Vans Golf Shoes: Ultimate Cheat Sheet


If you’re wondering, do Vans make golf shoes? The short answer is No. Vans don’t have a line of Vans golf shoes, but it does have products that will improve your game. 


The widely popular brand has been around since 1966, so it knows a thing or two about making shoes that people love to wear. 

While some golfers swear by their superstitions and traditions when it comes to gear, you’ll likely find that Vans golf shoes aren’t just stylish, they have a purpose that will help improve your swing. 

If you play more than once a week, some specific styles and technologies will be ideal for your needs and they all start with a good pair of sneakers from Vans.

You’ve seen them on the course, but you may not know what Vans golf shoes are, or why they’re so popular. 

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Vans Golf Shoes

Read this guide to learn everything you need to know about Vans Golf Shoes, including why Classic Vans can turn into golf shoes with the game of golf in mind.

Also, how you can select the best Vans golf shoes based on your needs and preferences!

The Best Golf Shoes from Vans

Although Vans make stylish footwear for casual wear, they haven’t had a lot of success in producing Vans golf shoes. 

But that hasn’t stopped them from trying. 

Here we look at Vans and their attempts to create an option for those looking for Vans golf shoes that don’t fall into traditional categories. 

We consider how you can customize your Vans golf shoes as well as why you may want to avoid buying Vans as golf shoes. 

Then we take a look at some suggestions if you are still determined to go down that path and purchase a pair of Vans golf shoes.

Vans Golf Shoes for Men

Vans Golf Shoes

Vans golf shoes for Men includes several different models. 

First, there are two main types of shoes in their collection, half-collar and quarter-collar, each designed to fit a specific part of your foot. 

If you have an average or narrow foot shape, opt for a half-collar shoe to give your heel room. 

However, if you have a wider foot it’s recommended that you wear quarter-collar shoes instead. 

Whatever kind of shape you have in mind, both provide comfort while still having stylish designs that are perfect to wear around town too. 

Another great option from Vans is their wedge sneakers. 

These low-profile slip-on wedges offer additional stability on uneven surfaces as well as protection from dings and chips on green grass. 

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In addition to providing functionality, these low-top sneakers look just as great as traditional high-top golf shoes but offer more versatility outside of course thanks to their less restricted design. 

You can wear your sneakers with jeans or khakis for a more casual look whereas traditional high tops work best with slacks and dress pants.

Thanks to how you can lace them up tightly so they stay secure over longer periods of walking on a course throughout.

Women’s Golf Shoes Vans

Vans Golf Shoes

For women’s golf shoes Vans, there are several options you can try like Vans with V-Tip technology, flex grooves, and more. 

V-Tip technology will improve flexibility and feel on course. 

Flex grooves help provide enhanced flexibility throughout your swing so that your transition from backswing to downswing is smooth and natural. 

The soles should also have reinforcement for added durability. 

Women’s casual shoes from Vans can complement any outfit so look for more choices and styles.

Other important features to look for include full-grain leather uppers or polyurethane upper, which keep your feet comfortable all day long even when it’s hot outside.

What are Vans Golf Wang Shoes?

Golf Wang x Vans has been around for a while now. It started as a popular collaboration sneaker with all-around style but has quickly gained traction as one of the most versatile shoe options on tour. 

After over 30 designs, there’s not much that hasn’t already been openly said about these classic shoes. 

But if you’re shopping for your first pair, here are 5 things to keep in mind before you pull out your wallet.

1. Fit is Everything 

2. Keep Them Clean 

3. There Are Subtle Differences Depending On Your Game 

4. Always Choose Function Over Fashion 

5. You Don’t Need Expensive Golf Shoes 

Fit is Everything 

The beauty of Vans is that they offer something for everybody, no matter what kind of shoe you prefer or where your bank account stands. 

They’re also crafted using tried and true leathers like nubuck and suede. 

These shoes will last years if properly taken care of. 

They’ll start snug—don’t worry, that’s normal—but they’ll give you room to wiggle into them after a couple of rounds. 

When you shop make sure to check to size charts carefully since different styles run differently across different collections. 

Check out their size finder tool too because it’ll provide sizes based on half sizes or by widths. 

Keep Them Clean 

An easy way to save some dough is to buy your used golf shoes, but prepare to spend a little time maintaining them. 

A simple way of doing so is by putting those bad boys in an old pillowcase after every round. 

This keeps dirt from embedding into those soles that can cost you some serious distance on second shots and approaches. 

Also avoid wearing any other white/light-colored socks, because who wants a dirty sock mingling between two black socks? 

There Are Subtle Differences Depending On Your Game 

There are so many subtle differences between each model of golf shoes available from Vans – especially within their Classic collection – that getting familiar with each shoe’s design takes time. 

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For example, some have softer uppers than others. 

Some come standard with heavier outsoles, while others are for higher speeds. 

Some have more traction on the turf while others don’t even touch it during play. 

Some models even feature EVA heel cushions for extra shock absorption when hitting that soft bunker shot (surprisingly rare in golf shoes). 

Always Choose Function Over Fashion 

Yes, we know they look cool and draw plenty of compliments, but always choose function over fashion when picking out your next pair of golf shoes. 

Sure, you might look funny in your fresh new Wangs for a few months. 

And yes, they might limit your ability to quickly move around out on the course. 

But if they perform better than anything else you’ve ever played in, then that’s all that matters. 

At least that’s what Jordan Spieth says he does. He played in golf shoes made specifically for him that didn’t stop him from winning his first major (the 2016 U.S. Open). 

As Arnold Palmer once famously quipped, The game is easier with good shoes. 

You Don’t Need Expensive Golf Shoes 

You don’t need to drop $200+ for a great pair of golf shoes. 

You probably shouldn’t. But if you want to, by all means, go ahead and do it—we’re just letting you know that a lot of people would tell you to save your money. 

For a good quality entry-level shoe, try out either Vans Drifter or Classic Slip-On for around $70 each. 

How You Can Customize Your Vans Golf Shoes

You can customize your Vans golf shoes in a lot of different ways. 

A lot of people think they’re just for skateboarding and wearing on casual days, but there are many options for personalizing them so they become perfect for what you need. 

And since we’re talking about customization here, we thought we’d show you some ways to tweak and change them so that they serve exactly what you need. 

There are two main types of customization: appearance and comfort. 

Both are equally important when considering how to get your Vans golf shoes just right. 

Each one brings its benefits, so let’s take a look at each in turn. 

  1. Appearance Customization
  2. Comfort Customization 

Appearance Customization 

The first way you can customize your Vans is by altering their aesthetic appeal, which could mean almost anything from colors to designs or patterns. 

These alterations are usually cosmetic rather than functional—or both—but sometimes one affects the other too. 

The big benefit of appearance customizations is that it gives your shoes an element of individuality which makes them stand out from others who have gone with either standard colorways or patterns/designs. 

If you want to do something simple like changing the laces, then there’s nothing much more to it than simply putting in new ones. 

But if you wanted something more complicated like having specific logos stitched onto your shoes, then getting them done would likely be costly. 

Just remember that though customized aesthetics might give your shoes a more personalized look and feel, all customizations will affect the price: any item added onto a pair will cost extra money as opposed to buying them unaltered. 

Another great idea to add to an existing shoe is a special plate engraved with your name or initials. This adds even more individuality and helps create ties between you and your Vans shoes. 

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Comfort Customization 

While looking good is one thing, feeling good goes hand-in-hand too! As such, another kind of customization involves improving comfort levels while wearing the Vans shoes in question. 

After all, how can you play a round of golf and compete against those around you if they’re comfortable while yours aren’t? 

Luckily, there are various ways to improve comfort levels through simple additions such as insoles for example. 

Some come pre-fitted into most pairs of Vans while you may need to purchase them separately. 

Insoles specifically made for athletic activities such as running or tennis tend to provide better shock absorption and impact distribution across multiple areas of your feet compared to ones designed for general use only. 

This means that wearing them will lead to less pressure and its placement upon certain parts of your feet, therefore leading to less fatigue over time. 

Many also have antimicrobial properties which actively destroy microorganisms causing odors to arise from within. 

This makes them even more appealing from a hygiene point of view as well as an esthetic standpoint because no one wants smelly shoes now do they? 

In addition, shoe inserts help absorb moisture by keeping sweat away from sensitive areas, keeping bacteria at bay so foot odor has no place to start. 

For more information about insole options, you might want to check the Best Insoles for Work Boots: The Ultimate Buying Guide

The same logic applies here when it comes to colors and patterns—if you want to change things up a bit then go ahead and experiment with adding different patterns or designs onto your existing pair instead of buying entirely new ones altogether. 

That way, at least there’s some connection between old and new so it isn’t like throwing away an old friend just yet.


Vans golf shoes are far better than all other top brands. Not only are they cheaper than all other brands but they are also more comfortable, higher quality, and easily last longer than any of their competitors. 

Although Vans golf shoes are arguably one of the most popular brands of a shoe on tour, you can still get away with wearing them on any golf course. 

After all, while every other golfer is wearing some ridiculously overpriced and equally colorful brand of high-top golf shoe, you’ll be wearing a comfortable and attractive pair of Vans.

 Whether they’re lace-ups or slip-on, you can take these shoes out onto any course and know that they’ll hold up for as long as you need them to. 

What more could you ask for? It just goes to show that great things do come in pairs. 

They’re well known for offering customers incredibly reliable service that meets or exceeds all expectations at an affordable price point.

Give these a try if you are looking for great Vans golf shoes for your game. 

Thanks for reading our complete thoughts on Vans golf shoes! 

Good luck in finding the best pair for yourself. Leave us a comment once you do find one.

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