Best Shoes for Neuropathy

If you suffer from neuropathy and need help with proper alignment and foot support, turn to Orthofeet’s Orthopedic Pacific Palisades sneakers. These premium orthotic shoes can keep your feet comfortable throughout the day. 


Neuropathy patients need particular kinds of shoes. You can find this in a pair designed for them. 

Shoes designed specifically for neuropathy patients provide the extra support, roomy toe box, and cushioning that patients need after their nerve pain has subsided. 

Even better, they need to have a design to reduce pressure on nerves to help prevent new cases of neuropathy.

The best shoes for neuropathy vary from case to case, but many factors contribute to their superiority. 

Gender plays a part — males tend to have thicker feet and require more cushioning than females, who don’t need as much support or thickness due to typically smaller foot sizes. 

The individual’s medical history is also essential — diabetics and people with other medical conditions need shoes that keep their feet at a comfortable temperature.

Neuropathy causes can range from nerve damage, diabetic complications and more. 

For all of your great options for the best shoes for neuropathy, check out the list below.

Best Shoes for Neuropathy in 2021

  1. Orthofeet Pacific Palisades – Best Overall 
  2. Orthofeet Joelle – Runner-up 
  3. Orthofeet Coral – Best for Orthotics 
  4. Skechers Equalizer – Best for Men 
  5. Skechers Microburst – Best for Women 
  6. ASICS Gel-Contend 6 – Best Tennis Shoes 
  7. Orthofeet Quincy – Best Water Shoes 
  8. Skechers Go Walk Evolution – Best Value 
  9. Slow Man Walking Shoes – Best Hiking Shoes 

9 Best Shoes for Neuropathy Reviewed & Compared

It’s no secret that getting shoes is a big deal, especially if you have neuropathy. 

Whether it’s a trip to the mall or you’re trying to get some running shoes for a cardiopulmonary activity, being on your feet can be extremely hard. 

So let us make things easier for you and narrow down some of the best shoes out there on the market for neuropathy customers like yourself.

That is so you can have a quick look and see what will be perfect for your needs, whether during daily wear or high-intensity exercise routines. 

We hope we help you in your endeavors!

Orthofeet Pacific Palisades – Best Overall

Orthofeet Pacific Palisades _ Best Shoes for Neuropathy

Orthofeet’s Pacific Palisades sneakers are the go-to for people who suffer from neuropathy. The premium orthotic insoles in these sneakers can help you with proper alignment and foot support so that you can enjoy the day without sore feet or ankle pain.

The Pacific Palisades Sneakers come with orthotic insoles, which provide relief from foot and leg fatigue. The multilayer foam cushioning can help reduce the stress on arches and joints and enhance support, thereby reducing the chances of pain.

Its contoured heel seat mimics the natural shape of your heel for maximum comfort and support. These shoes have soft cushioning foam to keep you comfortable with every step.

Also, its toe box is wide enough for you to move your toes freely without rubbing against the front of the shoe. One feature that stands out about this model is that it has DryPlex, an antimicrobial fabric, and Polyfoam that helps prevent foul odor.

Orthofeet Pacific Palisades is perfect for those suffering from neuropathy. Padded collars, arch supports, and unique design make it the best shoes for neuropathy.

Orthofeet Joelle – Best for Diabetics

Orthofeet Joelle _ Best Shoes for Diabetics with Neuropathy

Orthofeet is a leading American company that designs shoes for people whose diabetic neuropathy symptoms make it difficult to wear conventional shoes. Its Orthofeet Joelle shoes are the best shoes for diabetics with neuropathy.

The Orthofeet Joelle shoes have a high-quality, polyurethane-based line that features gently contoured insoles that optimize blood flow and provide the right amount of support to the heel. These shoes are for maximum comfort and optimal performance on every step.

Orthofeet’s Joelle is perfect for those with nerve damage. The sturdy, slip-resistant outsole and stretch lining provide maximum impact protection, while the cushioned insole provides comfort for all-day wear.

These shoes also feature a round-toe design that provides plenty of space to accommodate swollen feet. Whether you have diabetes or have just returned from a long hike, this shoe will give you all the comfort you need.

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This sneaker does exactly what it claims: it relieves foot pain and gives your feet a comfortable place to be. It is undoubtedly the best shoe for diabetics with neuropathy.

Orthofeet Coral – Best for Orthotics

Orthofeet Coral _ Best Shoes for Neuropathy feet

Orthofeet Coral shoes are the best shoes for neuropathy feet. With a contoured footbed, high-quality leather, and an ergonomic heel. 

They reduce stress caused by neuropathy by absorbing shock with each step you take – no more sore feet at the end of the day.

These shoes have breathable soft uppers and supportive interiors. 

It provides the best comfort, stability, and mobility while combating neuropathy, heel pain, and other conditions that cause foot discomfort.

Orthofeet coral also has a wide and roomy toe box that leaves no room for neuropathic pain, Morton’s Neuroma, or inflamed toes. 

The forefoot depth creates stability, while the removable insole offers ample space for your custom-made orthotics.

Orthofeet understands the problems that come with neuropathy. 

This specific footwear has a fantastic design to help you walk better and feel better by improving your foot comfort and stability. 

These shoes are absolutely the best shoes for neuropathy.

Skechers Equalizer – Best for Men

Skechers Men_s Equalizer _ Best Men_s Shoes for Neuropathy

SKECHERS designs, develops, markets, and distributes lifestyle footwear for all categories of wearers with performance-driven products for walking, running, and wellness. Skechers Men’s Equalizer is the brand’s best men’s shoes for neuropathy.

Skechers Men’s Equalizer offers a comfortable and convenient way to stay active. The brand’s best-selling slip-on shoes for neuropathy have soft material on the outside for durability and comfort and a cushioned foam sole on the inside for walking ease. 

Additionally, these Skechers slip-on have elastic side panels for easy-on, easy-off wear. A great feature, especially for men with neuropathy.

Skechers men’s equalizer has a unique multi-density cushioning system that provides greater comfort and shock absorption. This shoe guarantees to reduce foot, leg, and back pain, thanks to its proprietary technology. 

It also features a wide toe box for plenty of wiggle room. The Skechers Men’s Equalizer is the best men’s shoe for neuropathy because it looks stylish and comfortable and has the features that make it a perfect shoe for neuropathy.

Skechers Microburst – Best for Women

Skechers Women_s Microburst _ Best Women_s Shoes for Neuropathy

For the best women’s shoes for neuropathy, look no further than these Skechers Women’s Microburst shoes. These shoes keep you feeling comfortable with superior support for the arch, well-built construction, and high performance.

Skechers Women’s Microburst shoes are an excellent choice for women with mild to moderate cases of neuropathy. With a rubber sole and a synthetic upper, you can wear these shoes comfortably even in harsh weather conditions. 

They boast a generous toe box design and a cushioned insole for an optimal fit. The arch and heel supports are superb, and they come in a basic style that suits many different outfits. 

These shoes also have a 3/4 length foam padded collar that provides the much-needed arch support that helps alleviate the pain! The Skechers Women’s Microburst is absolutely the best women’s shoes for neuropathy.

ASICS Gel-Contend 6 – Best Tennis Shoes

ASICS Gel-Contend 6 _ Best Tennis Shoes for Neuropathy

ASICS Gel-Contend 6 shoes are the best tennis shoes for neuropathy. This new Gel-Contend 6 model is lighter than its predecessors and features an enhanced upper that helps improve ventilation and support. 

When you’re looking for your next pair of tennis shoes, you’ll be sure to find comfort and quality from Asics Gel-Contend.

These shoes have an AmpliFoam midsole to help reduce shock and impact, a premium footbed for energized comfort, and a rubber sole that gives you the flexibility you need to complete your routine with flair. 

It also has a patented antimicrobial additive in the polyurethane outsole that provides freshness by inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria, ensuring that your shoes stay fresh wear after wear!

One of the most significant issues that arise as a result of neuropathy is foot pain. That’s why ASICS Gel-Contend 6 shoes have a design that’s great for people with foot disabilities. 

Asics Gel-Contend 6 shoes are indeed the best tennis shoes for neuropathy. These shoes will give you the support and comfort you need while playing tennis without putting pressure on your feet.

Orthofeet Quincy – Best Water Shoes

Orthofeet Quincy _ Best Water Shoes for Neuropathy

This Orthofeet Quincy shoe is the best choice for people who suffer from neuropathy. Customers consistently said that the shoes were super comfortable, even after hours of wear, and reduced irritation in their feet. 

Materials are ultra-soft and breathable. They are suitable for wearing inside or outside without the fear of painful blisters or sores. It is also great in the water and the best water shoes for neuropathy.

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Orthofeet Quincy shoes deliver on their promise of a perfect mix of lightweight construction, ergonomic design, all-day comfort, and premium support. 

These flat-footed water shoes for men and women feature various anatomically cushioned insoles that help relieve pain and discomfort at the foot, knee, hip, back, and heel.

With its extra padding and smooth interior lining, this footwear solution is an excellent choice for women with painful feet and works as diabetic shoes, arthritis shoes, and neuropathy shoes.

If your shoes are constantly causing you pain, there’s no reason to suffer any longer. Orthofeet Quincy provides superior comfort and protection for sensitive feet. Especially when you want to enjoy the water, these shoes will keep you warm because they’re the best water shoes for neuropathy.

Skechers Go Walk Evolution – Best Value

Skechers Go Walk Evolution _ Best Value Shoes for Neuropathy

The Skechers Go Walk Evolution Shoe has all the features you need in the perfect shoe for neuropathy. It has a durable frame and excellent arch support, plus its breathability, flexibility, and traction make it the best value shoe for neuropathy.

The Skechers Go Walk Evolution Sneaker has a slip-on design without the fuss of laces. The upper is from a lightweight mesh fabric that’s breathable like an open window, allowing your feet to stay cool even when you’re pounding the pavement all day long.

The collar feature of this shoe is excellent for those who want warmth and a snug fit. The soft padding also ensures that the foot has an extra snuggly feeling.

Furthermore, the insoles have cushions to give you even more comfort on your feet. If you also care about durability, this shoe will last you a long time — the heel panel overlays and robust toe construction offer long-lasting use.

With its Ultra-G cushioning and Air Cooled Goga Mat, this sneaker will support your every step. You’ll be able to walk further and commute more easily without feeling tired feet or aching legs. The best value shoes for neuropathy indeed.

Slow Man Walking Shoes – Best Hiking Shoes

Slow Man Walking Shoes _ Best Hiking Shoes for Neuropathy

The best hiking shoes for neuropathy are the Slow Man Walking shoes. It has a unique design that enhances comfort and traction on steep terrains.

You’re going to love these non-slip and breathable shoes with air cushion platforms for people with foot injuries such as feet sores caused by diabetes or broken toes. These shoes can improve the situation by protecting your feet from any harm while being super comfortable.

If you’re looking for a shoe that gives your feet space to move and breathe, this pair of shoes is the best choice. The shoe upper is from suede fabric, flexible enough to let you move freely but sturdy enough to keep the shoes intact over time. 

The shoes have an interior made from breathable mesh fabric, so even after long days of walking or hiking, your feet will stay dry. This shoe is the best hiking shoe for neuropathy.

Best Shoes for Neuropathy Buying Guide

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After we’ve told you about the best shoes for neuropathy, now it’s time to let you know what goes into making up a great pair of shoes. 

You see, it would be great if you could quickly point out which are the best shoes for neuropathy so that when you try them on, you can appreciate their quality right off the bat. 

And while this may be doable, it won’t happen to everybody who wears these kinds of shoes.

Fortunately, some factors consistently stand out to people even in cases where they don’t realize they are paying attention to them:

  1. Material
  2. Design
  3. Cushioning
  4. Fit
  5. Wide Toe Box
  6. Breathability
  7. Shock Absorption


Best Shoes for Neuropathy Buying Guide _ Material

If you struggle with nerve pain in your legs and feet, finding the right shoes is crucial. 

To prevent further nerve damage, it’s essential that you get shoes with an appropriate sole — one that’s soft and flexible but also provides enough support to maintain your balance and mobility.

Shoes for people with neuropathy should be from mesh, leather, textile, and canvas materials. 

Rubber soles give the best support so that they can move as they want to without hurting themselves. 

The flexibility and support of these materials are essential when choosing shoes for burning feet.


Best Shoes for Neuropathy Buying Guide _ Design

If you have neuropathy, it most likely means that your feet are facing a lack of feeling.

Research has shown that wearing shoes with a closed design will help alleviate some of the pain associated with this condition — the mesh of open-design shoes is too sensitive to painful stimuli. It can cause significant discomfort for someone with neuropathy.

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Shoes with a closed design are the best option for people with neuropathy, as they protect your feet from falling objects. 

Additionally, these shoes prevent you from developing injuries, which is a significant risk factor for neuropathy.

Shoes with a closed design are better at protecting your foot from injury. This factor is crucial for people with neuropathy, as they’re more prone to foot injuries and other complications that may arise from the disease.

If you are going on a hike or an intense run, get a pair of shoes specifically made for the activity. If you want to have orthotics, make sure you can replace the insoles.


Best Shoes for Neuropathy Buying Guide _ Cushioning

Neuropathy patients suffer from foot pains that cause them a painful feeling when they walk or run. To eliminate the pain, the critical point for shoes for neuropathy is cushioning. 

Advanced cushioning will help minimize the impact on your feet and keep you walking, running, or standing comfortably throughout the day.


Best Shoes for Neuropathy Buying Guide _ Fit

When you’re living with neuropathy, it’s not uncommon for the symptoms to affect your feet, making them swell and causing some deformities.

Deeper shoes are a perfect choice for people with neuropathy, as they can help alleviate the problems feet may face, such as swelling or deformities.

People with Neuropathy are better off with shoes that offer a lot of room in the toes. Seamless and spacious upper designs ensure that feet can move comfortably and ensure that the shoes won’t rub or irritate the skin.

There are many things to consider when you’re looking for new shoes, especially when you have neuropathy. 

From the comfort they provide to their style, colors, and patterns. 

One critical aspect of choosing the proper footwear for neuropathy is making sure it fits your feet properly. It should have the right amount of extra space as well. 

Since each foot is unique, the most comfortable shoe isn’t always the right choice.

Wide Toe Box

Best Shoes for Neuropathy Buying Guide _ Wide Toe Box

If you suffer from neuropathy, you need a shoe that’s large enough to accommodate your feet. 

Foot type varies — some people are long-to-short, others are short-to-long. It’s also essential to choose a flexible and soft material to reduce pressure on the soles.

If you suffer from foot pain or neuropathy, a large toe box is the best way to protect your feet.


Best Shoes for Neuropathy Buying Guide _ Breathability

When buying the best shoes for neuropathy, it’s crucial to account for breathability. Materials that promote air circulation help prevent moisture buildup and alleviate some of the pain with poor circulation. 

If you are looking for a closed-toed shoe, make sure your shoe’s design is conducive to preventing neuropathy pain.

Breathability is one of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing new shoes. 

The vapor permeability of a shoe determines how well your foot stays cool and dry in hot weather and how quickly your feet can dry after getting drenched in sweat. 

Mesh inserts or perforations are just two of the many features that contribute to the breathability of any shoe. 

These shoe qualities are a must when purchasing the best shoes for neuropathy.

Shock Absorption

Best Shoes for Neuropathy Buying Guide _ Shock Absorption

Those with neuropathy or foot injuries need to wear shock-absorbing shoes to avoid painful sensations, especially when running or walking. 

When shopping for new sneakers, look for one that has an adequate cushioning system, a stable frame, and a breathable upper.

Your shoes should always have a durable yet flexible heel that allows your heels to bend and adjust as you walk. 

A good pair of shoes will never compromise your comfort: even when they get wet or muddy, the shoes will still have enough grip to keep you safe on slippery surfaces. 


If it’s the best shoes for neuropathy you want, look for the ones that provide plenty of support. 

Always look for the specific kind of cushioning depending on how much pain you’re experiencing from your neuropathy — this will determine how much padding you need and what type of material works best.

Orthofeet’s Orthopedic Pacific Palisades sneaker is an overall great model that I highly recommend as the best shoes for neuropathy. 

They provide generous support and stability, which is crucial for facing the challenges of diabetes, nerve damage, or any other foot pain, especially neuropathy.

For men, the Skechers Men’s Equalizer is a great choice that comes with memory foam and an antimicrobial footbed to ensure you stay active while also being comfortable even with neuropathy.

The Skechers Women’s Microburst is an excellent option for both style and comfort. 

It has compression support and cushioned insoles specially designed for women with neuropathy, ensuring that you have what you need to feel and look good.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post — and if there’s anything you’d like to add, feel free to comment below.