Best Cheer Shoes – Cheerleaders’ Choice

After creating a list of the best outdoor basketball shoes, we decided to celebrate cheerleaders and create a list of the top ten best cheer shoes with our number one pick being the Nfinity Vengeance


If you’re looking to become the best cheerleader that you can be, you’ll need to know what the best cheer shoes are. 

Cheerleading can require enormous amounts of flexibility and stamina, which means that the wrong shoe can really hinder your efforts to become an elite cheerleader. 

Learn what makes some shoes better than others, and start searching for the best cheer shoes possible!

Best Cheer Shoes – Cheerleaders’ Choice

  1. Nfinity Vengeance – Best Overall
  2. Kaepa Stellarlyte – Best Indoor
  3. chassé Apex – Best for Flyers & Bases
  4. DADAWEN White – Best Outdoor
  5. Nike Sideline IV – Best Value
  6. Kaepa Cheerful – Best Affordable
  7. Nfinity Evolution – Best for Ankle Support
  8. adidas Triple – Best for Wide Feet
  9. zephz Tumble – Unique Choice
  10. ASICS Cheer 8 GS – Best for Beginners

10 Best Cheer Shoes Reviewed

There are literally hundreds of different cheer shoes on the market today and it can be hard to know which ones are right for you. To help streamline your search for a new pair of cheers, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites. 

We’ve also included a few factors to consider before purchasing so that you can make an informed decision. Whether you’re shopping online or at your local retailer, these will be some helpful pointers when making your choice.

Nfinity Vengeance – Best Overall

Nfinity Vengeance Cheer Shoe - Best Nfinity Cheer Shoes -

If you’re a cheerleader who is looking for a shoe that will give you support and comfort to help you stay on your feet, then check out Nfinity’s Vengeance cheer shoes. And mind you, these are one of the best Nfinity cheer shoes you can find on the market.

These shoes are high-quality; well-made sneakers that offer tremendous support to prevent injury and are an ideal fit for long hours of practice. 

In addition, they come with some additional perks such as weighing only 3.9 oz, nylon mesh upper with a skeleton, smooth rubber soles, signature bubble laces, and breathable fabric to help you perform at your best!

Overall, if you’re a serious cheerleader looking for a pair of shoes that can last through intense practices and competitions, then it’s time to get yourself some Nfinitys!

Kaepa Stellarlyte – Best Indoor

Kaepa Stellarlyte - Best Cheer Shoes for Flyers -

When it comes to cheerleading, sometimes a shoe is only as good as how well it holds up under pressure. Kaepa Stellarlyte’s are made of faux leather and tough rubber for long-lasting durability and support. 

These shoes feature an EVA sponge sock lining to help absorb shock during all sorts of demanding routines, and their lightweight design makes them the best cheer shoes for tumbling. 

To top it off, these are among the best cheer shoes for stunting as well; their bottoms have been designed specifically to keep you from slipping. Do yourself a favor and get yourself some nice Kaepa cheer shoes if you’re into cheerleading.

Boys! It might sound funny but you can increase your shoe size by two entire numbers to convert from men’s sizing to women’s and these Kaepa cheer shoes will be the best men’s cheer shoes for you.

chassé Apex – Best for Flyers & Bases

chassé Apex - Best Cheer Shoes for Bases -

A variety of different types of cheer shoes exist, including jazz shoes, combination shoes, and high-top tennis shoes. 

But every cheerleader has a pair of chassé Apex (and often two pairs!) in their closet—they’re simply some of the best cheer shoes on the market today. 


First off, they have durable bubble laces to make sure your feet stay put. 

Secondly, they’re super lightweight; you barely notice them once you get going on tumbling or stunting routines! They’re one of the best lightweight cheer shoes you’d be lucky to have in your cheerleading arsenal.

Thirdly, they come in a breathable mesh tongue and synthetic leather upper for sweat-free movement while cheerleading.

These are not only the best cheer shoes for flyers but also the best cheer shoes for bases — any cheerleader would be lucky to have a pair of these.

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DADAWEN Cheer Shoes – Best Budget-Friendly

DADAWEN White Cheer Shoes - Best Shock Absorbing Cheer Shoes for Tumbling -

Most cheerleaders don’t get paid (at least not at first), so saving money on their gear is important. While you can find shoes that work for cheerleading at any store, it’s worth investing in a pair of shoes designed specifically for high-intensity sports and dance. 

Some versions are even made with a low-profile design, meaning they’re super comfortable as well as affordable. If you’re a cheerleader or planning to become one, varsity cheer shoes like the ones from DADAWEN make for fantastic footwear options.

For example, DADAWEN Cheerleading Shoes cost less than $40 and have good reviews from people who actually wear them for competition. In fact, we picked these women’s cheer shoes as our overall best outdoor cheer shoes on this list.

Nike Sideline IV – Best Value

Nike Sideline IV - Best Sideline Cheer Shoes -

If you’re looking for a pair of cheer shoes that are comfortable and versatile enough to use for multiple activities—not just cheer—you’ll love these. You’re going to find the Nike Sideline IV to be the best Sideline cheer shoes just right for you!

The combination of rubber soles, cushioning, and an upper with breathable mesh make them ideal for all-day wear. 

These cheer shoes are designed with flex grooves that afford cheerleader’s natural movement whilst the durable rubber tread delivers the traction required to flourish when doing powerful stunts.

That means you can wear them as much off the field as on it. Plus, they offer high energy return, so it’s less impact to your joints when you do go tumbling or twisting in practice. 

For these reasons, they’re some of our favorite best cheer shoes on today’s market. And if you’re in the market for some awesome Nike cheer shoes, you can’t go wrong with the Nike Sideline IV.

Kaepa Cheerful Cheer Shoe – Best Affordable

Kaepa Cheerful Cheer Shoe - Best Lightweight Cheer Shoes -

A high-performance shoe, made with comfort and safety in mind, is just what you need to perform at your best. The Kaepa Cheerful is one of our favorite shoes for cheerleading! 

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced cheerleader, it’s got what you need: strong construction and flexibility. You can jump high, twirl hard, and stomp down without hurting your feet. 

It also features two layers of non-slip sole protection for maximum traction no matter how crazy your routine gets. Not only that but it’s built to last with reinforced stitching around key areas that tend to be more susceptible to wear and tear.

Please keep in mind that the shoe size guidelines recommend ordering a full size up. If you have wide feet, this will likely work well for you, but if you don’t typically choose shoes with wider sizes, these cheer shoes may be too tight.

Nfinity Adult Evolution – Best for Ankle Support

Nfinity Adult Evolution - Best Cheer Shoes for Tumbling -

Though cheerleading is often portrayed as a sport where it’s possible to learn on the go, it actually requires a lot of commitment and preparation. 

Nfinity Adult Evolution Cheer Shoe is ideal for those who are interested in learning or training in cheerleading and have already learned some basic skills. 

This shoe features an ergonomically designed insole that absorbs shock and protects your foot from fatigue during practice sessions. 

That’s why we included this product on this list of the best cheer shoes because they’re simply one of the best shock-absorbing cheer shoes for tumbling and acrobatic stunts.

The rubber outsole of these shoes also prevents slippage so you can perfect even your most complex jumps and stunts with ease.

Additionally, these shoes were made to last thanks to their leather and Sateen upper material that adds long-lasting durability.

The Ankle Lock Technology makes these cheer shoes the best cheer shoes for weak ankles and also ensures all-day comfort whether you’re performing or practicing.

adidas Triple Cheer Shoe – Best for Wide Feet

adidas Triple Cheer Shoe - Best Cheer Shoes for Weak Ankles -

Durable and versatile, Adidas’s Triple cheer shoe is designed for high-impact tumbling. 

With a Sandwich mesh upper and adjustable laces, it’s flexible enough to perform stunts such as a pike (where your legs form a V shape) or a mule kick (where you lift one leg straight in front of you). 

What makes these shoes so special? 

They feature ADIPRENE+ in the forefoot that maintains propulsion and efficiency, offering protection for you when you land on your feet after performing a stunt while offering traction so you don’t slip during your routine. 

This also offers support and stability thanks to its synthetic overlays. If you want to stick with Adidas as your cheer shoe brand, these are their best option yet.

And are you a fan of Adidas shoes but have wider feet? 

Then rejoice, because these triple cheerleading shoes are specifically designed for people who have wider feet than most. They are one of the best cheer shoes for wide feet out there!

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zephz Tumble Cheer Shoe – Unique Choice

zephz Tumble Cheer Shoe - Best Outdoor Cheer Shoes -

The Zephz Tumble cheerleading shoe, designed specifically for tumbling, features a rubber outsole and Foam cushioned EVA midsole with stunt heelTM that ensures you can stick those landings every time. 

It also has a wide toe box, so your toes have plenty of room to move and a cushiony insole to absorb impact. If you’re looking for an affordable option, the Zephz Tumble may be exactly what you need to take your tumbling game to the next level.

These cheer shoes are 100% leather with a rubber sole and are available in yellow, red, green, black, and blue laces.

ASICS Cheer 8 GS – Best for Beginners

ASICS Kid's Cheer 8 GS - Best Youth Cheer Shoes -

What you’re looking at is our ultimate pick for the best youth cheer shoes that your daughter will no doubt love!

The ASICS Kids’ Cheer 8 – GS is a great shoe, especially for beginning cheerleaders. While most kids aren’t going to want to be in front of people at first, these shoes are great for helping you practice your skills and get comfortable with being on a team. 

Priced from $49.95 to $55.00 a pair, these cheerleading shoes offer excellent value to pro cheerleaders as well as they help you have a great performance on your next tumbling pass or stunting routine!

And they look great! 

When you’re just starting out, you must look as good as possible while performing and these make sure that happens while also providing excellent traction on mats and hardwood floors alike.

This shoe has many positive qualities. For example, these shoes are very comfortable to wear for extended periods because they don’t cause blisters when you first start wearing them. 

The synthetic leather upper gives these cheer shoes great durability, while also keeping them breathable. Breathability is especially important for cheerleaders since they spend a lot of time on their feet. 

The rubber outsole provides traction and prevents slipping during practice and games. All around, these are some of the best cheer shoes on the market today. They’re just perfect for both beginners and experienced athletes!

Asics offers some really comfortable and affordable cheer shoes for kids of all ages. We suggest trying out a pair of these great-looking, comfortable cheer shoes.

A Buyer’s Guide to the Best Cheer Shoes

Best Cheer Shoes Buying Guide _

Finding the right pair of the best cheer shoes can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. 

Different brands use different features and designs, so it’s important to figure out which features you think are most important before buying your next pair of cheer shoes. 

After considering these options, you should be able to find the perfect pair of cheer shoes that will have you cheering on your favorite team for years to come!

What Cheer Shoe Brands Should I Consider?

Best Cheer Shoes Buying Guide _ What Cheer Shoe Brands Should I Consider

Wondering what brand cheer shoes are best to go with? There are so many different cheer shoe brands on today’s market that it can be hard to know which brands are really worth your time and money. 

First of all, you want a brand that has a history of creating great cheer shoes for cheerleaders at every level. 

You also want to look for a brand that is known for making high-quality shoes that last. A good option is Nike because they have been producing quality shoes for professional and amateur athletes for many years! 

How Much Should I Spend on My Pair of Cheer Shoes?

Best Cheer Shoes Buying Guide _ How Much Should I Spend on My Pair of Cheer Shoes

The first thing you need to decide is how much you are willing to spend on a pair of cheer shoes. 

If your budget doesn’t allow for some of the more expensive brands, don’t be afraid to look at other less expensive options. 

Be sure that whatever you do buy fits properly and feels good on your feet. The best cheer shoes for you should have plenty of support and cushioning so that they will last longer and feel better when used in high-impact activities such as cheerleading. 

Look at all kinds of shoes before making a final decision; never buy just one pair without being able to compare them with others or trying them out first.

How Often Do I Need To Replace My Pair Of Cheer Shoes?

Best Cheer Shoes Buying Guide _ How Much Should I Spend on My Pair of Cheer ShoesHow Often Do I Need To Replace My Pair Of Cheer Shoes

How often you need to replace your cheer shoes depends largely on how often you’re using them. If you practice or compete every day, then they’ll be used far more frequently than a pair that you only use once or twice a week. 

That means that they’ll need replacement more often. If you are practicing and competing regularly, expect to purchase at least two pairs of cheer shoes per year (and sometimes even more). 

The general rule is that if your footwear is starting to feel uncomfortable or worn out, throw them away and buy new ones. 

What’re the Best Ways to Clean Cheer Shoes?

Best Cheer Shoes Buying Guide _ What's the Best Ways to Clean Cheer Shoes

The best way to clean your cheer shoes is by using a damp cloth or wet paper towel, followed by blotting of water. After that, you can let them air dry before putting them back on your feet for practice or games. 

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If you’re in a hurry and want your shoes as quickly as possible, letting them sit in direct sunlight for two hours is another method. 

Finally, there are also shoe sanitizers available on Amazon that have both antimicrobial properties and active-oxygen technology that help kill odors and bacteria to keep your shoes feeling fresh after they’ve been cleaned

So those are the best ways to clean cheer shoes. Any of those methods will work just fine!


Best Cheer Shoes Buying Guide _ Traction

Most shoes designed for cheerleading are made from a durable synthetic material that will grip well on flooring with a bit of texture. Such floors include gyms and wood. 

Smooth gym floors are a different story, so you may want shoes that have treaded soles or some other traction device. The better your foot grip, the more secure your tumbling will be. 

So if you’re unsure what you need most out of your next pair of the best cheer shoes, try talking to someone who has worked in gymnastics or cheerleading before about which kinds work best where and why. 

If possible, visit multiple facilities and talk to multiple coaches so you can get several perspectives about what kinds of shoes work best for their specific environments.


Best Cheer Shoes Buying Guide _ Weight

Heavier shoes may be more stable, but they can also cause leg and foot fatigue. They can also make stunts look sloppy. Lightweight shoes are just as stable and far more comfortable.

If you have leg or foot problems, lightweight cheer shoes are probably the best cheer shoes for you. That said, if you’re going with a lighter shoe, make sure that it has good ankle support for safety.


Best Cheer Shoes Buying Guide _ Materials

All cheer shoes should be made of sturdy material. One reason for that is because you will be doing a lot of acrobatics, and you don’t want them falling apart during your routines. Another reason is that it makes them easier to clean after practices. 

If they are easy to clean, then it won’t take too much time for you to get them looking new again before your next practice! When buying the best cheer shoes, look at how well they can take a beating. 

It doesn’t matter if they are expensive or cheap if they cannot stand up being worn by cheerleaders.

Arch and Heel Support

Best Cheer Shoes Buying Guide _ Arch and Heel Support

You should always look for shoes that have enough arch and heel support. 

It can be very important that you have your feet as comfortable as possible in your new cheer shoes, so it is best if you have a shoe that is made of a flexible material and has some type of cushioning in it. 

That will help make sure that you feel supported on your feet at all times, which can help prevent injuries from happening to your body. 

Your heels will also need to be supported well in these shoes if you plan on wearing them for long periods. If not, you may experience pain or blisters between your toes after a few hours of using them. 


Best Cheer Shoes Buying Guide _ Soles

A flexible sole is key when it comes to buying a pair of the best cheer shoes. A flexible sole means you will be able to do more in your shoe and help develop skills like toe-touches. 

Check the sole if it has a slight bend before purchasing them, although do note that flexibility varies between brands. This isn’t necessarily an exact science, so don’t think you need brand X just because it has 3 out of 5 stars for flexibility. 

If you’re unsure which are best for you, try on a few different pairs with very flexible soles and see which work best for your foot type. 

Good Fit

Best Cheer Shoes Buying Guide _ Good Fit

The best cheer shoes should fit well to help prevent injuries, so it’s important to take care when trying on different pairs. To test if they’re a good fit, sit in them and make sure your heels are fully supported. 

Feel free to move around and bounce: doing so helps you determine whether or not you’ll feel stable while working out in them. 

Lastly, check if they match your style; if they don’t, it may be hard for you to wear them regularly (or keep from getting frustrated every time you see them).


If you’re looking for high-quality cheer shoes, it can be tough to know where to turn. 

No matter what your experience level, a pair of cheer shoes will make a difference in how you perform on your next routine, whether you’re cheering in high school or at professional sporting events. 

A good pair of cheer shoes can take your tumbling and stunting to new heights—literally! If you need a high-performance shoe that won’t let you down, consider some of our favorites.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this post and found it useful. If there’s anything you want to know more about, please ask away!