Best Shoes for Morton’s Neuroma: Buying Guide & Reviews

We looked a lot into the shoes that Morton’s neuroma sufferers wanted the most, and after careful consideration, it seems like Orthofeet Asheville and Orthofeet Charlotte are by far the best shoes for Morton’s neuroma than other products. 


Morton’s Neuroma (also known as Morton’s foot, fat pad atrophy, and inverted tarsal tunnel syndrome) occurs when the nerve between the bones in your feet becomes inflamed. 

It causes pain, numbness, and tingling in the ball of your foot. 

Fortunately, many people have found relief from these symptoms by wearing special shoes or insoles designed to protect against Morton’s Neuroma. 

Learn more about this condition and which shoes are best for it below!

What Is Morton’s Neuroma?

Morton’s neuroma is a nerve condition that can irritate your foot. 

The condition typically occurs between your third and fourth toes, although it may also appear between other toes. 

If you suffer from Morton’s neuroma, you will likely experience an uncomfortable burning sensation in your affected toe or joint after prolonged periods of standing or walking. 

The pain may worsen with activity and improve while resting but will usually persist throughout the day. 

Additionally, your toe may become red, swollen, and tender to touch. 

Best Shoes for Morton’s Neuroma

  1. Orthofeet Asheville – Overall Best Shoes for Men
  2. Orthofeet Charlotte – Overall Best Shoes for Women
  3. New Balance 847 V4 – Best Walking Shoes
  4. ASICS Gel-Cumulus 23 – Best Running Shoes
  5. Brooks Ghost 13 – Best Athletic Shoes
  6. Merrell Moab 2 MID – Best Hiking Shoes
  7. Brooks Glycerin 16 – Best Nursing Shoes
  8. Skechers Go Walk 4 – Best Lifestyle Shoes
  9. Ryka Influence – Best Zumba Shoes
  10. Skechers Afterburn – Best Workout Shoes for Men
  11. New Balance 577 V1 – Best Workout Shoes for Women

11 Best Shoes for Morton’s Neuroma Reviewed

We did a lot of in-depth research to find the best shoes for Morton’s neuroma. Our favorites are as follows:

Orthofeet Asheville – Overall Best Shoes for Men

Orthofeet Asheville - Best Mens Shoes for Morton's Neuroma -

The best shoes for Morton’s neuroma sufferers are actually orthopedic shoes. 

These will give you much better support than regular footwear and will allow your foot to function naturally without having to bear extra weight or pressure that can aggravate symptoms. 

One of our favorite brands is Orthofeet, which manufactures a wide range of shoes that offer excellent cushioning and support. 

The Asheville model is popular among men with Morton’s neuroma because it provides an ideal cushioning and shock absorption level.

And there’s more!

Orthofeet Asheville has a wide & roomy toe box that promises room for all your toes to move freely or rest comfortably. 

It will accommodate any foot type, and it even makes orthotics fit better

Orthofeet’s width comes with an extra padded forefoot area with double the depth of most shoes, where pressure on bunions, hammertoes, Morton’s neuroma can be reduced or eased altogether. 

With soft uppers and smooth interior lining, these shoes are also ideal for foot pain because of conditions like diabetes or arthritis. 

They come with a design that helps relieve symptoms endured because of neuropathy or peripheral vascular disease.

The UNIQUE DESIGN of Orthofeet Asheville makes it possible to alleviate stress on the joints and promote more stability. 

People with foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, heel pain, or neuropathy will also find that these shoes relieve these painful conditions.

Like all shoe brands, some Orthofeet models fit differently from others, so you should check out their sizing guide before ordering online to ensure you get a good fit.

Orthofeet Charlotte – Overall Best Shoes for Women

Orthofeet Charlotte - Best Women's Shoes for Morton's Neuroma -

Orthofeet Charlotte shoes are some of the best shoes for Morton’s neuroma. 

They are both comfortable and supportive, which is precisely what you need to deal with Morton’s. 

Plus, they are stylish, so these would be great to wear regularly rather than just during work or while walking around town. 

Any podiatrist will always recommend that you find a pair of shoes with an extra cushioned footbed (like Orthofeet) to relieve any pain in your feet when standing or walking. 

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The wide toe box is critical to people with extra wide feet, bunions, hammertoes, and other ailments in these areas of their feet.

Charlotte shoes got all the best features of our overall best shoes for Morton’s neuroma: Asheville.

So, logically, that means they also provide all the benefits our best overall shoes for Morton’s neuroma: Asheville does – plus a few more benefiting women!

And that’s why they’re our top recommendation for the best women’s shoes for Morton’s neuroma.

New Balance 847 V4 – Best Walking Shoes 

New Balance 847 V4 - Best Walking Shoes for Morton's Neuroma -

The New Balance 847 V4 is one of our favorite walking shoes with a classic, clean design. 

Its cushioned sole allows you to be on your feet with minimal stress and its wide toe box alleviates any pain caused by Morton’s neuroma.

What you’re looking at is a shoe that offers mid-foot support and even weight distribution.

That is what makes New Balance 847 V4 our ultimate pick for the best walking shoes for Morton’s neuroma. 

And also because this shoe is excellent for long walks without aggravating your condition. 

It also offers excellent lateral support that helps you stay balanced on your feet throughout the day — all things that are important if you’re trying to manage pain from Morton’s neuroma. 

New Balance 847 V4 comes in Arctic Fox/Black, Silver Mink/Gunmetal, and Pure Awesome Black styles.

Whilst these might be slightly more expensive than some other options available, you will notice a significant improvement in your overall comfort, health, and wellbeing!

Ladies! New Balance 847 V4 takes care of Morton’s neuroma pain so well; many of you requested a women’s version that will help you relieve this specific foot problem. 

With a stability bar inside that helps your foot and weight stay in balance, you can gauge the needed leverage to take the correct step, allowing you to go where it is you need to go.

ASICS Gel-Cumulus 23 – Best Running Shoes

ASICS Gel-Cumulus 23 - Best Running Shoes for Morton's Neuroma -

A lot of people who suffer from Morton’s neuroma find relief by keeping active. 

Whether that means walking, jogging, or running, you’ll want to look into getting some decent running shoes. 

The best running shoes for Morton’s neuroma are those that provide maximum comfort, support, and stability without adding too much bulk or extra weight. 

These are all qualities that are present in an ASICS running shoe called The Gel-Cumulus 23 model. 

This shoe allows runners to avoid added pressure on sensitive areas while still providing an excellent level of comfort and cushioning. 

Runners can also purchase a half size larger than their standard size to help ensure a more comfortable fit around sensitive areas like toes and heels.

Ladies – If you love these running shoes from ASICS, you’re in luck. 

They also made a women’s version that coincides with the same color scheme and timing!

Brooks Ghost 13 – Best Athletic Shoes

Brooks Ghost 13 - Best Athletic Shoes for Morton's Neuroma -

The Brooks Ghost 13 comes with a design specifically for relieving pain from Morton’s neuroma. 

It’s the best athletic shoes for Morton’s neuroma out there.

Don’t believe it?

It has cushioning and support specifically where it’s needed to help relieve pressure on your feet, which will reduce discomfort. 

The Brooks Ghost 13 works great for people with sensitive feet, and many users who already reviewed it can attest that its design really works.

The Ghost 13 is also one of the best tennis shoes for Morton’s neuroma.

If you like designs that feature simple lines and bold colors, rest assured: Tomato, Navy, and Nightlife combination definitely stands out. 

A breathable tennis shoe that’s available in 10 different sizes (and more!), this pair will help you disassociate yourself from painful distractions as you go about your run/play.

As one of the preferred products for individuals suffering from Morton’s neuroma, this Brooks Ghost 13 met the PDAC A5500 Diabetic shoe standard and received the APMA Seal of Acceptance.

Ladies, don’t worry! 

Brooks has you covered too! 

There’s a women’s version of Ghost 13 with a head-turning colorway made just for you! 

Check out its Peacoat/Lilac/Raspberry design today to complete that outfit!

You can buy these shoes from Amazon or other sporting goods stores that sell running shoes.

Merrell Moab 2 MID – Best Hiking Shoes

Merrell Moab 2 MID - Best Hiking Shoes for Morton's Neuroma -

If it’s the best hiking shoes for Morton’s neuroma you seek, we have one here that offers enough stability and comfort to keep you active even on long walks but is also breathable enough to keep your feet fresh and dry. 

The Merrell Moab 2 MID is a lightweight shoe perfect for walking, hiking, and other outdoor activities. 

It will provide excellent arch support and cushioning for those suffering from Morton’s neuroma as it features a removable insole and has a blended EVA contoured footbed. 

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The polyurethane midsole foam material maximizes comfort and stability while preventing painful toe spikes due to its anti-microbial properties. 

Another plus point about these shoes is that you can wear them all day without causing excessive discomfort.

And that’s all thanks to their M Select DRY seals, mesh upper, and suede leather, keeping water out and ensuring that your feet stay cool and dry at all times.

If you ladies want to get in on the action, be glad that Merrell understands there needs to be a viable option for you too! 

That’s why they offer Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Mid Hiking Boots in 5 color options and with all of the same great features as the men’s. 

If men get to enjoy the best hiking shoes for Morton’s neuroma, women should too!

Brooks Glycerin 16 – Best Nursing Shoes

Brooks Glycerin 16 - Best Nursing Shoes for Morton's Neuroma -

For the best nursing shoes for Morton’s neuroma, the Brooks Glycerin 16 is our top recommendation here. 

Yet again, another one of the best Brooks shoes for Morton’s neuroma, Glycerin 16, can help improve your overall foot health by providing ample support, stability, and cushioning to your feet. 

The unique thing about these shoes is that they feature an engineered DNA LOFT cushioning and  3D Fit Print technology, which can help reduce some of your pain and discomfort associated with Morton’s neuroma. 

The Double Jacquard Mesh offers excellent ventilation throughout all seasons, which helps keep your feet cool in the summer months and warm when it gets cold outside. 

These popular shoes have an impressive number of positive reviews online because they provide much-needed support while still being very comfortable. 

If you managed to get down here looking for another one of the best shoes for Morton’s neuroma (aside from the ones mentioned above), you could end your search and be happy with Brooks Glycerin 16 – we just know it!

Skechers Go Walk 4 – Best Lifestyle Shoes

Skechers Go Walk 4 - Best Lifestyle Shoes for Morton's Neuroma -

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that offer support and comfort without breaking your budget, look no further than our top pick for the best lifestyle shoes for Morton’s neuroma: Skechers GoWalk 4

These durable sneakers feature an air-cooled memory foam footbed, so you can wear them all day to reduce pain and discomfort. 

Morton’s neuroma sufferers will love these shoes because they not only support their feet but they relieve some of their pain by providing extra padding where needed most.

Breathable athletic mesh uppers also allow the feet to breathe through ventilation areas located throughout the sneaker’s design!

Skechers Go Walk 4 is an excellent slip-on sneaker that you can quickly “get ready to roll” in. 

Whether you’re commuting, chasing after the kids, or running errands, these sneakers will take comfort to the next level! 

This beautifully designed athletic loafer features a simple, slip-on design for ultimate convenience. 

Like the Skechers Go Walk 4, the Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy has incredible beneficial features. 

So, ladies, you know what to get when shopping for shoes that will help manage Morton’s neuroma symptoms!

Ryka Influence – Best Zumba Shoes

Ryka Influence - Best Zumba Shoes for Morton's Neuroma -

The shoes are also very durable, which will ensure that you get to dance in them for a while before having to buy another pair! 

They have a pretty good arch support system, so they should really help to relieve pressure. 

If you’re looking for the best Zumba shoes for Morton’s neuroma with remarkable durability and plenty of cushioning, then these Influence shoes from Ryka could be perfect. 

The wide toe box comfortably cradles the foot without adding pressure on pressure points.

They’re going to give you some stylish new kicks along with providing the necessary support without bulkiness in the right areas so that you can enjoy a healthier, more pain-free day!

You’ll feel like you’re walking on clouds with how comfy they are, and they have better grip than most other Ryka models too.

Skechers Afterburn – Best Workout Shoes for Men

Skechers Afterburn - Best Workout Shoes for Morton's Neuroma -

If you’re searching for workout shoes that will help relieve pain and discomfort caused by Morton’s neuroma, don’t think twice about getting the Skechers Afterburn

What makes it the best workout shoes for Morton’s neuroma, you might ask?

The Skechers Afterburn lace-up sneaker features mesh fabrication for breathability, latex rubber sole for grip, padded removable footbed, and reinforced stitching.

It comes with special gel-infused memory foam and an energy-returning slip-resistant rubber sole.

These high-performance sneakers make it easy to run, walk, play, and work out without feeling tired feet at day’s end. 

They also provide excellent arch support to prevent strain on your foot while keeping you stable during quick turns or fast moves. 

What makes these shoes genuinely great is their versatility—you can wear them to work out or get through your workday without feeling any pain in your toes!

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New Balance 577 V1 – Best Workout Shoes for Women

New Balance 577 V1 - Best Shoes for Morton's Neuroma -

The 577 V1 by New Balance is a popular choice among women looking for the best shoes for Morton’s neuroma. 

In fact, many have weighed in with praise calling it the number one to buy for this specific condition. 

There are also claims of how it relieves pressure from knees and hips as you work out, thanks mainly to the unique features that have been made available on this particular model.

This high-performance stability walking shoe does well in most training conditions. 

The shoes are supportive and offer plenty of stability to manage stress on your feet. 

Although it may seem like an excessive purchase, according to users, this pair of shoes provides a lot of comfort that many customers were raving about!

We also found how many are giving it a five-star rating, saying it’s one of the best shoes there are with being so comfortable!

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Shoes for Morton’s Neuroma

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What are the best shoes for Morton’s neuroma? 

Finding an answer to this question can be difficult if you don’t know what questions to ask, but by reading the following buyer’s guide, you will find out all there is to know about this condition and what shoes are best for it.


If you’re going to be on your feet all day, the best shoes for Morton’s neuroma that you should go for should provide both maximum comfort and support. 

Without these two factors, it can feel like torture. 

In most cases, a comfortable shoe is also supportive—the two go hand in hand. 

If you have a chance, take some time before buying new shoes and try them on with thick insoles or old socks.


This might sound like a no-brainer, but it’s easier said than done. 

If you buy shoes that are too tight or too loose, then your Morton’s neuroma will not get any relief and it could get worse. 

Make sure that your shoes fit correctly and give you room to wiggle your toes.


Have you ever had a pair of shoes that were perfect in every way, but they just didn’t make you feel confident about yourself? 

Then don’t buy them. 

It doesn’t matter how amazing they are if you can’t bring yourself to wear them. 

Therefore, choose shoes based on your style. 

Not all styles are suitable for Morton’s neuroma; it is best to find something that matches your body shape and flatters your feet.


The best shoes for Morton’s neuroma should be made out of breathable and comfortable materials. 

A material that is too thick will cut off blood circulation around your feet, which is obviously bad. 

If you’re looking for a nice leather shoe, make sure it’s not too stiff as well as it will cause pain on your feet. 

Additionally, elasticity is an important thing you need to consider, and stiffness can prevent any movement in your feet.


The best shoes for Morton’s neuroma should be well-cushioned and provide you good arch support. 

You may also need extra cushioning if you’re on your feet all day, which can contribute to nerve pain. 

And, if your job involves a lot of walking or standing, consider getting shock-absorbing insoles as well. 

These will help reduce pressure and stress on your foot.


What brand of shoes is best for Morton’s neuroma?

It can be frustrating when you don’t find what you are looking for, even if it is your perfect pair of shoes. 

But by knowing which brands are worth looking at, you can increase your chances of buying a pair that fits well and is comfortable. 

Look for a specialty brand that makes shoes specifically designed to deal with Morton’s Neuroma sufferers, such as Orthofeet. 

It can be beneficial to have a dedicated brand out there that knows just what you’ll need to feel comfortable and be able to work daily without any pain or discomfort from being on your feet all day long.


If you’re in pain due to Morton’s neuroma, carefully choosing your shoes is crucial. 

With every step, you may feel intense pain in your feet. 

That can result in extreme discomfort and hinders mobility. 

However, if you follow these tips on choosing the best shoes for Morton’s neuroma, it will be easier to find footwear that fits well and reduces pain. 

Overall, we can say that for the best shoes for Morton’s neuroma; we recommend the Orthofeet Asheville and Orthofeet Charlotte because they offer superior pain relief.

If your condition does not improve after wearing these shoes regularly, see a podiatrist immediately to receive additional insight into finding the best fit.