Best Shoes for Metatarsalgia: Best Reviews Guide


You don’t have to sacrifice your comfort for performance or vice versa. Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 21 shoes are the best shoes for Metatarsalgia. It keeps excess movement in check and helps you move comfortably and quickly without experiencing any pain.


When you’re looking for metatarsalgia shoes, it’s important to consider all of your options. 

With a wide selection of brands and styles to pick from, you can find exactly what you need that’s perfect for your taste and preference as well.

If you suffer from metatarsalgia, the best shoes for your condition may vary depending on the activities that you like to participate in. 

For people who enjoy running or casual walking, sneakers that are well-cushioned and with a broader toe box are great options. 

However, if you are a shoe enthusiast who likes to do adventurous activities like hiking or cycling during the weekend, sneakers with arch support and shock absorption might be the best choice for you.

If you’re going to play tennis or do other athletic activities, you might want to consider high-performance shoes with orthotic inserts

Best Shoes for Metatarsalgia

  1. Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 19 – Best Overall for Men
  2. Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 19 – Best Overall for Women
  3. Skechers Equalizer Slip-On – Runner-up
  4. Brooks Men’s Addiction 14 – Best Running Shoes for Men
  5. Brooks Women’s Addiction 14 – Best Running Shoes for Women
  6. Adidas Originals EQT – Best Walking Shoes 
  7. Saucony Men’s Zealot Iso 3 – Best for Men
  8. Saucony Women’s Zealot Iso 3 – Best for Women
  9. ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 8 – Best Tennis Shoes for Men
  10. ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 8 – Best Tennis Shoes for Women
  11. Skechers Go Max Slip-on – Best Athletic Shoes 
  12. New Balance 1080 V11 – Best New Balance Shoes 
  13. Nike Vaporfly Flyknit – Best Nike Shoes 
  14. Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX – Best Hiking Shoes  
  15. Gavin Road Bike Cycling Shoes – Best Cycling Shoes 

15 Best Shoes for Metatarsalgia Reviewed

With all of these things that you have to account for, we’ve jotted down the best shoes for metatarsalgia for you below.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 – Best Overall for Men

Brooks Men_s Adrenaline GTS 21 _ Best Shoes for Metatarsalgia

Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 21 shoes are stylish running and walking shoes that are perfect for runners and the best shoes for metatarsalgia for men. 

They’re built with a metatarsal bridge to help keep excess foot movement in check and feature an infusion of Brooks DNA for the ultimate shock absorbency.

The DNA loft cushioning in these shoes is to provide exceptional comfort and softness, as well as the durability needed for someone who practices high-impact workouts even for men with metatarsalgia. 

The BioMoGo DNA cushioning has a soft material and interconnected cells that can withstand hundreds of miles of walking, running, jumping, or kicking.

Made with synthetic material and mesh, these metatarsalgia shoes are the perfect blend of lightness and support. 

They’re also designed for maximum protection on the most injury-prone part of your body — the knee.

These shoes are not only lightweight but extremely durable, the shoes have a high-rebound cushioning midsole that delivers comfort for miles on end. For men, it is the best shoes for metatarsalgia.

Adrenaline GTS 21 – Best Overall for Women

Brooks Women_s Adrenaline GTS 21 _ Best Shoes for Metatarsalgia

A certified metatarsalgia shoe, Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 21 lets female runners forget the shoes and enjoy the run. 

Built with a soft, smooth ride and reliable support, it’s women’s choice for the best shoes for metatarsalgia.

The GTS 21 is for overpronation too, and it’s excellent for just about anything or any other activities that require support. 

It features a unique crash pad at the heel to absorb shock, and a springy midsole to give you the bounce you need.

Women’s adrenaline GTS 21’s DNA LOFT Crash Pad is not only built to cushion each footfall with its BioMoGo DNA cushioning but also with every stride, it adapts to your precise biomechanics to customize comfort.

Get the comfort and stability you need in a streamlined, engineered mesh upper with 3D Fit Print. 

It’s a shoe that offers structure without excess bulk, perfect for getting up close and personal on any activity even with metatarsalgia.

With its minimalist design and flexible tracking, the Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS19 is an intelligent metatarsalgia shoe that moves with the feet and knees. 

GuideRails keep you stable that’s why they are the best shoes for metatarsalgia.

Skechers Equalizer Slip-On – Runner-up

Skechers Equalizer Slip-On _ Best Shoes for Metatarsalgia pain

The Skechers Equalizer Slip-On shoes have angled outsoles that promote fluid stride transitions and help with long-distance walking. It is the best shoe for metatarsalgia pain.

They also feature V-stride technology, which aims to reduce pressure on your foot, ankles, and legs after standing for a long time.

These Skechers Equalizer Slip-On have all-over stretch mesh for a custom fit and lateral support to keep you comfortable through whatever you’re doing. 

The lightweight and well-cushioned design also features a flexible outsole for better traction and comfort. 

The OrthoLine sock liner feature of this shoe does not only keep your feet comfortable and unsoiled, but it also protects the shoes from odor accumulation.

Also, thanks to the injection-molded Resalyte midsole that absorbs impact, you can count on a comfortable walking experience with lessened metatarsalgia pain. 

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These shoes are the best shoes for metatarsalgia pain.

Addiction 14 – Best Running Shoes for Men 

Brooks Men’s Addiction 14 _ best running shoes for metatarsalgia

The Brooks Men’s Addiction 14 is the perfect running shoe that won’t aggravate your condition, especially for men with metatarsalgia. These are the best running shoes for metatarsalgia.

The Addiction 14 has a wide toe box, a very low heel, and a stabilizing midsole that makes it a great choice if you’re looking for shoes that lessen metatarsalgia pain.

This shoe is your new best friend for pain relief. It has BioMoGo DNA cushioning that will mold to your stride and speed, providing maximum comfort. 

Its Brooks’ innovative design offers a generous fit, so you never have to worry about blisters or sore spots.

An extended diagonal Rollbar features in the Addiction 14 running shoe, designed to provide runners with better movement control and stability. 

The new, wider toe is for a roomier fit and provides better comfort. 

The shoe cushioned midsole absorbs shock while a lining wicks away moisture. 

These features in the Brooks Addiction 14 for men, make up for the best running shoes for metatarsalgia.

Addiction 14 – Best Running Shoes for Women

Brooks Women’s Addiction 14 _ best running shoes for metatarsalgia

The Brooks Women’s Addiction 14 will make the perfect running shoe for anyone who is looking to find comfort and pain relief in a classic athletic aesthetic. 

This shoe is specially designed for diabetics and the best running shoes for metatarsalgia for women.

DNA is what gives Brooks’ Addiction 14 for women its amazing ability to change and adapt to the stride of the runner with metatarsalgia. 

This technology allows the cushioning to shift under the foot as it lands, reducing the impact on joints.

Cushioning is one of the key components that make this shoe comfortable. 

The Addiction 1 for women with BioMoGo DNA, which also lets you choose between a variety of cushioning options depending on your weight and running speed.

The Brooks Women’s Addiction 14 is the ultimate running shoe for flat or high-volume feet women too. 

The unique design and durable construction can withstand extended running sessions.

The specialized orthotics of these shoes provide extra comfort and support when you need it most. 

It is absolutely the best running shoes for metatarsalgia for women.

Adidas Originals EQT – Best Walking Shoes 

Adidas Originals EQT _ best walking shoes for metatarsalgia

The Adidas Originals EQT combines a shoe-like build with the ultimate in comfort and support to create a true lifestyle shoe that works with your metatarsalgia. 

It is a great option for men with metatarsalgia and the best walking shoes for metatarsalgia.

The Adidas Originals EQT has a sock-like upper that fits snugly on your foot, working to protect the metatarsal pads from further pain or damage. 

It also uses Ortholite for the sock liner, which provides your foot with exceptional cushioning upon impact and absorbs shock when you land. 

The EVA midsole also absorbs shock points to protect your foot from further damage as you run.

The robust TPU shank of the Adidas Originals EQT ensures superb stability, durability, and comfort. 

A high-traction outer sole with a non-marking rubber outsole ensures your foot has a solid grip on any surface it’s placed on.

Its technology allows for maximum stability and excellent shock absorption, giving you the perfect combination of cushioning and support. It is no doubt the best walking shoe for metatarsalgia. 

It is also available for men and women.

Saucony Men’s Zealot Iso 3 – Best for Men

Saucony Men_s Zealot Iso 3 _ best men’s shoes for metatarsalgia

For those men who are on their feet all day long, the Saucony Men’s Zealot Iso 3 is the best men’s shoes for metatarsalgia. 

It uses a 3mm EVERUN Topsole construction which will cushion your feet and give you total comfort for the day ahead.

These kicks have a dope design — the hybrid grey and black color scheme are bold, yet tasteful. They are also very comfortable.

The comfort comes from the fact that the shoes have elastic materials that are breathable and lightweight. 

They also give your feet great traction, which makes walking around easier.

The engineered mesh upper and updated TRI-FLEX outsole features have been specially developed to provide you with the best comfort that walking or running shoes can offer nowadays.

The fresh and cool air is constantly pumped inside of the shoe, and it’s breathable and waterproof. 

You won’t have to worry about blisters anymore, because it’s incredibly comfortable as well as flexible. Surely the best men’s shoes for metatarsalgia.

Saucony Zealot Iso 3 – Best for Women

Saucony Women_s Zealot Iso 3 _ best women’s shoes for metatarsalgia

This shoe is great for people suffering from both plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia. 

The Saucony Women’s Zealot ISO 3 is the best women’s shoe for metatarsalgia and runners who want a well-cushioned shoe but one that you can wear with mild orthotics.

Lightweight cushioning and a durable sole help the Saucony Zealot ISO 3 keep you comfortable on your feet all day. 

The stability shoe protects impact, thanks to EVERUN technology providing a lightweight cushioning system as well as enhanced durability.

The Saucony Women’s Zealot ISO 3 features a breathable mesh upper to increase airflow and provide comfort while you work out; the TRI-FLEX outsole, meanwhile, offers greater flexibility and support.

These women’s shoes have all the features that make up for the best women’s shoes for metatarsalgia.

Men’s Gel-Venture 8 – Best Tennis Shoes for Men

ASICS Men_s Gel-Venture 8 - best tennis shoes for metatarsalgia

Perfect for those with foot pain, these Asics Men’s Gel-Venture 8 walking and running shoes feature a seamless design that reduces the stress that occurs in your feet when you’re out and about. 

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It is the best tennis shoes for metatarsalgia as well.

Smooth on the outside and soft on the inside, this pair of Asics Men’s Gel-Venture 8 tennis shoes are for long-time usage. 

With a durable rubber outsole that’s perfect for rocky grounds too, these tennis shoes can let you perform at your best during your game.

The Asics Men’s Gel-Venture 8 walks you through every step of your run or play, providing comfort and support at every stage. 

An Ortholite insole cushions your feet against the harsh impact of the court while a mesh lining wicks away moisture from your toes.

The Asics Men’s Gel-Venture 8’s responsive cushioning gives you that extra spring in your step, absorbing the impact of each step with ease. 

It is no question the best tennis shoes for metatarsalgia.

Gel-Venture 8 – Best Tennis Shoes for Women

ASICS Women_s Gel-Venture 8 - best tennis shoes for metatarsalgia

The Asics Women’s Gel-Venture 8 is a shoe that you can wear during your tennis practice or games since it comes with an impressive combination of responsive cushioning and forefront stability. 

This shoe is particularly suited to women with Metatarsalgia, because of its excellent support. 

It is the best tennis shoe for metatarsalgia and a top choice among female tennis players.

The upper has soft fabric and synthetic materials to accentuate comfort. 

A durable rubber outsole offers extra traction and, with the shoe’s seamless construction, chafing will be a thing of the past.

The GEL cushioning of these shoes absorbs shock, and the lightweight ASICS High Abrasion Rubber heel provides extra durability. 

Smooth Transition Construction eliminates seams while a breathable mesh ensures ventilation.

It also has a Trusstic System that stabilizes the foot throughout the gait cycle. 

It is a favorite option for women looking for the best tennis shoes for metatarsalgia.

Skechers Go Max Slip-on – Best Athletic Shoes 

Skechers Go Max Slip-on _ best athletic shoes for metatarsalgia

Built with a mesh footbed and a Goga Max sole, these Skechers Go Max Slip-on are ideal for athletic walkers and the best athletic shoes for metatarsalgia. 

It has a comfortable design and sneaker-like feel which means they’re painless to wear even during long walks. 

These GO Max shoes have an innovative mesh fabric toe and heel panel that is strong, durable, and provides the perfect balance of stability and flexibility. 

There’s no reason to compromise comfort or health for a good pair of athletic sneakers. With these, you can have both!

The slip-on design makes it easy to put on shoes while making them perfect for competitive joggers and triathletes who need to make quick transitions. 

The shock-absorbing gel insoles keep your feet comfortable during long training sessions, and the wide toe boxes will accommodate all types of feet.

Skechers Go Max Slip-on is the best choice for people who work or play hard. 

These shoes offer optimum breathability and all-day comfort, plus they have advanced features like lightweight midsoles and memory foam insoles to ensure your feet stay cooler, drier, and healthier. 

In addition to providing outstanding support throughout your day, you can give your feet a break from pain with Skechers after a long day’s work and activities. 

They are the best athletic shoes for metatarsalgia.

1080 V11 – Best New Balance Shoes 

New Balance 1080 V11 _ best New Balance shoes for metatarsalgia

With the newest update of the 1080v10, New Balance has created a shoe that is both lightweight and reliable on long runs, the New Balance 1080 V11. It is the best New Balance shoes for metatarsalgia.

The super-soft cushioning built into the heel provides excellent shock absorption, so even on longer stints, you won’t feel the pain from pounding the pavement. 

It’s also perfect for those with wide feet due to its generous width and unique upper design.

New Balance’s 1080v11 is the perfect blend of cushioning and support, keeping your feet light on their toes and nimble over the long run. 

With a great bounce-back in the midsole, it won’t slip under your feet when you need to light them up.

These shoes are also thick enough to protect the side of your foot from bruising and stress fractures, while still wide enough for those with wide feet.

The New Balance 1080v11 also has rubber pads that are strategically positioned and designed to increase traction in high-abrasion areas while reducing weight elsewhere. 

With this in mind, the rubber on this model is on key wear points to give you a comfortable fit every time you lace up.

The New Balance 1080v11 keeps your feet stable and supported during high-impact activities like running. It is the best New Balance shoes for metatarsalgia.

Nike Vaporfly 4% – Best Nike Shoes 

Nike Vaporfly 4_ _ best Nike shoes for metatarsalgia

Nike Vaporfly 4% is the most advanced shoe in Nike’s line and the best Nike shoes for metatarsalgia. 

Its unique design and materials help both professional and amateur runners achieve their best time in long-distance races, due to its supportive nature and stability. 

This shoe is light and fast, with its super-light FlyMesh technology working to ensure that runners with metatarsalgia don’t have to sacrifice technology for performance.

Nike’s latest addition to the running world is a brand new midsole system called Zoom X. 

This foam material combines the best of Nike’s cushioning technology into the midsole of the shoe to reduce weight and take it back to its original basics. 

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The Zoom X system feature of Nike Vaporfly 4% promises to provide extra comfort and bounce with every step even with metatarsalgia.

The Nike Vaporfly 4% is a shoe built for speed. 

Its full-length carbon plate provides you with a responsive ride that will keep you moving even after miles of running. 

The aerodynamic frame and sleek silhouette make this shoe perfect for marathon runs, while the rubberized base keeps you steady on your feet, no matter how fast you’re running. 

It is the best Nike shoes for metatarsalgia.

Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX – Best Hiking Shoes  

Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX _ best hiking shoes for metatarsalgia

The Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX hiking boots won’t let you down when you’re trekking through the rough terrain — whether it be rocky, muddy, or wet grounds. These are the best hiking shoes for metatarsalgia.

These mid-height boots feature a SensiFit system that secures the foot from the arch to the lacing, for a snug, comfortable fit. 

A molded sock liner made with OrthoLite ultra-light foam adds cushioning to help absorb shocks from long hikes.

It also has an advanced chassis that supports a custom-molded dual-density midsole, which ensures motion control, energy control, and protection for stability and comfort. 

The EnergyCell midsole feature of this shoe provides superior cushioning without sacrificing support, with an ergonomically molded compound that reduces shock and eases pressure on the heel while improving resilience in the forefoot.

The padded Achilles stabler and heel guard, as well as the water-resistant material, make these boots a great choice for people who love being outdoors. 

It is also the best hiking shoe for metatarsalgia.

Gavin Road Bike Cycling Shoes – Best Cycling Shoes

Gavin Road Bike Cycling Shoes _ best cycling shoes for metatarsalgia

The Gavin Road Bike Cycling shoes are the best cycling shoes for metatarsalgia and a versatile cycling shoe that’s compatible with all major clipless pedal systems. 

The shoes have a long-lasting rubber outsole, optimized for both road cycling and walking.

The shoe instep also has mesh material, which is lightweight, comfortable, and quick-drying. 

Their perforated insole helps protect against odor and meets the demand for a healthy foot environment. 

It also features Carbon fiber heel cups and hooks and loop straps that provide a comfortable fit for cyclists with metatarsalgia. 

The fiberglass-injected nylon sole of this shoe is rigid and transfers power well, while the soft mesh upper provides ventilation and comfort. 

You’ll adore these shoes on long training rides and in spinning classes alike.

The Gavin Road Bike Cycling shoes are the best cycling shoes for metatarsalgia and it is great for men and women too. 

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Shoes for Metatarsalgia 

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Shoes for Metatarsalgia _

Metatarsalgia is due to improper footwear and overpronation. The right footwear can help prevent, treat, and reduce these conditions.

Here are important factors that you need to consider when buying the best shoes for metatarsalgia.

  1. Arch Support
  2. Cushioning
  3. Low Heel
  4. Wide Toe Box

Arch Support

When shopping for shoes for metatarsalgia with the primary purpose of comfort, always look for arch support. 

The natural arch in our feet weakens or deteriorates by standing on hard surfaces and incorrect footwear. 

Over time, the arch can collapse and pressure distribution on other parts of the foot — leading to pain in the heel, ball of the foot, toes, and arches.


Adequate shock absorption in a footwear sole is critical for healthy feet and is free of foot pain. 

It will lessen pain from metatarsalgia as well. 

Also, people with flat feet have a higher risk of back pain and metatarsalgia.

So if you are looking for a pair of shoes to protect your feet from injuries and keep them comfortable even with metatarsalgia, do not overlook the importance of foot-cushioning.

Low Heel

You can curb Metatarsalgia symptoms by wearing comfortable shoes. 

People who have this condition should avoid wearing uncomfortable high-heel shoes, and opt for a low- or flat-soled shoe instead.

A low-heeled or flat shoe offers a variety of advantages to those with metatarsalgia. 

A cushioned insole ensures that you won’t experience any discomfort — even after hours of wear.

Wide Toe Box

Those with high arches, narrow feet, or Metatarsalgia should consider a roomy toe area and wider width footwear for reducing the pressure on their feet.

When choosing shoes, opt for toe-friendly options with plenty of breathing room — extra space under your toes and between the big toe joint will help reduce inflammation. 

Also, shop for roomier shoes in the width to avoid squeezing and softening the bones that keep your joints aligned.


Overall, the best shoe for metatarsalgia is the Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 21 because it is the ultimate reducing heel pain shoe. 

With a large heel-to-toe drop, a high level of cushioning, and its full-length Adaptive Traction technology, this shoe will keep you on your feet all day.

The Saucony Women’s Zealot ISO 3 is our top pick for the best metatarsal support shoes for women, and with good reason: not only does it look great, but its lightweight design and excellent cushioning mean that you can stay comfortable and stylish even when you’re on your feet all day.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and found the best shoes for metatarsalgia for you! Let us know your thoughts and don’t forget to leave and comment. 

Also, share this article with your friend and family who suffers metatarsalgia.

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