Best Sandals for Flat Feet

Are you looking for some of the best sandals for flat feet? After careful research, we found the Naot Papaki to be overall women’s best sandals for flat feet and the OluKai Ohana to be overall men’s best sandals for flat feet due to their superior comfort and support.


In the past, individuality was often missing in shoes. 

Not anymore! 

Kickass shoe companies have been stepping up their game and appealing to shoe lovers by creating fabric designs that look super cool while offering maximum comfort.

But, there’s a catch: 

Even though the majority of Americans tend to have flexible and inflexible arches in their feet, you might happen to be one of 20-30% of the population that has fallen flat on its face when it comes to having flat feet. 

As per The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons’ reports, we tend to find this feature in people who are more genetically inclined or develop flat feet as a result of circumstances such as being overweight, having diabetes, being severely pregnant, or experiencing a case of rheumatoid arthritis.

We all need a pair of shoes that fit our feet better. 

While you may not hear about it from many people, the improved quality of day-to-day life that this seemingly simple purchase can improve is something footwear shoppers should always be on the lookout for. 

Whether it’s an open toe or a close toe, just find a model that makes your trip to the shoe store a rewarding experience and you will notice an improvement in your overall health after making the change!

When it comes to the best sandals for flat feet, 2019 had some that are of great value and quality and so do 2020. But get ready for an all-new level of awesomeness because 2021 is flooded with awesome choices, and the items below are what people have been craving!

Best Sandals for Flat Feet Today

  1. OluKai Ohana – Best for Men
  2. Naot Papaki – Best for Women
  3. Vionic Kiwi – Best for Unisex
  4. Birkenstock Essentials – Best Orthopedic
  5. Teva Tirra Sandal – Best Support for Women
  6. KEEN Targhee III – Best Support for Men
  7. KEEN Newport H2 – Best Hiker for Men
  8. Mephisto Helen Thong – Best Hiker for Women
  9. Weestep Boys Girls  – Best for Children

9 Best Sandals for Flat Feet Reviews and Guide

We realize that some people may find it challenging and daunting to find a quality pair of the best sandals for flat feet 2021 has.

Now, if you’re wondering where to buy the best sandals for flat feet and how to get them, don’t worry. 

That’s why we took the initiative to scour the market and Amazon and do extensive research to help those who might need just a little bit of assistance when searching for sandals. 

We hope that you find this article useful if you are considering buying one!

OluKai Ohana – Overall Best for Men

OluKai Men's Ohana - Best Men's Sandals for Flat Feet -

If you’re seeking the best men’s sandals for flat feet 2021 has in store for us, combat the discomforts and go with the OluKai Men’s Ohana Slipper Sandal. 

It is available in 7 unique colors, and pricing depends on the specific color you select. Regardless of any issues related to your flat foot, this sandal will fit perfectly and be comfortable.

OluKai Men’s Ohana sandals use 100% top-quality material. They’re high-quality and provide all of the following features: they’re breathable, light, durable, and long-lasting and provide good arch support. 

All those features afford you total comfort and maximum support, which is excellent for those who have flat feet or an arch to their feet! And these also make for the best walking sandals for flat feet and overpronations.

OluKai Ohana sandals are designed to be worn both in the winter and during summertime, offering enough support for anyone to put them on and go without experiencing any discomfort. 

It has a design that’s made of synthetic materials that work to keep you firmly grounded on a variety of different surfaces, no matter what kind of terrain you find yourself walking or standing on. 

With lugged and siped treads and a non-marking gum rubber outsole, you have extra grip for added safety when you wear these sandals. 

The final feature we liked which got these OluKai Ohana sandals on this list of the best sandals for flat feet and overpronations is the personalized anatomical compression-molded ICEVA-integrated EVA midsole in the footbed.

Naot Papaki – Best for Women

Naot Papaki - Best Women's Sandals for Flat Feet -

NAOT Papaki sandals are the best women’s sandals for flat feet to wear on more festive occasions and in the office. 

They are not your typical summer footwear, don’t ever become wet, and can be washed occasionally to keep them pristine throughout their entire lifetime. 

The shoes come with an insulating Strobel construction that can be resoled when needed but also comes with replaceable insoles so if something unfortunate happens to them you won’t need to buy a new pair – yet they are worth every beautiful penny!

You may also like the NAOT Papaki Sandals as the best sandals for flat feet if you’re tired of getting burned by sandals that don’t offer you enough arch support. There’s also the extra layer of firm cushioning in the footbed that’s provided. 

What’s more is you can replace the insoles to take care of other needs such as plantar fasciitis if that’s something you might suffer from, making these sandals the best sandals for flat feet and plantar fasciitis too!

They also offer a rocker bottom design which offers stability when walking, providing a sturdy platform under your foot while being flexible for added movement. 

The open-toe design keeps your feet cool, dry, and fresh by allowing air in naturally. 

And lastly, this particular model has soles made from synthetic fibers so they provide extra stability when tackling slippery surfaces such as wet grass or mud!

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Vionic Kiwi – Best Unisex

Vionic Kiwi - Best Walking Sandals for Flat Feet -

Vionic produces some of the best sandals for flat feet and bunions as well as high arches. And the Kiwi Slide Sandals happen to be the best Vionic sandals for flat feet and heel spurs. 

They make ideal everyday sandals as they can be worn in both indoor and outdoor environments. Additionally, they work well as beach sandals in the summertime (but not in wet conditions). 

These shoes come in sizes ranging from 5 to 13 for women, and 4 to 13 for men. If your men’s size is bigger than a 13 and your women’s shoe is smaller than a 6, then Vionic does not currently have anything that will work for you.

Vionic Kiwi Slide Sandals offer every feature you’ll need to keep your flat feet comfortable. Plus these sandals have versions for men and women which is awesome. 

The range of motion and cushioning at the front, heel cup to keep your heel in the correct position, as well as the adjustable straps almost make these sandals like they were made especially for your puffy flat feet. Plus, they’re easy to clean so that’s a bonus!

Ultimately, that led us to make the Vionic Kiwi Slide our overall best walking sandals for flat feet and also plantar fasciitis. But if you’re looking for more what might be better options, read on!

Birkenstock Essentials – Best Orthopedic

Birkenstock Essentials Arizona EVA - Best Orthopedic Sandals for Flat Feet -

Are Birkenstocks good for flat feet and wide feet? Absolutely! And if you’re looking to put some vibrant, fun colors on your feet this summer, check out Birkenstock’s best sandals for flat feet and wide feet – the Arizona Essentials

These unisex sandals offer exceptional support and are ethically made of carefully selected, renewable and recycled materials!

Arizona Essentials Sandals are the best Birkenstock sandals for flat feet of which both men and women can wear. 

The classic look of the sandal, which is cruelty-free and sustainable, includes anatomical EVA footbeds that feature contoured arch supports as well as deep heel cups. 

Also generously sized, these nice sandals allow the foot to breathe when out in the open air. They are vegan-friendly, lightweight and washable, and an excellent addition to your upright wardrobe this season!

Teva Tirra Sandal – Best Support for Women

Teva Women's Tirra Sandal - Best Supportive Sandals for Flat Feet -

If you are looking for a summery, outdoor vacation shoe that will support your feet and legs the way you need them to even on long outings, Teva sandals may be what you have been seeking out during this exciting hunt. 

Mainly for women, but not exclusively, Teva Sandals are perfect for those that want to make sure that their feet are doing well while they’re out having a good time. 

Ladies, you’re going to love one of the best Teva sandals for flat feet today – Teva Tirra Sandals

With their chaise-shaped EVA base and cushioned heel area, these sandals provide the exact type of arch support that so many seek out in their footwear of this nature. 

Nylon shanks are another specialized aspect of these comfortable yet perfectly designed Teva sandals that are sure to hit home with those looking for a supportive footbed with their walking shoes. 

And as we all know by now, rubber soles are the best kind for long periods of walking either inside or outside because it absorbs the impact each time it hits the ground. 

Thus, these Teva sandals win hands down when compared to other more ordinary types of open-toe footwear on store shelves today!

They have fully padded straps that hang patiently and carefully around your foot, protecting it from getting injured by rubbing against any other rough materials too hard or making you feel uncomfortable because of the tightness of its encompassing material. 

Though some people might think differently about this kind of sandal being low-priced to an extent it’s made from the same high-quality material at an even higher price point, we have to remind you that no matter what your taste is in terms of price point or look, you will never be able to go wrong with this product!

KEEN Targhee III – Best Support for Men

KEEN Targhee III - Best Supportive Sandals for Flat Feet -

You’re a well-traveled individual gifted with flat feet and have been known to hike, kayak, paddleboard, or backpack in a lot of different places all around the world. 

When it comes to your footwear, you want something that will protect your foot from rugged terrains but also be extremely comfortable in hot weather conditions.

This is especially true if you’ll be spending hours on end doing your hobbies! One pair of the best hiking sandals for flat feet might do the trick for you. 

These KEEN hikers are the best sandals for flat feet when hitting the trails, paddling, or any other hot-weather adventure. 

The water-resistant and recycled PET plastic makes these great for all types of weather, and they’ll certainly be easy to clean if you happen to get caught in a surprise rain shower. 

Use the quick-dry lining feature alongside the carefully selected leather uppers, which make this a quality pair of shoes that can stand up to wear and tear. They’ll last for years with a dual-density EVA footbed featuring arch support, ensuring total comfort.

These KEEN Targhee III sandals provide a locked-in feel thanks to their heel-capture system while you’re hiking all day or boating at the lake. 

The Zonal flex grooves let feet flex and move naturally which is perfect for when the surface is uneven or wet. The rubber outsole is an excellent addition offering up the maximum level of stability regardless of any slippery surfaces.

These are outdoor sandals that have an anti-slip sole with natural rubber for optimal comfort and durability. So you could say that they’re also one of the best supportive sandals for flat feet out there.

They come in a range of colors from Bison/Mulch to Black/Yellow, Grey/Black, Red/Black, Steel Gray/Evening Primrose, or Black/Grey in different sizes from 7 to 15.

The KEEN Targhee III is a pretty sweet deal for the best hiking sandals for flat feet if you ask us. But here’s another one that you might like more.

KEEN Newport H2 – Best Hiker for Men

KEEN Newport H2 Sandal - Best Hiking Sandals for Flat Feet -

The KEEN Newport H2 is one of the best closed-toe sandals for trekking that we’ve seen this year. If you don’t look closely and see the apertures between its straps, you’d mistake it for a hiking shoe. 

What makes it so great is that you can wear them in both wet and dry conditions, so if you like to fish or go on watery hikes, they are perfect. 

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The KEEN Newport H2 also comes in two main versions – a women’s version and a men’s version. They only differ on the overall design.

Those who are looking for the stability, protection, and breathability offered by hiking shoes in the comfort and flexibility of sandals are going to love the KEEN Newport H2.

These sandals are kind of like hiking shoes with their razor-siped soles, which provide excellent traction on even the toughest mountain terrain. 

Their toe bumpers take care of your toes while you’re hiking and add a little extra protection from harmful things in the mountain as well. 

Although the sizing may be off at times, we like how these sandals strike a very comfortable balance between the comfort of a flat sandal and the sturdiness of one built for walking around outdoors, like hiking shoes!

Mephisto Helen Thong – Best Hiker for Women

Mephisto Helen Thong - Best Hiking Sandals for Flat Feet -

These Mephisto Helen thong sandals feature a trendy strappy design and come in brown or black. These sandals, which are available with Soft-Air technology, boast a great deal of comfort as they make your feet less harmed by the shock. 

With a natural cork for its footbed’s construction, it contours to the shape of your foot for a custom fit.

They’ll help to keep your anatomy right where it needs to be and protect you from any pain caused by getting on your feet too much, even if you run on tiptoes as much as the next person. 

The flexible belts and nonslip rubber soles will also give you a nice comfortable fit that these shoes promise to all of their wearers.

Weestep Boys Girls – Best for Children

Weestep Boys Girls - Best Children's Sandals for Flat Feet -

Children have growing feet and it might be getting difficult for them to stay comfortable in traditional footwear. 

You may consider trying some on that are not too tight or restricting but are just right as they continue to go through their growth spurt. 

Weestep Adjustable Strap Sandals come in a variety of shades and sizes – so all children can hunt for the ones that they like most and don’t mind wearing when they walk, run freely through the water, or find adventures on dusty trails as well as play in their backyard.

When I checked these sandals, I almost mistook them as adult sandals with lots of little details like a comfortable footbed with lightweight cushioning and support. 

The insole can handle slightly damp surfaces so you won’t slip on the pavement if it gets wet. Also, the straps are quite sturdy and take up only a tiny bit of space on your feet. 

It has two hook-and-loop straps to keep your foot properly on the ground without over-distressing the bottom of your feet, causing them to feel like they have too much pressure on them.

Furthermore, we found this to be the best children’s sandals for flat feet because of its rubber sole which provides better traction and keeps people’s feet above ground level. 

As for families who like to explore the great outdoors, they will benefit greatly from these cute sandals for flat feet. It may not provide protection for the toes, but it does allow optimal airflow to your feet so they can enjoy some fresh air! 

So if you’re looking for the best sandals for flat feet toddler of yours will love and enjoy, don’t hesitate on buying this one for him/her.

Best Sandals for Flat Feet Buying Guide

Best Sandals for Flat Feet Buying Guide

Choosing which footwear to wear can be incredibly challenging especially when you’re looking for the best sandals for flat feet that are of great value and quality. 

So we made this buying guide so that you could be making well-informed decisions about what to look out for in your next pair of sandals.


There are several different accessories to be used with your sandals to get more of a supportive fit. If you’re looking for more security around your heels, the heel cups will help provide this. 

The main desire most people have when purchasing these types of shoes is to make sure their arches are comfortable and aren’t straining with too much pressure. That’s why most people choose the arch cushions that fall easily into place inside of the shoe itself. 

There are also wider metatarsal cushions that provide support for the ball of the foot which is another essential part of it all as well. These things can be inserted without difficulty, taking away some major worries from those with flat feet!

Arch Support

Best Sandals for Flat Feet Buying Guide _ Arch Support

For those who need to tend to flat feet or are at risk of developing a flat foot condition for one reason or the other, choosing footwear that comes with custom-molded orthotics or over-the-counter insoles (otherwise known as inserts) or built-in arch support can be an excellent way of getting you back on your feet. 

In this post, we reviewed what we consider to be the top five best sandals for flat feet. Many of these sandals offer arch support, but if you’re still uncomfortable in your current pair of sandals, feel free to browse here for more options available. 


Best Sandals for Flat Feet Buying Guide _ Style

If you’ve been thinking that you must compromise style for the sake of comfort, think again! You can wear any style you like with my recommendations for the best sandals for flat feet if you seek them from quality brands who make stylish shoes. 

Above, I’ve recommended a variety of the best sandals for flat feet that are stylish as well as supportive. You’ll be able to find quality pairs with features like adjustable straps that ensure they didn’t lose their supportive power, no matter the look and style.


Best Sandals for Flat Feet Buying Guide _ Insoles

There are several options to choose from when it comes to insert selection. One option is to order custom inserts online. If you go this route, be sure to consider the degree of your fallen arches and be measured by a professional. Then perhaps order a pair of the customized, medically recommended insoles.

Sometimes our feet don’t play along and they might not fit the shoes we try to wear. For example, one of your feet may have a much higher arch than the other. This means that certain types of insoles or even custom-made orthotics are necessary to provide optimal comfort and support for any given shoe – just as would be the case with artificial limbs or prosthetics. 

It never hurts to find out what your options are – most retailers should be able to give you information about all of your available options when it comes down to insoles and other things like that.

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Removable Inserts or Insoles

Best Sandals for Flat Feet Buying Guide _ Removable Inserts or Insoles

Some of the most comfortable sandals for flat feet come with a removable insole (usually made of leather or some other material) that lets you customize and adjust the feel by changing out your footbed. 

Choose an insole that offers arch support and contouring; look for polyurethane or memory foam, then choose a durably constructed base material like leather.

These materials have become very commonly used in high-quality foot dispersion because of their strength, durability, as well as the fact that they offer a lot of support for both the arch of the foot but also for the arches themselves as well which can help prevent them from sagging causing pain.

Some typically come with a standard, non-removable insole that may or may not offer arch support and will most certainly make your feet more uncomfortable than they need to be without it. 

But if you’re looking for sandals that are comfortable and supportive for everyday wear, the OluKai Ohana Sandal is an excellent choice – featuring superior arch support and integrated cushioning in a durable yet lightweight pair of flip flops.


Best Sandals for Flat Feet Buying Guide _ Durability

When looking for the best sandals for flat feet, you want to make sure they are giving your feet the support, comfort, and stability that they need. 

One of the ways you can do that is by taking note of the footbed or insole of a sandal. The contoured footbed ensures total comfort and cushioning for those with sensitive feet so you can walk without discomfort. 

Ideally, you want your new pair of sandals to last at least two summers so remember to take care of them properly by cleaning them regularly with water and mild soap as this helps restore elasticity and remove scuffs. 

As with any type of footwear, no matter how good quality it is has a particular expiry date so be sure to replace your favorite sandals if their insole starts sagging after prolonged use.

For flat-footed folks, one must pay special attention to particular kinds of sandals. The most important components include toe boxes, heel cups, and sandal straps. 

One of the best materials for this is leather because it is strong and durable while also smooth on the skin. Synthetic materials can do just as well depending on the particular type of shoe you go with in terms of style.

Pronation Control

Best Sandals for Flat Feet Buying Guide _ Pronation Control

The best sandals for flat feet can help control your tendency to pronate. Pronation is the natural inward roll of your foot as it comes into contact with the ground when you’re walking or running.

The ideal way to prevent injury is by providing excellent arch support as the first step in preventing such movement of your feet when you’re running or walking.

People who have flat feet are prone to over-pronation, i.e. their foot rolls over too far when it hits the ground during walking or running. 

This can eventually damage their knees and hips as well as possibly leave them at risk for pain in their legs, knees, shins, and even their feet. And they could also suffer from plantar fasciitis.

Soles of sandals that are specifically designed for people with flat feet will help ensure that your feet make contact with the ground in a natural position throughout your gait cycle – which is vital to your general health as well as your ability to compete effectively!

Closed Toe Sandal

Best Sandals for Flat Feet Buying Guide _ Closed Toe Sandal

When it comes down to using an orthotic, the kind of sandal you should go for should have a heel cup and a closed toe design to keep the insole from slipping around. 

You need a roomy toe box that’s enough to allow your toes to move around properly and not constricting them so that they have air circulation through there.

Heel Cup

Pronation is one of the most common anatomical issues that cause ankle pain. It occurs when the ankles roll and collapse inwards. 

The best sandals for flat feet come with a heel cup that prevents this rolling, which stabilizes not just your ankles but also supports them in their natural position by keeping your feet straight and strong with every step you take.

Wide Fittings 

Best Sandals for Flat Feet Buying Guide _ Wide Fittings

Flat-footed people may find it uncomfortable to wear regular sandals since sandals are designed for those who have an arch. 

Flat-footed people often have their feet spread out a little bit extra. You should check the sandals in terms of width before purchasing them so your flat-footed feet don’t hurt when wearing them. 

In addition, the best sandals for flat feet are those that have additional space added into their design and widen your feet out. 

You want to put pads in between your heels and the bottom of the straps to prevent blisters from forming on your heels when wearing a pair of shoes.


Best Sandals for Flat Feet Buying Guide _ Shank

The amount of support required by the arch of your foot needs to meet some very specific criteria. The area around this part of your foot must not be too flexible nor too inflexible, but instead, must fall somewhere in between.

The middle part of the sole – we call that the shank of a shoe. It needs to hit the point where it’s neither too rigid nor too bendy, which is what makes it the key to comfort. 

You want your shoes to implement a natural foot movement so that when you are out on a walk or doing any sort of physical activity, the feet are capable of moving evenly in all directions – from heel to toe without getting stuck at certain points along the way.


Choosing some of the best sandals for flat feet can be a challenge, especially when you’re looking for quality and comfort all at once. 

This is why we decided to put together our best list of sandals which provides everything you need to know about the top picks and what they have to offer so you can have the most comfortable experience shopping online for flat-footed sandals.

We found the OluKai Ohana to be the overall best men’s sandals for flat feet and the Naot Papaki to be the overall best women’s sandals for flat feet. 

These flip flops offer the optimal amount of arch support and comfort for people with flat feet. We hope you enjoyed this article that we put together and feel it was very useful in your search for the best shoes for flat feet. 

Please feel free to comment below with which of the above flip flops you are going to purchase now that you know about them because we would love to hear your feedback!