How to Tell If Yeezys Are Fake or Not Easily


Kanye West’s Yeezy line always produces new releases, and I can’t help but feel a bit of frenzy. With his designs selling out like pancakes on the secondary market, I’m sure counterfeit products are rampant too. So, how to tell if Yeezys are fake or not? Well, there are some key ways to spot fakes, from the shoes themselves to the way they’re priced.


The first thing you do when looking at the unauthorized pair of Yeezys is to notice the heel tab, which is far away from the ankle collar. What you will never see is the unique and specially-designed toecap — something that’s usually covered by a layer of mesh netting. These things will tell if Yeezys are fake.

Read on to know more about how to tell if Yeezys are fake or not.

  1. Logos and Labels
  2. Stitching and Patterns
  3. Pricing and Packaging

Anyway, before you buy yourself some Yeezy shoes, be sure that they’re the right fit. So do check out our shoe size chart guides as well.

How to Tell if Yeezys are Fake

If you wish to buy Yeezys from an online store, you have to be very careful. Even if you get a “good deal” on a pair of Yeezys from a seller that has great reviews, there is still a chance they could be fake. 

If you keep the following in mind, however, you can tell if Yeezys are fake and not get scammed.

1. Check the Logos and Labels

How to Tell if Yeezys are Fake _ Check the Logos and Labels

Logo Size

Counterfeit sneakers often feature an oversized logo or one that is completely different from the original design. By looking closely at the Adidas emblem, you can see that it takes up more than three-quarters of the shoe.

And the same goes for the Yeezy logo printed on the side of the shoe. Check out Adidas’s trefoil design on the other side too! The small details make a difference in a good copy from a bad one.

QR Code and Tag

If you see “Sample Made in China” stamped into the sole of your shoe, that’s a good sign it’s not the real thing. By contrast, genuine Yeezys should have a size tag with a QR code. This is an important indicator of authenticity — if there’s no QR code and just a text-based one, it might be bogus.

Look for the words “Made in China” on the shoe’s tag. If the shoe is real, it will say “Made in China” or have a bar code. The tag should also include size and gender specifications, as well as a serial code.

Text on Insoles

Check the insoles of your Yeezys. If a pair is fake, both of its insoles will have white text on them.

The insoles should say “Adidas YEEZY,” with the name enlarged for more visibility. The insoles must be dark gray or black to blend in with the shoe’s background. Inclusions of two insoles are available, one mirrored to the other horizontally.


If you can’t see the label saying “SPLV-350” on the shoes or if the label lines don’t line up correctly, then these are likely fakes.

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Counterfeiters use different lettering on fake Yeezys — the “V” and “W” may interchange, the letters may curve up or down, or they may be missing altogether.

2. Check the Stitching and Patterns

How to Tell if Yeezys are Fake _ Examine the Stitching and Patterns

Messed-up Stitching

One easy way to check for a legit Yeezy pair is to take a look at the stitching. If the stitching isn’t neat and straight, you’re probably not looking at a real pair. Real Yeezys have straight stitching that creates an “X” when viewed from the top and a square on each side of the “X”.

Red Tabs

The number of the red tabs on a pair of Yeezy sneakers is one of the features that can help you to distinguish fakes from authentic ones. Authentic Yeezys have exactly 9 red tabs in the center box. That excludes the ones outside the rectangle.


One of the biggest giveaways is the stripes at the bottom of the shoe’s heel tab: on genuine pairs, they stitch up onto the material, whereas on counterfeits, they might come on print.

Material Quality

Check the material. Real Yeezy uses prime, high-quality materials like a full-grain leather upper, a high-quality mesh for breathability, and even a boost sole. Counterfeit pairs usually fall short in one of these areas.

Yeezy’s tongue can reveal the truth about its authenticity. A fake pair of Yeezy’s tongues will have soft material, creating a flop effect with the tongue. But in real pairs, it will be stiffer, keeping the tongue straight up.

3. Pricing and Packaging

YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 ZEBRA Real Vs. Fake (LEGIT CHECK) by Sneaker Hound (YouTube)

Price Point

If you see a pair of Yeezys for less than $200, you might not be looking at the real thing. Oftentimes, if it looks too good to be true, it is: these fakes will wear out very quickly, and you won’t be able to get your money back.

Where to Buy

There are a lot of Yeezy clones out there. Be careful where you buy them from. Always buy from Amazon, eBay, or other reputable online outlets to ensure you’re getting the real thing. To make sure you are always getting authentic Yeezys, follow Adidas on Twitter or Facebook for updates on their product releases.

You can also sign up on their site for visitor access.

Packaging Details

Your attention to detail is something counterfeiters can’t copy. Fake goods usually come in a rougher-looking box with annoying edges — meaning you know the second you open it that it isn’t the real deal. An authentic Yeezy comes in smooth packaging, which signals its quality immediately.

An authentic pair of Yeezys will have a serial number on the box that matches the serial number inside the shoes. Verify that your pair is real by ensuring that this information matches.

How to Tell If Yeezys Are Real or Fake

How to Tell if Yeezys are real or Fake _
YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 CREAM WHITE/TRIPLE WHITE – Real Vs. Fake (LEGIT CHECK) by Sneaker Hound (YouTube)

Knock-off Yeezys are often indistinguishable from the real thing at a glance. Always perform a quick check before your final purchase — especially if you’re shopping online. To save a few bucks here are things to look out for on how to tell if Yeezys are real or fake.

1. Matching Tags and Box Details

How to Tell if Yeezys are real or Fake _ Matching Tags and Box Details
YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 CREAM WHITE/TRIPLE WHITE – Real Vs. Fake (LEGIT CHECK) by Sneaker Hound (YouTube)

If there is a tag on the inside of the shoe, it should feature information details like the size and the serial number. The information should correspond to those found on the box label of a real Yeezy.

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2. Signature Wave Pattern

Distinguishable by its signature wave-like pattern on the Primeknit uppers, A real Yeezy also boasts a padded collar for extra comfort. The wave should have a horizontal orientation with varying width and height, or an irregular direction the wave.

If you were to compare the fake pairs with the original, you can see that the fakes have wider waves that look like print on.

3. Middle Stitching

How to Tell if Yeezys are real or Fake _ Middle Stitching
YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 CREAM WHITE/TRIPLE WHITE – Real Vs. Fake (LEGIT CHECK) by Sneaker Hound (YouTube)

The stitch detail in the middle of the shoe should extend to the outsole. To ensure that it does, place your fingers under the stitching and check that it reaches down to the bottom of the outsole.

4. Heel Details

How to Tell if Yeezys are real or Fake _ Heel Details
EEZY BOOST 350 V2 CREAM WHITE/TRIPLE WHITE – Real Vs. Fake (LEGIT CHECK) by Sneaker Hound (YouTube)

Pay special attention to the heel tab of a Yeezy shoe. The tab features red stitching with five stitches in the upper left corner and nine stitches in the rectangular portion.

Real Yeezys shoes have tabs that stitch deeply into the boost midsole at a distance of only one centimeter from the collar. This detail ensures that there is minimal visual space between the collar and tab, so you can easily spot a fake from an authentic pair.

5. Insoles

How to Tell if Yeezys are real or Fake _ Insoles
YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 CREAM WHITE/TRIPLE WHITE – Real Vs. Fake (LEGIT CHECK) by Sneaker Hound (YouTube)

The genuine Yeezy shoes have a grey tone to their inner soles. The counterfeit ones have white ink. Knockoffs will often use a different material for the inner sole and uppers — if the shoe’s materials are different on the inside as well, it’s likely not authentic.

6. Outsoles

Another difference between a fake and authentic pair of Yeezys is that the flower-like embossing is on the outsole white part of the real shoes.

When you touch the heel on a real pair, it will feel soft and spongy. Fake pairs are much stiffer to the touch.

7. Side Logo

How to Tell if Yeezys are real or Fake _ Side Logo
EEZY BOOST 350 V2 CREAM WHITE/TRIPLE WHITE – Real Vs. Fake (LEGIT CHECK) by Sneaker Hound (YouTube)

Official Yeezys feature the Adidas logo and YZY stamp on the inner sides of the shoe, respectively. Counterfeits will often have logos that are off-center and a font that is larger than the original.

How to Tell if Pirate Black Yeezys are Fake

The Yeezys “Pirate Black” is the shoe that’s got everyone talking. We’ve seen them sell out in a matter of minutes.

Those who managed to get their hands on the coveted Kanye West Pirate Black Yeezys and weren’t able to get them from a trustworthy retailer might have some concerns as to whether or not their pair is real or fake. To answer these questions, we’re taking a deeper look into how to tell if Pirate Black Yeezys are fake.

1. Pull Tab

There’s a difference between the stitching of the retail pair and the UA (Unauthorized) pair. The UA pair has an additional rectangle of stitching around the heel pull, but it’s not centered on the pull.

2. Suede In-step

There is a slight difference in stitching.

3. Outsole

The differences are subtle, but they exist. The lines that run through the Yeezys outsole and the circular cutouts on the three stripes are a bit thicker on these fakes.

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4. Prime Knit

The side-by-side comparison shows how much the lights affect the side-stitch design — on the authentic pair, it’s more evident and the ridges in the midsole are larger than on the replica; also, the print is slightly bolder. Keep in mind that sizing plays a role in comparing as well.

Watch the video below on how to tell if Pirate Black Yeezys are fake by Sneaker Hound.

How to Tell If Yeezys V2 Are Fake

How to Tell if Yeezys are Fake _ Barcode and Box Label
Legit Check: Yeezy Boost 350 V2 REAL vs FAKE How to Spot Fake Yeezys Fake Education YEEZY GOD by Gunner Tierno (YouTube)

1. Barcode

For every Yeezys V2 size or colorway, there’s one specific code in the long line of characters that makes up a barcode. There’s one certain barcode for Sesame-coloured Yeezy Boost 350 V2s, and another for Beluga-coloured ones.

You can search for the barcode number on the fake Yeezy that you bought using the Legit Check App, to match it with the authentic pairs’ barcodes. Fakes have an incorrect (or different) barcode compared to genuine shoes.

2. Box Label

Some replica manufacturers know the value of a great presentation, and their efforts are apparent when it comes to packaging. Like for example a pair of Yeezy V2 comes with an impressive box, but it’s not as extravagant as it first appears; the box is inauthentic. 

The font on the exterior is thicker than on authentic boxes, and the Adidas stripes are visibly different from the original packaging.

3. Size Tag

How to Tell if Yeezys are Fake _ Size Tag
Legit Check: Yeezy Boost 350 V2 REAL vs FAKE How to Spot Fake Yeezys Fake Education YEEZY GOD by Gunner Tierno (YouTube)

We need to look out for the little things to spot a counterfeit. The fake shoes use lower-quality materials that look and feel inferior to Adidas’ own. 

Look out for misprints, inconsistencies, and an irregularity in the shape of the 3-stripe mark or the black circle around the three-stripe mark.

4. Lacing

How to Tell if Yeezys are Fake _ Lacing
Legit Check: Yeezy Boost 350 V2 REAL vs FAKE How to Spot Fake Yeezys Fake Education YEEZY GOD by Gunner Tierno (YouTube)

Watch out if the lacing is properly executed because authentic Yeezys v2 has the right lace underneath the left lace on both shoes.

5. Boost Sole 

How to Tell if Yeezys are Fake _ Boost Sole
Legit Check: Yeezy Boost 350 V2 REAL vs FAKE How to Spot Fake Yeezys Fake Education YEEZY GOD by Gunner Tierno (YouTube)

You can identify fake Yeezys v2 with this shortcut: look for a rounded shape, more “bubbly” appearance to the Boost Sole. Authentic pairs will have Boosts that are less defined shape-wise and come in more oval or angular shapes.

6. Extra Tags

Spot the unnecessary extra labels or tags attached. Check the misprints and minor inconsistencies on those labels as well.

7. Accessories

How to Tell if Yeezys are Fake _ Accessories
Legit Check: Yeezy Boost 350 V2 REAL vs FAKE How to Spot Fake Yeezys Fake Education YEEZY GOD by Gunner Tierno (YouTube)

Be mindful of those extra trinkets or accessories included in your Yeezys because though some manufacturers don’t send extra ones nowadays in some it still exists.

Papers included shouldn’t be perfectly folded. Authentic Yeezys v2 comes wrapped in yellow-cream paper.

Yeezy V2 Legit Check

For a quick Yeezy v2 legit check makes sure to check out these pointers:

1. Check the Barcode. If it’s fake, you’ll see a blurry barcode with no white area.

2. Look for the sizes and V02, V03, or V10 text. If they aren’t there, it’s not authentic.

3. Examine the boxes.

How to Tell If Yeezys Are Fake Just By Looking At A Picture

You can tell if a pair of Yeezys are fake just by looking at a picture because you can see the pattern on the side is wrong. On the retail pair, there’s a dot pattern that looks like an “X” and then a square — and it repeats. 

But, on the fake shoe, there’s no pattern at all. It’s just one color. The writing on the insole of the unauthorized is white, which is incorrect also.


The safest way to avoid a fake Yeezy is by purchasing from authorized retailers, like the ones listed on the product page. If you are buying online, make sure that your seller is reputable. If they aren’t an authorized retailer, make sure that they come with an invoice and guarantee of authenticity.

I hope you find this article helpful in spotting those elements that differentiate a fake Yeezy from a real one. It has become a lot tougher now that replica manufacturers are getting more and more keen on details.

If you have your ways of how to tell if Yeezys are fake, you can leave us a comment too, or any thoughts and questions. Also, share this with your fellow sneakerheads.

Now go buy those Yeezys!

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