young kids. 

For example, a kid’s size 8 shoe will have a GS designation because it’s a smaller version of an adult size 8 shoe. 

Another way to tell if a shoe has a GS designation is by looking at its colorway or style name.

In Nike or Jordan shoes for example, if you see numbers like 4-1 or 2-5 near where they describe their styles and colors on their website.

That could indicate gs sizing since 1 and 5 are sometimes associated with boys’ sizes and you can attribute 4 to girls’ sizing in general.

What size is GS in Jordans?

A Grade School shoe in Jordans runs 1.5 sizes smaller than regular adult Jordans, so if you are an adult who wears a size 10 then you would order a size 8.5. If you are an adult who wears a size 7, then you would order a size 6.5. 

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GS, or Grade School, is usually somewhere between kids’ sizes 3-8. If you have a foot size that falls within these parameters, then the size of a GS in Jordans will work just fine for you. 

Just keep in mind that not all brands produce shoes of different sizes for kids’ and adults’ feet, so it may be hard to find some of your favorite kicks sized for kids.

However, if you want to be on the safe side and not risk that your child’s foot will grow too quickly, then you can go ahead and take one full size down from what they wear in a normal shoe. 

For example, if they wear a size 5 in a regular children’s shoe then you should get them a 4.5 when purchasing a GS pair of sneakers.

What does GS mean on sneakers?

What does GS mean on sneakers? GS or Grade school on sneakers means they are for kids between 3rd and 8th grade. 

It is usually used with sports shoes like basketball shoes or tennis shoes.

You can trace it back to NIKE’s founder Phil Knight’s son coming home from high school and complaining about how big his feet were getting because he grew two whole sizes during his freshman year.

Then the next year he asked for a new pair of shoes that would last him until he finishes high school. 

The name GS stuck with sports shoe manufacturers and is now universal across all brands and styles of footwear. 

Knowing what GS stands for is also helpful when you need to buy your child a new pair of sneakers because you will know they will last long enough until your kid outgrows them.

Are GS Jordans the same?

If you’re wondering, are GS Jordans the same? NO! They are not. 

While you can find low-cost versions of both styles, there is a difference between regular shoes and GS (or Grade School) ones. 

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It can be confusing for many people what GS means, but it’s pretty simple. Grade school shoes fit kids with wider feet that aren’t fully grown yet, unlike standard-sized adult shoes. 

Because of their design, they can sometimes feel flimsy or less sturdy than adult versions of sneakers. 

They also have extra cushioning to provide more room for growth, making them ideal for preschoolers and grade school students still growing into their feet.

This isn’t meant to mean that everyone should avoid GS shoes – far from it! GS Jordan sneakers offer great quality at prices lower than those offered in adults’ sizes. 

Many parents buy these as gifts because they last so long – even younger children who won’t be able to wear anything else for several years will likely outgrow their first pair before wearing them out completely. 


What does GS mean in Shoes overall is Grade School size and it fits kids 8 – 13. 

GS in women’s shoe sizes can fit women with an average width foot, but narrow feet will have some room to spare. You can check out What is the Average Shoe Size for Women to know more.

This doesn’t apply to all brands with GS sizing, but it’s a general rule of thumb that works most of the time. 

Another thing to note is that what brand you are buying from makes a big difference in how these numbers translate. 

Some companies use their sizing system for GS shoes. Nike, for example, uses their scale, so a men’s GS 10 might be a child’s 7 or a youth 9. 

It’s important to look at your options because if you’re going strictly by numbers you could end up getting adult-sized shoes by mistake. You might risk your kids foot health as well by wearing the wrong-sized GS shoes.

You also need to keep in mind that different stores use different scales as well so if one store says something is GS 5 it might not be at another store depending on which scale they’re using.

Regular Jordan athletic footwear is a good choice if you prefer a wider range of sizing options and need something sturdier, while Nike GS will work better if your child has narrower feet or prefers lighter-weight options.

We hope you find this article helpful and you might want to leave us a comment below if you have any inquiries and share this with your friends as well. 

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