Best Insoles for Work Boots: The Ultimate Buying Guide

The search for the best insoles for work boots is over because Superfeet COPPER Comfort Plus got you covered. These insoles will provide superior comfort with additional support. If you have flat feet, then Superfeet Copper offers excellent shock absorption to help protect your foot’s sensitive structures. 


When looking for the best insoles for work boots, you need to consider various factors like comfort and support for jobs that require standing or walking all day. 

A great insole can take your work boots from “get me through to payday” or to “I don’t want to take these off at night in no time.”

The best insole for many people when it comes to comfort is memory foam because it conforms to your foot shape. 

But gel insoles can be equally as comfortable with their shock-absorbing capabilities. 

You might also want to consider replacement insoles because they’re cheap and convenient. 

They tend to be from either gel or memory foam, which is excellent at absorbing shock. 

We find that these insoles work well with concrete flatfeet, but we don’t recommend them for other types of feet; it’s best to choose a different kind if you don’t have flat feet.

You should look into factors like the thinness of the insoles as well because wearing work boots all day can be painful, and thicker insoles mean extra padding, which is much better or can also be worse for your feet. 

Since you’re probably going to be on your feet most of the day wearing these things, you should try to make them as comfortable as possible. 

You’ll also want to ensure that your work boots are well insulated with good thermal protection so that your feet don’t get cold or sweaty. 

Insoles that are great for work boots for knee pain are also important because after working hard all day, no one wants their knees hurting them by nightfall. 

These best insoles for work boots will turn an ordinary pair of steel toe boots with an extra cushion into a pair of shoes that feels more like you’re wearing sneakers than work boots. 

Check out our hand-picked list below to know more and choose what best works for you.

Best Insoles for Work Boots

  1. Superfeet COPPER Comfort Plus – Best Overall 
  2. Timberland PRO Insole – Best on Concrete 
  3. NAZAROO Shoe Insoles – Best for Flat Feet
  4. Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles – Best Gel 
  5. Tread Labs Pace Boot Insole – Best Replacement Insoles 
  6. Happystep Memory Foam Insoles – Best Memory Foam 
  7. KEEN Utility K-10 Insole – Best Thin Insole
  8. Samurai Insoles – Best for Plantar Fasciitis 
  9. EASYFEET Insoles – Best Slip-on Insoles 
  10. FORM Premium Insoles – Best for Knee Pain

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10 Best Insoles for Work Boots Reviewed

Insoles are a necessary part of buying a new pair of work boots. 

It doesn’t matter how comfortable a pair of boots is; without the proper insoles, you could be walking around all day with achy feet. 

It’s not cool to be hobbling around your workplace all day, so you should know the top 10 best insoles for work boots.

Superfeet COPPER Comfort Plus – Best Overall

Superfeet COPPER Comfort Plus _ Best Overall

Superfeet COPPER Comfort Plus insoles are overall the best insoles for work boots overview because you can use its arch supports in various shoe styles and provide plenty of support and cushioning while working on concrete floors. 

These insoles feature a lifetime warranty that protects against defects that aren’t always a given for many competitors. 

In short, if you suffer from flat feet and have bad knees, back pain, or shin splints due to your work boots being too tight at the front of your ankles, try out Superfeet COPPER Comfort Plus. 

They feature copper tech, which provides better alignment & stability throughout every step thanks to its deep compression tech. 

Each pair comes in a standard size that fits most but is also available in wide sizes depending on what type of foot problems you have. 

Superfeet COPPER Comfort Plus insoles have a sturdy construction that takes the pressure off sensitive areas like the heel & ankle, improving blood flow & reducing inflammation, so your joints don’t hurt anymore after standing all day long. 

With Superfeet COPPER Comfort Plus, you’ll get complete arch support whether you have low or normal arches. 

Its gel & memory foam prevents fatigue. 

If you’ve got full-time jobs that require long hours on your feet, then gel inserts are essential to prevent soreness on your heels, Achilles tendon, calves, and joints. 

Extra cushioning keeps your feet feeling comfortable with Superfeet COPPER Comfort Plus; you no longer have to compromise comfort for stability – instead, you can have it all! 

Specialized shock absorbing layers throughout each insert ensures that every step feels as light as air.

The only downside is that they take longer than other options on our list to break in; it takes around three weeks. 

However, they come with a design that will make them comfortable for people with lower-arch, wide feet. 

Superfeet COPPER Comfort Plus is best for people who spend lots of time walking and running. 

Some gel/memory foam insoles start to feel soft after continuous use, but Superfeet COPPER Comfort Plus maintains its firmness and shape over time; that’s why they are the best insoles for workboots overall and are unisex as well.

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Timberland PRO Insole- Best on Concrete

Timberland PRO Insole _ Best Insoles for Work Boots on Concrete

Timberland PRO Insoles are the best insoles for work boots on concrete. 

Its memory foam insole helps workers with flat feet walk better as well on concrete. 

These insoles will increase your comfort level when walking/standing all day. 

Timberland PRO Men’s Insole features ultra-soft foam, which conforms to any type of foot shape. 

It also absorbs shock from prolonged exposure to hard surfaces like concrete floors. It also has gel technology that provides extra cushioning support. 

Another pro about these insoles is that they last longer than normal arch supports because they don’t break down quickly. 

Thus, you can walk confidently even after hours on end wearing Timberland PRO Men’s Insole insert into your work boots. 

Users also love how comfortable Timberland PRO Men’s insert works to minimize pain caused by standing for extended periods while providing excellent arch support. 

Timberland PRO Men’s Insole has no odor and requires no breaking in period. 

The bottom line is that if you are spending most of your time at work, whether standing or walking around all day on hard surfaces, these insoles will help reduce stress and fatigue. 

These are the best insoles for work boots on concrete.

NAZAROO Shoe Insoles – Best for Flat Feet

NAZAROO Shoe Insoles _ Best Insoles for Flat Feet work boots

NAZAROO Shoe Insoles are the best insoles for flat feet work boots because they are gel or memory foam that provides comfort, support, and stability to your work boots. 

They also have arch support for your flat feet. 

NAZAROO Shoe Insoles features a gel or memory foam insole that provides comfort, support, and stability to your work boots. 

Its arch support helps to reduce fatigue by giving you better posture while at work. 

Also, the shock absorption of these insoles has materials that will help give you more energy throughout your day on your feet.

These insoles also have the top of a foot stabilizer that helps relieve pain caused by plantar fasciitis. 

It gives you extra cushioning & comfort. 

They are non-slip and help protect your heel, while the antibacterial natural rubber soles promote a healthy foot environment.

NAZAROO Shoe Insoles offer easy Installation; they are lightweight and durable. You can wear them inside or outside work boots so it’s a two-in-one and will not cause skin irritation. 

Also, if you have a pair of uncomfortable steel toe work boots, these NAZAROO Shoe Insoles guarantee comfort. 

NAZAROO Shoe Insoles are not just the best insoles for hard-working professionals, but they are also the best insoles for flat feet work boots.

Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles – Best Gel Insoles

Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles _ Best Gel Insoles

Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles are one of the best gel insoles for work boots on today’s market. 

Made with gel that will give you optimal comfort while working, you can find these insoles in nearly any store that sells shoes.

Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles features a high-density material that gives you long-lasting support and shock absorption.

The insoles also come with a built-in arch support system, so you don’t have to worry about creating or buying an extra insert for your work boots or sneakers. 

These same technological advances also help out tremendously when it comes to reducing pressure points, so your feet aren’t sore at all after a long day of standing on concrete floors. 

Additional features like a mesh top cover so your feet stay nice and cool throughout those sweltering summer days. 

The best gel insoles for work boots are Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles because they are perfect for people with flat feet. 

For flatfeet, Dr.Scholl’s has several styles of insoles explicitly designed to combat fallen arches. 

The primary goal of these products is to provide relief from pain caused by plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, bunions, and neuromas.

Tread Labs Pace Boot Insole – Best Replacement Insoles 

Tread Labs Pace Boot Insole _ Best Replacement Insoles _

Tread Labs Pace Boot Insoles are one of the best replacement insoles for work boots. 

They provide both comfort and stability to your feet. 

Unlike other brands, these insoles don’t make noise when you walk; they have a rigid heel counter which stops them from moving around in your boots.

These insoles fit all kinds of footwear, from dress shoes to combat boots. 

Tread Labs Pace Boot Insole features gel or memory foam in its footbeds. It offers excellent support and stability in your work boots too. 

It has excellent support due to its firm heel counter and amazing cushioning due to its super-plush footbeds.

Tread Labs Pace Boot Insole has a removable EVA heel lift, making every step you take feel easy and light. 

They also offer an unconditional replacement guarantee which means if you’re not happy with your purchase, you can get a refund within 30 days without question asked.

Tread Labs Pace Boot Insoles are great for people with flat feet because they provide arch support and stability. 

The only complaint I found was that people found them a bit narrow and had to try more than once before finding a pair that felt comfortable on their feet.

However, these insoles are still the best replacement insoles for work boots that you can find in the market today.

Happystep Memory Foam Insoles-Best Memory Foam 

Happystep Memory Foam Insoles _ Best Memory Foam

Happystep Memory Foam Insoles are the best memory foam insoles for work boots because they effectively support and stabilize your feet while providing comfortable cushioning and arch support. 

Made with gel and memory foam, these high-quality polyurethane insoles provide superior shock absorption and balance. 

The designers made them fit most Men’s & Women’s Concrete Flat Feet/Flat Arches work boots, but they also come in half sizes to get them to fit just right. 

Additionally, they come at an affordable price, so it doesn’t break your budget. 

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And finally, since one size usually doesn’t fit all, you can buy several pairs of these insoles and swap them out whenever necessary! 

Happystep Memory Foam Insoles also have a free exchange guarantee and 100% money back if you don’t entirely fall in love with these insoles. 

This Best Price Guarantee offer means they will always offer the lowest prices online as well. 

You can also get more comfortable now with its memory foam that instantly molds to each user’s foot shape, bringing immediate relief from stress and tension. 

You may not even want to take off your shoes after a long day with these terrific insoles! 

Far more efficient A better performing pair of shoes won’t make up for having poor insoles inside! 

These super helpful inserts make sure every step you take feels good – no matter what type of work boot you’re wearing. 

Happystep Memory Foam Insoles are great for people looking for the Best Memory Foam insoles for work boots and other types of job footwear. 

KEEN Utility K-10 Insole – Best Thin Insole

KEEN Utility K-10 Insole _ Best Thin Insole _

KEEN Utility K-10 Insole is the best thin insoles for work boots because they have a gel or memory foam material that conforms to your feet over time; also, they will absorb shock and help support your foot. 

If you have concrete flatfeet, these insoles are excellent insoles for your work boots. 

Their Cushion Plus is very soft, and enough is cushioning around your heel. 

These insoles reduce pain by 25% due to their arch support, preventing chronic foot pain by evenly distributing pressure across your arches, heels, and toes. 

KEEN Utility K-10 Insole features perforated holes so they allow air to flow through them so they can wick moisture away from your feet while wearing them. 

What also makes these insoles unique is that if it isn’t working out for you, you can remove them and return them with its free return policy.

Additionally, these insoles aren’t too high off of your work boot but still high enough to get all-day-long comfort. 

The price on these insoles isn’t bad either, considering that they’re durable and last long while saving you money on expensive custom orthotics that don’t fit inside your work boot. 

KEEN Utility K-10 Insoles are perfect for those who want to save money and those that work in harsh environments where shoes could potentially melt or burn because these insoles are fire resistant up to 700°F (371°C). 

These are the best thin insoles for work boots and are worth buying!

Samurai Insoles – Best for Plantar Fasciitis 

Samurai Insoles _ Best for Plantar Fasciitis

Samurai Insoles are best for plantar fasciitis work boots because they help your foot support better while cushioning pressure, reducing pain. 

Choose gel or memory foam insoles that mold to your feet, providing both stability and comfort. 

Samurai Insoles features a six-layer performance design with a shock-absorbing polyurethane core encased in a durable TPU shell. 

The top layer of soft polyurethane conforms to your heel’s unique shape while gently cradling it on every step. 

Because Samurai Insole goes through contouring with an inverted arch cap, it relieves stress from painful shin splints caused by dropped arches. 

Samurai Insoles also feature no-slip properties to help prevent slipping off during high-impact activities, especially effective when wearing work boots. 

Finding the best insoles for shoes doesn’t get any easier than finding Samurai Insoles with all these benefits. 

Samurai Insoles are excellent for people looking for the best insoles for plantar fasciitis work boots because they’re perfect for alleviating pain associated with flatfoot, low arches, and other common biomechanical problems. 

EASYFEET Insoles – Best for Slip On 

EASYFEET Insoles _ Best for Slip-on _

EASYFEET Insoles are high-quality, comfortable memory foam inserts that offer all-day arch support. 

When you take into account their lifetime guarantee, it’s clear why so many people love these inserts and they are the best insoles for slip-on work boots.

They offer great support and comfort to your feet and work in a variety of different shoes and boots – not just work boots. 

FORM Premium Insoles features plastic supports deeply embedded inside them, which help keep your ankles stable while wearing steel toe boots. 

The soles are durable polyurethane which is non-skid, making them perfect for construction sites or any slippery surface. 

FORM Premium Insoles keep your feet dry, healthy, and free from odor. 

It also has a lightweight sole, so light; they’ll hardly feel like you’ve got anything at all between your foot and flooring surface. 

The latex arch support of this insole also helps alleviate pain caused by plantar fasciitis and other lower leg pains. 

FORM Premium Insoles are great for people who suffer from knee pain due to spending hours standing up at their job on end. 

Office workers, shopkeepers, and anyone suffering from frequent knee joint soreness will benefit from using these insoles. 

The best insoles for slip-on work boots indeed.

FORM Premium Insoles – Best for Knee Pain

FORM Premium Insoles _ Best for Knee Pain

FORM Premium Insoles is ideal for people with knee problems because they provide firm but cushioned support. 

They are the best insoles for work boots and knee pain.

FORM Premium Insoles features a lightweight, flexible polypropylene and soft but durable foam that doesn’t require break-in time like other insoles. 

A 1-year warranty also backs it against manufacturing defects and has a contoured arch to help reduce knee pain caused by standing or running on hard surfaces all day. 

FORM Premium Insoles have gel or memory foam while still keeping it lightweight to provide maximum shock absorption. 

They have concave heel cups that distribute body weight evenly across feet while keeping heel pain at bay, even after an 8-hour workday. 

They have two layers of foam providing stable support so you can stand up straight with confidence throughout your shift!

FORM Premium Insoles are the best insoles for work boots and people with knee pain, giving you flexible cushioning that conforms to your feet without being heavy. 

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They offer great support for people who have difficulty bending down due to osteoarthritis or back problems. 

Best Insoles for Work Boots Buying Guide

Best Insoles for Work Boots Buying Guide _

You need to look into a few things when buying the best insoles for work boots, like arch support, shock absorption, and material. 

It is essential to consider this because it can be damaging if you buy an insole that doesn’t fit well with your type of shoes. 

Also, not all shoe inserts are out of gel or memory foam, so knowing these details before purchasing can help prevent injury caused by using un-supportive shoe inserts. 

Here are the factors that you should seriously take into consideration.

  1. Types of Insoles
  2. Material
  3. Sizing and Fit
  4. Arch Support
  5. Shock Absorption

Types of Insoles

Types of insoles play a vital role in choosing the best insoles for work boots because they help provide more comfort and support during long hours on concrete.

Comfort insoles are ideal for individuals with flat feet. 

For people with high arches, firm inserts can be helpful to maintain alignment and arch height. In most cases, though, gel or memory foam provides cushioning that conforms to your foot’s shape. 

Molded insoles are also good at absorbing impact, making them a good choice if you walk around on hard surfaces all day. 

Your toes should never touch the end of your work boots’ toe box. 

That means you need plenty of room in front as well as in back. 

Some companies even make extra-wide work boots specifically designed for those with wide feet or extra-long toes. 

If any part of your foot is crowding against the end of its designated area, it could lead to problems such as corns and calluses. 

On the other hand, orthotic insoles come with a unique design for treating plantar fasciitis, arthritis, diabetes, and obesity. 

Overweight people often have foot pain because their shoes don’t fit properly. 

Wearing supportive shoes keeps the weight distributed evenly across both arches and prevents one from collapsing while standing or walking. 

Shoes that don’t fit properly can aggravate many conditions, including diabetes and obesity.


The materials are also crucial for the best insoles for work boots because they have to stand up to all-day wear on concrete, which is tough even on supportive shoes. 

Look for an insole that utilizes gel or memory foam, which can both give feet extra support and cushioning. 

Not only will this help keep you comfortable through a full day at work, but it’ll also ease any pain associated with standing or walking all day. 

Heel cushioning is another big plus since it helps prevent painful blisters that come from straining your feet against your shoes.

Sizing and Fit

The size and fit are just as crucial since you don’t want your insoles shifting around in your boots. 

If you have flat feet, it is best to buy a pair of insoles with gel or memory foam, which will help support your feet without squeezing them too much. 

This is especially true if you work on concrete all day. 

It also helps to know what comes with these insoles, such as arch supports or heel cups. 

You can sometimes get these items included when you purchase your insoles if you need them. 

Most importantly, you need insoles that fit snugly into your work boots so that they feel comfortable on your feet throughout long shifts. 

Comfort can often be subjective, but some companies offer free trials on their products so that you don’t have to risk purchasing them first before knowing whether or not they are right for you.

Arch Support

Arch Support is also a top priority in looking for the best insoles for work boots because you’ll spend most of your day on your feet. 

Your feet, ankles, and legs will thank you. 

There are two main types of support – arch support and stability support. 

Since flat-footedness is more common than over-pronation or supination, look for an insole that focuses on your arch to prevent pain in your heels, knees, and back. 

If you have any other specific medical issues related to foot pain, it’s best to consult with a professional before making any purchases.

Shock Absorption

Shock Absorption is a must when choosing the best insoles for work boots because you’ll be wearing them every day and will be on your feet all day. 

The more shock absorption they have, you’ll find yourself less sore and exhausted after a long day at work. 

If you have flatfeet or don’t, stability in your feet is vital to reduce injury. 

To help with stability, choose an insole that has anti-pronation technology or extra arch support as well.


Superfeet COPPER Comfort Plus insoles are our top pick and overall the best insoles for work boots because they’re well-cushioned, comfortable to wear, don’t smell when they get wet, provide relief from the pain associated with plantar fasciitis or flat feet, and can help relieve heel spurs. 

While these insoles aren’t cheap, you get what you pay for in terms of comfort—and your feet will thank you.

Runner up for the best insoles for work boots are Timberland PRO Insoles because they have a gel or memory foam perfect for working on concrete flatfeet. 

Additionally, the insoles from Timberland are specifically designed to support your arch throughout your foot so you can stand for long periods without hurting yourself. 

These are also super comfortable compared to others in their class, making them perfect if you’re out in them all day or walking around during your lunch break; these will keep your feet feeling good all day long.

Suppose you want a budget-friendly insole without sacrificing the necessary qualities of the best insoles for a work boot. 

In that case, Happystep Memory Foam Insoles is the way to go because it’s affordable and offers decent support. 

There you have it, the best insoles for work boots. 

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