Looking for the Best Boot Dryer? Check Out These Top 10!

We invested so much research and time into finding the best boot dryer, and we’ve found that your best bet is to go with the PEET 2-Shoe Dryer! It’s fantastic and does everything that we were hoping for out of a product like this!


Having the best boots is nice, but you can’t wear them if they’re not dry. 

Enter boot dryers! 

They use air and gentle heat to make sure your boots are ready for use no matter what Mother Nature has in store for you with her nasty precipitation. 

If you spend most of your time outside daily, then we recommend having one readily available to ensure that all of your precious boots and shoes stay protected and looking their best. 

Let’s look at the top 10 best boot dryer devices today and what features to consider when shopping around!

Best Boot Dryer Devices

  1. PEET 2-Shoe Dryer – Best Overall
  2. KOODER Boot Dryer – Best Ski Boot Dryer
  3. Kendal SI-SD06G – Best Boot and Glove Dryer
  4. JobSite Electric Warmer – Best Hunting Boot Dryer
  5. DryGuy DX Forced – Best Value
  6. OdorStop Boot Dryer – Best Odor Neutralizer
  7. WOIYOU Boot Dryer – Best Inexpensive
  8. DryGuy Travel Dry DX – Most Convenient
  9. Dr. Prepare Boot Dryer – Best Power Saver
  10. LAVIEAIR Shoe Dryer – Best Silent

Top 10 Best Boot Dryer Devices to Buy (Unbiased Reviews)

Lace up your boots and hop aboard for this quick guide to the best boot dryer devices. 

Whether you want to check out reviews of what’s hot before making a purchase or you’re just curious about the benefits of this handy home gadget, we’ve got all the information you need to ensure your gel-coated footwear is ready whenever you are.

PEET 2-Shoe Dryer – Best Overall

PEET, The Original 2-Shoe Dryer - Best Boot Dryer -

The PEET 2-Shoe Dryer is a truly revolutionary product when it comes to drying footwear. 

It’s gentle and silent, unlike the loud fans you find in other shoe dryers. 

The PEET Original 2-Shoe Dryer can effectively dry most types of footwear overnight; however, the rate of drying time depends on the material and amount of saturation your shoes may have. 

We recommend that you leave your shoes on the PEET Original 2-Shoe Dryer for several hours to achieve optimal results, especially if they’re wet or heavily saturated with water.

What really made the PEET Original 2-Shoe Dryer our #1 best boot dryer is that it has a low heat setting that makes it perfect for drying both of your shoes without risking any damage to the materials. 

And this nifty little gadget only costs pennies to use for 24 hours because it uses 120 v and 36 watts! 

If that weren’t enough to convince you that the PEET dryer is an excellent investment for your shoes, this unique product comes with a 25-year warranty, so you can be confident that your shoes are safe while drying in the PEET 2-Shoe Dryer. 

With this best-selling product, you can rest assured knowing there’s no longer any excuse for unkempt footwear!

KOODER Boot Dryer – Best Ski Boot Dryer

KOODER Boot Dryer - Best Ski Boot Dryer -

The KOODER Boot Dryer is one helpful piece of kit. 

It doesn’t only bring your shoes back to life after a long walk in the rain or snow but also helps you minimize odor and discomfort in wet and hot shoes.

You’ll find this tool also the best boot dryer out there, especially after a hard day’s work, run, or exercise where sometimes it could get rather stinky

All this while still keeping them safe from humidity, which is definitely a bonus. 

The KOODER Boot Dryer features two high-performance cables that can resist 20 kg of pull force and don’t heat up when used!

The Kooder boot dryer has a tough exterior, so your boots don’t get damaged in the process of drying them. 

However, you’ll be happy to know it’s also protected against high temperatures to reduce any chance of cracking or blistering during the drying process. 

There are 360-degree vents all around the inside of the device to make sure that heat is distributed evenly throughout your boots. 

The inside even includes vertical and horizontal air holes for an extra level of airflow control! 

Last but not least, get ready to enjoy fast heating times with its PTC heat generators; you can get back out there quickly because your boots will dry within minutes!

And yes! 

We highly recommend the KOODER Boot Dryer if you’re looking for the best ski boot dryer!

Many people who own ski boots and use this technology to dry them have nothing to say except how great the KOODER Boot Dryer is!

You can check the review on Amazon for yourself!

Kendal SI-SD06G – Best Boot and Glove Dryer

Kendal SI-SD06G Boots Dryer - Best Boot and Glove Dryer -

You’ll love the convenient and innovative Kendal SI-SD06G Boots Dryer

It’s a portable warm air dryer that functions as a boot and glove dryer. 

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This best boot and glove dryer by Kendal can quickly get your shoes or gloves back to proper form in about half an hour, depending on product size. 

It’s astounding how quickly this sleek machine can ensure your shoes and gloves are ready to be used again! 

Not only that, but the Kendal SI-SD06G also works for drying your soaked pants!

And it also washes and dries two pairs of shoes or gloves at the same time.

How great is that?

Still not impressed?

The warm air from the Kendal SI-SD06G Boots Dryer is a boon to those whose shoes sometimes leave a disagreeable odor. 

You can make your footwear smell better with the help of its Aroma Active Carbon filter, which absorbs all odor for your enjoyable experience. 

Featuring a timer up to 3 hours long, you have ample time to dry your boots without killing batteries or draining electricity unnecessarily. 

This machine weighs 3.5 pounds and has a low and high-temperature mode perfect for all types of shoes. 

With dimensions of 7 x 14 x 19 inches, this tool is bound to take up very little space on your next outdoor trip, as well as being conveniently portable as a permanent fixture at your home!

One customer decided to use two Kendal SI-SD06G Boots Dryer and created a portable 4Hats-type product with PVC pipes and fittings. 

It worked really well!

JobSite Electric Warmer – Best Hunting Boot Dryer

JobSite Electric Warmer - Best Hunting Boot Dryer -

The JobSite Electric Warmer is our overall best hunting boot dryer!

Made in the USA, you can dry your wet shoes, boots, garments, or gloves overnight with warm thermal air using; this boot dryer uses hot air that naturally rises to keep them from shrinking or being over-dried.

So, if you didn’t like find the Kendal SI-SD06G, the best boot and glove dryer for you, this one might!

This great little boot dryer takes just 30 minutes to warm up, will keep your boots completely dry for 8 hours, and will even get rid of moisture if left overnight. 

But what makes this product incredible is how it performs without any motor parts or moving parts. 

And not one person could tell it was actually running – making it one of the most convenient products out there today!

The JobSite Electric Warmer is the most versatile best boot dryer. 

It’s ideal for any situation, offering a warranty that lasts longer than all of its competitors. 

This quality doesn’t come cheap, but it offers an extravagant variety of features to reward you with benefits never before available in similar products. 

Formed by some of the most talented engineers on earth, this American Standard product offers you the assurance you deserve when hooking up your winter boots, gloves, hats, and more to this powerful machine!

DryGuy DX Forced – Best Value

DryGuy DX Forced - Best Portable Boot Dryer -

Dryguy has proudly improved upon its original design of boot dryers to create the DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer

But what makes DV Forced Air also the best boot dryer on the market today?

Well, this new model comes with permanently mounted optimized drying tubes for drying out wet footwear up to 16″ tall. 

Two removable nozzles allow you to blow dry items such as gloves and garments simultaneously rather than in separate cycles. 

The main unit uses forced air technology and features a heat or no heat switch for more flexibility when drying material. 

The Dry Guy DX Forced runs on a rotary blower with three hours of run time and is perfect for the avid outdoorsman who lives the rugged lifestyle!

And we’re not done yet!

The DryGuy DX Forced heated boot dryer is an exemplary device with a design that can heat up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, or 40.5 degrees celsius. 

This temperature is high enough to safely dry all sorts of liners, clothing items and boots, and help eliminate odors. 

It’s rather deep at 12 inches wide, 7.5 inches high, and 15 inches long – so it requires a little bit of space in your home or office! 

In terms of mobility, this item ships with a 6-foot power cord that should be just enough to reach from any standard wall outlet towards wherever you’re planning on placing this dryer in your home or office. 

The DryGuy company actually offers a one-year warranty for their DX Forced heated boot dryer; note that some products do not carry this generous offer.

OdorStop Boot Dryer – Best Odor Neutralizer

OdorStop Boot Dryer - Best Boot Dryer on the Market -

Odorstop Boot Dryer’s built-in fan and heater help dry your footwear and gloves fast. 

The 3-hour countdown timer with automatic shut-off is ideal for those who forget to turn it off or don’t want to think about leaving their boots out till morning. 

The deodorizer on/off switch is there so you can air-dry your things without giving off unpleasant odors. 

And the adjustable tube configurations ensure the Odorstop boot dryer fits all footwear and gloves so you can use it on anything from ski boots to clown shoes!

Odorstop’s three-year warranty means how confident they are that their patented boot dryer will quickly dry your boots and keep them smelling as refined as they do right after you take them off. 

They designed Odorstop with quad ventilation to ensure the moisture stays in and is not disseminated all over your closet (not that there’s anything wrong with that, per se). 

And it features 4-foot brackets, eight tubes, two cap assemblies, and an included guidebook for proper assembly.

But one of the things that got us to declare the OdorStop Boot Dryer the best boot dryer alternative of previously mentioned products is its impressive positive customers’ reviews!

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One even said that “This thing works! It was hard for me to believe, but it’s true!”

WOIYOU Boot Dryer – Best Inexpensive

WOIYOU Boot Dryer - Best Inexpensive Boot Dryer -

One of the best boot dryer gadgets out there, the WOIYOU boot dryer safely circulates warm air through the interior shoe cavity in just 10-15 minutes.

It can effectively remove moisture and smells from shoes with no risk of overheating or burning the footwear. 

It comes with a design that helps explicitly in preserving the shape and quality of your shoes, allowing you to air them out while keeping them free from damage. 

A welcome benefit of using this product is that your feet won’t be left with dampness when you wear them again, protecting them from potential bacteria due to dirt buildup.

Its 360° drying mechanism helps reduce shoe odor and provides gentle heat to dry your shoes faster. 

It’s the best inexpensive boot dryer because it offers dehumidification, deodorizing, sterilizing, and disinfecting your footwear without costing you an arm and a leg!

It works well for many shoes, boots, gloves, or socks. 

Running off of only 36 watts, this powerful yet energy-efficient dryer brings professional-grade results into any home or retail setting. 

Plus, with its simple yet intuitive design, anyone is sure to feel right at home using this tool regardless of age. 

At an affordable price for such high-quality features, there has never been a better time to rid yourself of wet or smelly footwear!

DryGuy Travel Dry DX – Most Convenient

DryGuy Travel Dry DX - Best Boot Dryer -

Now, there’s a very good reason why the DryGuy Travel Dry DX is our overall best portable boot dryer!

We gave this product an honest run on its features and functionality versus other products out there. 

We found that some customer accounts reported having poor performance, low quality, and even dissatisfaction with this product. 

But after thorough research, though, there’s no reason not to like what it had to offer at this price range.

This portable shoe dryer made by DryGuy combines the classic method of conduction with forced air to dry footwear in less time than other portable dryers while still preserving the original look and feel. 

It also has an AC/DC adapter included so you can use it indoors and outdoors. 

The Travel Dry DX is perfect for busy traveling lifestyles, especially outdoor voyages! 

Unlike most other models, it fits into any footwear without harming them or putting pressure on your sensitive toes due to its compact design. 

The DryGuy Travel Dry DX comes with a 1-year warranty, so you can rest assured knowing all your hard-earned cash won’t have gone to waste!

Dr. Prepare Boot Dryer – Best Power Saver

Dr. Prepare Boot Dryer - Best Boot Dryer on the Market -

When your shoes get wet, they may end up not smelling like the fragrant blossoms of lilac hanging in spring’s warm breeze, but rather like stinky gym socks. 

What good are shoes if they’re not keeping your feet dry? 

This is the question that Dr. Prepare set out to answer by creating a boot dryer that would circulate air, which was ultimately designed for a much more practical reason: To dry boots so you could wear them again! 

By melding together a combination of heat and air circulation, this Dr. Prepare boot dryer helped eliminate moisture from the boots, eliminating odor.

No matter what kind of shoes you have, Dr. Prepare shoe dryers are versatile enough to handle them as each model offers different settings to operate as a boot dryer with or without a heat blower. 

If you’d prefer, you can even set the duration to let your items dry completely before switching off automatically. 

It can reduce power consumption by using an automatic switch-off function if it reaches the low-temperature cut-off too often to save electricity and time.

What that means is you’ll never need to worry about leaving wet shoes in the dryer for too long or draining electricity from your home!

The folding design of this boot dryer makes it very compact, so you can easily transport it anywhere you take your shoes.

So don’t get surprised if we crown Dr. Prepare our best boot dryer for work boots as well!

LAVIEAIR Shoe Dryer – Best Silent

LAVIEAIR Shoe Dryer - Best Boot Dryer on the Market -

Not everyone has a shoe dryer in their wardrobe, but if you do, you’ll never go back to letting your fresh kicks sit by the radiator. 

If you’re wondering what this magical device is, it’s probably time you caught up with the rest of us and purchased a LaviEair Shoe Dryer that blasts warm air through its tubes directly towards the insides of your shoes. 

The cool thing about this novelty is that it not only dries your shoes in a matter of minutes but also does so silently – no disturbing noises.

We know that you’ve heard that before with the other best boot dryer products.

But the LAVIEAIR Shoe Dryer will make an acceptable alternative just in case you don’t fancy anything from above.

LAVIEAIR’s boot dryer allows for continuous drying while only taking up 36 watts of energy, and that’s about the same as a typical light bulb. 

Not to mention you’ll save even more by saving electricity because it’ll dry your gear in just eight to twelve hours, and that means no damage at all to any expensive equipment. 

The best part, however! 

Even professional athletes prefer shoe dryers like the LAVIEAIR’s boot dryer! 

As a matter of fact, LAVIEAIR has been certified by ETL! 

Now you know who’s trustworthy when it comes to boot dryers.

The Benefits of Having a Boot Dryer

The Benefits of Having a Boot Dryer

The first question that may come to mind is why you need a boot dryer. 

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Well, boot dryers are really helpful when it comes to quick-drying your footwear. 

Most people don’t have all day for their boots or shoes to dry after a long day of work or play. 

With a good boot dryer, you will be able to return your boots and shoes into working order in a much quicker time. 

There is no reason not to invest in one if you want your boots and shoes appropriately dried. 

We know that if you take care of your footwear, they will last longer and work better for you when needed.

How to Choose a Boot Dryer?

How to Choose a Boot Dryer

It is very annoying if you have ever experienced wet shoes or boots after stepping out of the water. 

The best way to dry out wet footwear is by using a boot dryer. 

The purpose of using a boot dryer is that it helps in quick-drying, keeps away mildew, and does not require any particular kind of attention for years if maintained well. 

Apart from being easy to use, they are also more convenient than other conventional methods of drying footwear. 

When you are buying these appliances, you need to keep in mind some factors to get one that lasts for years. 

Here are some tips on how to choose a boot dryer:


All of these boot dryers come with a money-back guarantee as well as a warranty. 

If your shoe dryer does not work or stops working within 30 days, you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked. 

If any part of your shoe dryer breaks down within two years, simply contact customer service, and they will send you replacement parts for free. 

The only difference is that instead of returning it within 30 days, you have up to 24 months to ask for your replacement parts.


Another thing you need to take into consideration is portability. 

Because the best boot dryer should be portable, it shouldn’t take up a ton of space in your house or apartment. 

Look for boot dryers that have a low profile and lightweight materials.

Odor Control

When you put your shoes away from wet, they can develop an odor. 

The best boot dryer should come with a design capable of removing that moisture and eliminating smells. 

Once your boots or shoes are dry, store them in a place where they won’t collect dust and debris over time, which will also help keep them smelling nice.

Number of Ports

One of the most crucial considerations when choosing the best boot dryer is how many ports it comes with. 

If you want to be able to dry multiple pairs of boots at once, then you’ll need one with more than one port. 

Most come with two ports, but some options offer three or even four ports. 

The number of ports offered will depend on how many pairs of boots you plan on drying each time, so make sure to purchase one that gives you enough flexibility for your needs.


Some of the best boot dryers come with a timer function so that you don’t have to hover over them and check every few minutes. 

This way, you can put your boots in and leave them to do their job while you get on with other chores or just relax and read a book. 

If there is no timer available, but there is a temperature gauge, it would be helpful to set it slightly higher than your average room temperature—it would help speed up drying time.

Heat Selection

One of the primary things that you should consider when buying the best boot dryer is what sort of heat it uses. 

Most shoe dryers use one of two different heating systems: hot air or infrared (IR). 

Hot air tends to be cheaper and more straightforward, but IR dries shoes more quickly because it heats them from within. 

For speed, go with IR; for simplicity, go with hot air.

What Brand Should You Go For?

Before we proceed further, we should talk about how to go about choosing a brand that would be perfect for your needs. 

Although there are hundreds of brands available in the market, picking one might take a lot of time and effort as you would have to do your research and compare different products so that you can choose one that has all those features you want in it. 

The best way is to read online reviews and check out what other people have said about various shoe dryers they have used. 

Doing so will help you understand exactly what different people think about them so that you can come up with an informed decision on your own. 

Then again, asking around friends or family members who have used similar products can also prove very useful.


We have given you a brief insight into the top-rated best shoe dryer devices. 

A pair of shoes can make or break your entire look, so if you want your shoes to be in pristine condition all day long, then a boot dryer is your best friend. 

But if you think that buying the best shoe dryer may be tricky, then revisit our handy buyer’s guide above that will help you find the right one. 

So much time, effort, and research went into finding the best boot dryer around to help save you the trouble of having to look for one yourself. 

We are happy to report that it turns out that the PEET 2-Shoe Dryer makes for a great choice.

Let us know what you think about our list in the comments section below, and also share with us any other product that we failed to include here.