Best Lebron Shoes: Best Reviews Guide

You don’t have to search for the best Lebron shoes because we’ve already found them for you! Nike LeBron 16 Low shoes boast the best features out of all of Lebron’s signature shoe lines, making it King James’ best shoe by far. 


The best Lebron shoes should have cushion and support, a wider fit for people with wide feet, and can handle the hard impact on a basketball court.

However, it isn’t just about looks. The LeBron 16 includes comfort innovations that will help support your every move on the court.

When it comes to picking out the best Lebron shoes you have to consider a few things like price, comfort, and if they’re wide-footed.

If you want a comfortable Lebron shoe that looks good and won’t break your bank but still makes you look cool on the court while performing at your peak as well.

You’ll find yourself looking for the best Lebron basketball shoes and the ones that are awesome for dunking too.

Best-selling ones tend to run low on stocks pretty quickly, so if you don’t want to miss out on them, make sure you buy them as soon as possible. 

You might also want to consider low shoes or high-top ones from Lebron’s line as well. Low shoes have a unique fit. If you have wider feet, you will find that they are comfortable to wear and offer good ankle support

They also have a sleek look so you can wear them casually or with an athletic ensemble. If you tend to get blisters often when wearing basketball shoes, these might be your top choice.

Best Lebron Shoes

  1. Nike LeBron 16 Low – Best Overall
  2. Nike Lebron Witness 4 – Best for Basketball
  3. Nike Lebron 17 – Best Ever
  4. Nike Lebron Witness 3 PRM – Best Selling
  5. Nike Lebron 18 – Best for Comfort
  6. Nike Lebron 17 Low – Best Looking Low Shoes
  7. Nike Lebron 18 Graffiti – Best for Dunking
  8. Nike Lebron 18 Los Angeles – Best for Wide Feet

Top 8 Best Lebron Shoes

We’ve rounded up the best picks for you so it will be easier to choose the best Lebron shoes for you.

Check out our list below and keep on reading to know more about these best Lebron shoes.

Nike LeBron 16 Low – Best Overall

Best Lebron Shoes

Nike LeBron 16 Low shoes are the best Lebron shoes overall because of their wide-ranging appeal.

You can wear them if you have both wide and narrow feet, which is perfect for individuals that do not like to pick out special types of basketball shoes for their own needs. 

They are also great for basketball players who like playing tough defense since these shoes do not make it easy for opposing players to push them around with ease. 

Nike LeBron 16 Low features a unique design, durable construction, and a high-quality traction system so you will be able to play at your peak potential when wearing these shoes. 

Nike LeBron 16 Low has Max Air cushioning system which feels incredible on your feet and Nike Zoom cushioning to ensure that every step feels soft.

It also features traction pods that provide traction for acceleration, deceleration, lateral movements, and stopping. 

Overall, these shoes will keep you comfortable with their lightweight design. 

All in all, these shoes truly deserve to be the best Lebron shoes because they have proven themselves time and time again. 

Nike LeBron 16 Low is overall the best Lebron shoes because they are stylish, comfortable, and affordable for almost anyone willing to get them. 

Nike Lebron Witness 4 – Best for Basketball

Best Lebron Shoes

Nike Lebron Witness 4 shoes are the best Lebron basketball shoes because these shoes are very comfortable, and people with wide feet can also wear them. Moreover, they are not very expensive for many players. 

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This version of LEBRON Witness is lighter than previous generations, so your feet won’t fatigue after long periods of play. Also, it has an internal heel counter that cradles your heel without restricting movement or mobility. 

The shoe also has an internal midfoot strap to lock down your foot so you’ll feel more stable on defense and during explosive plays in transition.

Nike Lebron Witness 4 also features an exterior of vent mesh panels which gives your feet some extra breathability; plus, microfiber forefoot overlays add structure and durability. 

It also has great traction through full-length rubber traction pods positioned at strategic areas on high-wear areas of your foot. 

Nike Lebron Witness 4 has more features like a seamless upper that eliminates irritation from seams, a plush tongue, and lining for added comfort around your ankle area.

There is also a padded collar which will help reduce lace pressure from tightening laces

In addition, if you’re shopping for the best Lebron basketball shoes, you should try Nike Lebron Witness 4. These shoes will suit all kinds of player’s needs whether they’re a rookie player or a pro one! 

Nike Lebron Witness 4 is not just great for any type of basketball player but fits better than other brands as well. It would make an excellent gift for anyone who likes playing basketball.

Nike Lebron 17 – Best Ever

Best Lebron Shoes

Nike Lebron 17 Basketball Shoes are the best Lebron shoes ever because these shoes will help you dunk and run fast and be more comfortable playing basketball. 

Nike Lebron 17 features zoom air technology, which helps cushion impact upon landing, resulting in a smoother ride for you.

The breathable mesh upper keeps your feet cool and dry during game-play so you can move swiftly on the court while wearing these kicks. 

Nike Lebron 17 has added features that include a full-length Max Zoom Air unit in key impact areas for comfort and protection.

An interior bootie wraps around your foot for a snug fit that reduces slippage inside the shoe, while Flywire cables integrate with laces to provide support without sacrificing flexibility. 

If you want to take your game up a notch, add some style to it as well—these kicks stand apart from other basketball sneakers thanks to their sleek design. 

Nike Lebron 17 is perfect for those who value performance over flashiness; anyone looking for a high level of utility from their kicks will enjoy using these as an everyday shoe.

Using these best Lebron shoes ever, players can score more in a single game!! 

So if you’re looking for shoes specifically designed for basketball players and the best Lebron shoes ever, then go ahead and buy yourself Nike Lebron 17 today!!!

Nike Lebron Witness 3 PRM – Best Selling

Best Lebron Shoes

The best-selling Lebron shoes are the Nike Lebron Witness 3 PRM since they are very comfortable, affordable and wide-footed players love them.

Nike Lebron Witness 3 PRM is a best seller for its lightweight, breathable upper that keeps your feet cool while you play.

These shoes also have a padded ankle collar for support when jumping, rubber cup sole with a pivot point so you can stop on a dime when playing basketball.

The Nike Lebron Witness 3 PRM has great traction so you won’t slip around when playing at full speed or you won’t lose your footing during game-changing moments of your game if you like to wear long socks. 

Nike Lebron Witness 3 PRM features an anti-friction tongue material that helps reduce friction between foot and shoe which means fewer blisters. If you have wide feet these shoes work well too. 

Nike Lebron Witness 3 PRM has additional features like Flywire technology for an ultralight lockdown fit, it has molded heel unit that provides extra support by securely connecting to midfoot throughout your midsole.

The dynamic arch band wraps arch of the foot providing premium fit and feel while minimizing movement. 

These shoes are great for playing on all surfaces including wood court indoor courts, outdoor courts even asphalt courts. They are versatile enough that you can wear them anywhere, that’s why they are the best-selling Lebron shoes.

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Nike Lebron 18 – Best for Comfort

Best Lebron Shoes

The best Lebron shoes for comfort are the Nike Lebron 18 because they have a very thick insole and foam which makes them more comfortable than any other basketball shoe.

These shoes also provide good ankle support and padding so your ankles don’t get hurt easily. 

If you decide to buy these particular Lebron James sneakers, then you should consider buying 1/2 size larger to ensure that your feet fit into these comfortably. 

Nike Lebron 18 also features a perforated vamp which can increase its breathability along with its perforated micro-woven polyester upper.

This helps prevent hot spots by providing superior breathability thus keeping your feet cool throughout games. 

With all of these features, it’s no wonder why many players choose Nike Lebron 18 as their favorite comfortable basketball shoes!

Nike Lebron 18 also has Nike Zoom cushioning platform that absorbs impact on heel and forefoot, while its full-length Max Air unit offers an ultra-lightweight, soft ride at toe-off. 

It also has Flywire technology which anchors your foot to midfoot for all-day comfort and support. 

Nike Lebron 18 is perfect for players who want high-performance Lebron shoes with breathable stretch mesh that gives maximum comfort and durability. These shoes are the best Lebron shoes for comfort.

Nike Lebron 17 Low – Best Looking Low Shoes

Best Lebron Shoes

For the best-looking Lebron low shoes, Nike Lebron 17 Low is our top pick because these shoes are not only eye candy but have a flexible forefoot that can accommodate wider feet perfectly. 

Another highlight of these sneakers is that they provide exceptional ankle support which also makes them one of the best basketball sneakers for wide feet. 

If you want to take your game to the next level and if you want to be stylish while playing on the court, then go for Nike Lebron 17 Low.

They also have a traction pattern that provides stability on every surface. 

With that said, these shoes are one of their kind and you can’t compare them with any other basketball shoe out there.

Another great thing about them is that they have a built-in shank which makes them extra strong and durable. 

There is no doubt about it; these sneakers by Nike are absolutely for people who love to play basketball, but at the same time want to stay cool and look stylish. 

Nike Lebron 17 Low has added features like Flywire cables in its lacing system which help improve fit and support throughout your foot.

So, if you are looking for best looking Lebron low shoes then go for NIKE LeBron 17 Low because they fit extremely well too. 

If you are running every day to get better fitness levels then definitely go for NIKE LeBron 17 Low because they feature a cushioning system that offers shock absorption right where you need it most.

Nike Lebron 17 Low is great for people seeking the best-looking Lebron low shoes because they are not only stylish but also comfortable.

These shoes will keep your feet safe from injuries when playing basketball or when doing outdoor activities as well.

Nike Lebron 18 Graffiti – Best for Dunking

Best Lebron Shoes

Nike Lebron 18 Graffiti shoes are the best Lebron shoes for dunking because they have a nice clean cut and a comfy base.

If you’re going to be going through a lot of court time, you’ll need a shoe that has a good grip on it. 

And, if you get it dirty during practice, just throw it in your bag and wash them later. They are super versatile hence you can also wear them on almost all occasions. 

Nowadays fashion-forward athletes prefer Nike Lebron 18 Graffiti Basketball Shoes over all others.

They provide exceptional ankle support and are also great because of their high durability level. 

Nike Lebron 18 Graffiti has max air and molded TPU heel counter that provides ample cushioning and stabilizes your foot while playing inside the court.

It also has KnitPosite 2.0 which explains its lightness and breathability. 

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Meanwhile, the grid patterns in its exteriors are responsible for its grip and traction. The cutouts that are diamond-shaped on the other hand reduces weight and reveals the cushions in its interiors. 

Nike Lebron 18 Graffiti is perfect for dunking because, from a comfort point of view, they provide an exceptional fit all around your feet.

These shoes are for all those players who love to dunk since these shoes offer additional ankle support, that is why there is no way that someone wearing them would slip over.

Nike Lebron 18 Los Angeles – Best for Wide Feet

Best Lebron Shoes

Nike Lebron 18 Los Angeles is the best Lebron shoes for wide feet because of their superior comfort and support.

They’re equipped with Lunarlon cushioning and Nike Zoom Air, which means that they’re flexible and provide just enough bounce to take hard falls on the court. 

For basketball players who can afford anything but choose to wear affordable, comfortable basketball sneakers, these are a great option—especially if you have wide feet.

Nike Lebron 18 Los Angeles also features Flywire technology, which reduces strain and adds lightweight support.

If you want something that is both comfortable and supportive, then consider picking up a pair or two of Nike Lebron 18 Los Angeles. 

It has amazing features like its ankle collar and insole which ensure that it fits securely and won’t slide around in your shoe.

You can bend it in multiple directions without feeling like it will rip apart at any point; an important feature when you need to jump high and land solidly onto your toes. 

These breathable shoes keep your feet cool all day long, allowing you to wear them no matter what time of year it is.

Nike Lebron 18 Los Angeles is great for those who play pickup games regularly and those looking for performance-level gear at a reasonable price. 

These shoes are the best Lebron shoes for wide feet and players will surely find much relief in these shoes.

Best Lebron Shoes Buying Guide

Best Lebron Shoes

The best Lebron shoes buying guide will help you decide which pair is best for your needs. With every basketball shoe bearing Lebron’s name, choosing one can be difficult. 

Let’s break down some of the key features in Lebron’s signature sneakers that you might want to consider when purchasing.

  1. Stability
  2. Traction
  3. Responsiveness


The best Lebron shoes should have stability features like Nike’s Zoom Air technology to offer better cushioning for your feet, making it easy to perform well during gameplay.

It should also provide structural stability like Lebron shoes’ Flywire-reinforced collar, which provides added support around your ankle. 


While traction isn’t all that important on some shoes, it does make a difference when you’re playing basketball.

A large majority of Lebron sneakers feature gum rubber outsoles for superior court grip, giving players more control. 


Lebron’s strengths lie in his ability to change direction and speed when attacking a basket that is why the best Lebron shoes should also have that amazing responsiveness. 

The best Lebron shoes also have that extra space or support when performing such high-intensity moves.

It also ensures that you won’t develop blisters and other foot issues when playing.


Nike LeBron 16 Low is overall the best Lebron shoe that we recommend because it’s a basketball shoe that can help you perform better on your basket. It’s a low-cut shoe and it has a clean simple design.

The best thing about these shoes is its interior, it comes with an ankle collar system which makes sure you get maximum comfort while wearing them and also great lockdown support.

No other basketball shoe offers these types of benefits.

Our runner-up is the Nike Lebron Witness 4. These shoes are not only the best Lebron basketball shoes but also pretty much one of the best overall performance shoes out there right now.

They have a lot of great features that make it worth buying if you can’t get your hands on Nike LeBron 16 Low.

We hope you enjoyed this article and have already found the best Lebron shoes for you on our list. Comment down your best bets below and share this with your friends too.