Best Deadlift Shoes – Best Reviews Guide

When it comes to the best deadlift shoes, one of your best bets is with the Sabo Deadlift Shoe. Not only is this shoe incredibly sturdy and durable, but its build enables you to isolate each muscle group for enhanced leg development and protection.


One of the best ways to increase your deadlift is to wear minimalist running shoes. This reduces the range of motion in which you lift, and for many people, can be a great way to increase performance at the gym.

Sabo deadlift shoe is the best option especially for those who are serious about their deadlifts. Its leather upper and synthetic sole guarantee a firm grasp on the bar every time, while its thick midsole prevents bruising that commonly occurs after intense sessions.

Weighing your options is the best place to start when buying deadlift shoes. You need to make sure you have the right shoe for you, one that fits your style, and your performance in the gym or when in a competition.

Best Deadlift Shoes: Our Best Choices

  1. Sabo Dead Lift Shoe – Overall Best Deadlift Shoes
  2. Asics Matflex – Best Shoes for Sumo Deadlift 
  3. Sabo GoodLift – Best Shoes to Squat and Deadlift In
  4. Nike Metcon – Best Deadlift Shoes Nike Has
  5. Reebok Nano X – Best Crossfit Shoes for Deadlift
  6. Converse Chuck Taylors – Best Regular Shoes to Deadlift in
  7. Merrell Vapor Glove 2 – Best Deadlift Shoes Flat Sole
  8. Adidas HVC – Best Budget Deadlift Shoes
  9. Fitkicks Water Shoes – Best Deadlift Slippers

8 Best Deadlift Shoes Researched and Reviewed

The type of deadlift shoe one would need depends on several factors. The brand name of the shoe, its size, and its price will all play a role in deciding which one of the best deadlift shoes is for you. 

While some athletes insist on not wearing any shoes at all while deadlifting, this option may be too dangerous and unsafe. To know more about which deadlift shoe is best for you. Keep on reading and choose wisely.

Sabo Deadlift Shoe – Best Overall

Sabo Dead Lift Shoe - Overall Best Deadlift Shoes

Our top pick of the best deadlift shoes reviewed here, the Sabo Deadlift Shoe prioritizes function over style. It’s built to last a long time and with one purpose in mind: helping you deadlift more weight.

The soles of these minimalist shoes are the thinnest in the industry. Each sole is only 2 to 5 millimeters thick, but it’s enough to allow your feet near-ground contact while supporting your joints and preventing excess movement.

Sabo provides significant stability — the soul of a deadlift shoe is its platform, and Sabos doesn’t disappoint. You can also adjust the suture-secured metatarsal strap to custom fit your foot.

One of the most common complaints among flat shoe fans is that flat shoes don’t come with support for arches. Fortunately, Sabo took care of this problem by creating deadlift shoes that provide a soft and comfy environment for your arches.

The Sabo is the best overall shoe for deadlifting because of its intuitive design, which makes it a great pick for sumo deadlifts. This shoe is also good for lifters with wider feet.

Asics Matflex – Best for Sumo Deadlift

Asics Matflex - Best Shoes for Sumo Deadlift

The Matflex Wrestling Shoe from Asics is a great athletic shoe for deadlifting. Its flat sole and leather upper provide great protection and support, so you don’t have to worry about your ankle rolling or impingement. 

And with features like a snug fit, a specially-designed heel cup that helps maintain stability, and a lace closure system that ensures a secure fit, you’ll be up and lifting confidently in no time.

The pattern on the outsole is no mere decoration — it’s outfitted with multiple traction pods that provide further slip resistance for sumo deadlifts. The traction pods are in a diagonal diamond pattern arrangement which allows for targeted grip in all directions, which can be vital for sumo deadlifts where you’re more likely to slip laterally due to the wide stance.

The Matflex shoes have a 5mm-thick sole, which enables you to get the right balance between powerful cushioning and solid support. The raised collar helps you target your lifting exercises by supporting your ankles’ pronation and supination, while also guaranteeing a stable stance.

The Matflex wrestling shoes from Asics are perfect for those on the go who enjoy high-intensity workouts and sumo deadlift. Although the ankle area lacks padding, it makes up for it with its ability to lock your feet in place and help prevent ankle sprains. 

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You can also adjust the laces to give you more stability and support. These could be the best deadlift shoes that will match your needs if the Sabo Deadlift Shoe is not your type.

There are so many deadlift shoes out there worth calling the best shoes for sumo deadlift but with the Asics Matflex, you’re getting an extraordinarily functional one.

Sabo GoodLift – For Squats and Deadlifts

Sabo GoodLift - Best Shoes to Squat and Deadlift In

Another addition to the Sabo line of products is the Sabo GoodLift Shoes deadlift-friendly shoes. The new shoe is just as strong as it is aesthetically pleasing, made with high-quality materials that can withstand even the fiercest of workouts.

The Sabo GoodLift is the only lifting shoe that stays flat from heel to toe, and it allows lifters to keep their feet on the ground and engage their entire leg during squats. 

The flat outsole ensures that all power moves up through your body — not up into the air with a thickly cushioned heel — so you can safely lift more weight.

The rubber used for the outsole is 5mm thick and provides excellent resistance to slipping while sumo deadlifting. 

Its anti-slip pattern gives you incredible grip, so you can lift with peace of mind. The new Sabo has a raised heel, thanks to which your feet will not slide forward on the insole.

The GoodLift features an ankle strap that also works as a lateral metatarsal strap to secure the midfoot region. A 30 mm strap, it’s an improved Sabo Deadlift Shoe, offering a more durable and secure fit.

These lightweight shoes are perfect for squats and deadlifts, although the ankle strap is not available. The raised collar on the shoe has a dual purpose, keeping your feet locked in while allowing you to grip the floor with your toes for a stable foundation.

One of the best deadlift shoes out there, the Sabo GoodLift shoes are here to help you achieve your deadlifting goals. They’re simply the best shoes to squat and deadlift in — trust us!

Nike Metcon – Best Nike Deadlift Shoes

Nike Metcon - Best Deadlift Shoes Nike Has

Wide-footed people swear by the Nike Metcon. Its toe box is roomier than that of different deadlift shoes from other brands which makes it the best deadlift shoes from Nike.

The Metcon can be misleading. Its soft design makes you doubt if it will perform as well in the weight room as it would on a treadmill. These shoes have proven and tested to be incredibly strong and supportive in the weight room.

Just like Powerlifting shoes, Nike Metcon Deadlift shoes also have a strap to keep your feet secure. Unlike shoes with laces, the strap is more comfortable and easier to slip on and off. In addition, the stretching shoe sleeve adapts well to any foot shape, which is why this deadlift shoe is getting praise from customers with wide feet.

The Metcon is an amazing weightlifting shoe, and even though it’s not designed specifically for deadlifts, its comfort and flexibility make it so that you don’t even notice the weight. 

Plus the shoe’s ankle support area is perfect for those who squat and deadlift often, giving a boost in your lifts. Consider getting a pair of these shoes if it’s the best deadlift shoes Nike got is what you’re looking for.

Reebok Nano X – Best Crossfit for Deadlift

Reebok Nano X - Best Crossfit Shoes for Deadlift

I bet you’re looking for the best Crossfit shoes for deadlift, are you?

The latest version of the shoe, Reebok has created something truly special: The Men’s Nano X Cross Trainer a model that maintains all the comfort and support that CrossFitters love, while also adding a bit more stability for a deadlift.

The X has a thin EVA midsole, which allows for a smooth transition during heel strikes and toe-offs. This midsole is also responsible for absorbing shock, making it ideal for long runs or other high-impact workouts like deadlifting.

Lightweight, with elevated support on the heel’s cup, the rubber sole ascends halfway in the upper body of the shoe, adding stability to all movements. This feature is another small thing that makes a huge difference in the everyday usage of lifters.

The Nano X’s firm grip and solid construction make it an excellent shoe for deadlifting, offering unmatched stability that you won’t find in other cross-training shoes. These shoes are also available for women, the Reebok Women’s Nano X.

Converse Chuck Taylors – Best Regular Shoes

Converse Chuck Taylors - Best Regular Shoes to Deadlift in

Converse Chuck Taylors are excellent regular shoes for deadlifting. These regular kicks, which have been the go-to choice of strength athletes around the world for years, feature a lightweight design that’s perfect for deadlifts and squats alike.

Although they aren’t for everyone, Converse shoes are perfect for deadlifting. The flat soles don’t have a lot of cushioning, but this is exactly what you want when trying to lift heavy. The flat sole also means the shoes are durable and rigid — so your feet don’t bend or break when lifting weights.

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The body of this shoe is canvas, which provides a comfortable, flexible fit. The raised ankle collar provides added stability and comfort in each lift. The Converse Chuck Taylors also make for the best deadlift shoes for a gym workout.

Chucks are one of the most popular regular training shoes for powerlifters — and they’re also a great choice for those on a budget. Not only is the build quality superb, but you’ll also get adequate support when performing heavy deadlifts.

So if it’s the best regular shoes to deadlift in that you’re after, you’ve got to give the Converse Chuck Taylors a try.

Merrell Vapor Glove 2 – Best Flat Sole

Merrell Vapor Glove 2 - Best Deadlift Shoes Flat Sole

Deadlifting is hard to do since most shoes have a thick sole, so they don’t give you a very good “feel” for the floor. Merrell Vapor Glove 2 has got you covered. We didn’t include it here on this list of the best deadlift shoes for no reason.

The best deadlift shoes flat sole wise, these deadlift shoes are the definition of minimalist. With a sole that’s just as thin as an insole and a flat profile across the foot, you’ll be ready to finish your next set of deadlifts with no trouble. 

The outsoles offer excellent grip and slip resistance while you’re pulling heavyweights, which means that you’ll have a stable foothold during each lift. One easy example is the part about pricing.

The shoe upper has a lightweight, breathable material that’s flexible enough to allow for proper form during deadlifts. With its thin sole and flat profile, it’s the best flat-soled deadlift shoe so you can still comfortably fit it in your gym bag.

Adidas HVC – Best Budget 

Adidas HVC - Best Budget Deadlift Shoes

The Adidas HVC Wrestling Shoes are the best deadlift shoes in terms of budget! 

These shoes have some important features that will make your deadlift go up. The leather upper gives it a flexible, stable fit and the supportive midsole means better stability throughout your lift.

Compared to other lifting shoes, it has a thin outsole that’s less than 5 mm thick in the heel and forefoot, so you can get an even closer fit. It also has minimal arch support so your feet are comfortable but not over-supported.

A thick strap with patented technology fortifies the ankle, ensuring that your feet will be ready to handle a sumo deadlift. More than just a sturdy strap, the Adidas HVC features a unique toe box design and an innovative heel counter to give you extra support.

If you deadlift regularly, the Adidas HVC wrestling shoe is an excellent and affordable choice for your lifting shoes. With durable material, sturdy and comfortable fit, and a snug grip for all types of flooring, it’s a high-quality shoe built for anyone who lifts.

The Adidas HVC is our top pick for the best budget deadlift shoes. It averages a 4.6-star rating on Amazon, has been praised for its support and excellent grip and even won the “best value” award in so many other buyer’s guides.

Fitkicks Deadlift Slippers

Fitkicks Deadlift Slippers - Is it best to Deadlift with Shoes or Barefoot

If you’re a fan of barefoot deadlifting then the Fitkicks Deadlift Slippers are the best for you.

These slippers are not only durable, but they also keep your feet safe from germs and fungus. They give the comfort of a sock without the bulkiness or fit issues. The rubber sole gives a better grip and slip-resistance on slippery platforms.

The deadlift slippers have a zero-degree toe drop — they’re completely flat, for maximum stability. The deadlift slippers are also great for keeping your feet from slipping on the platform when you’re lifting. That might not seem like a big deal until you’ve almost pulled 600 pounds off the ground as you feel your grip draining away.

They’re affordable and come in multiple colors, too. They’d make a great addition to your deadlift shoe collection, and since they’re barefoot shoes, you’ll be able to deadlift with greater efficiency. 

Is it Best to Deadlift with Shoes or Barefoot?

Is it best to Deadlift with Shoes or Barefoot _

Many powerlifters and strength athletes prefer to have minimal or no footwear while performing the deadlift. This may sound weird, but it’s a really good idea. 

So is it best to deadlift with shoes or barefoot right away?

If you go barefoot, your feet can stay in one place (instead of sliding around because of your elevated heel) and you’re forced to continue to lean back with the bar instead of shifting forward.

People have been training with bare feet for countless years, but powerlifters have more complicated rules. A “sole” is the bottom of the shoe, and it must protect the lifter’s foot.

A lifter’s foot can’t even touch the ground. They need to step on the platform with their thighs. Competitive powerlifters use deadlift slippers to get maximum grip and protection.

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Sometimes when you buy new shoes, they tend to squeak. If you’ve ever had a pair of shoes that did this, you know how annoying it can be. There are several reasons why your shoes might squeak, and some of them aren’t at all hard to fix. You can fix your shoes by first determining the cause of the sound. Here’s how to stop your shoe from squeaking.

Best Deadlift Shoes Buying Guide

Best Deadlift Shoes Buying Guide _

Choosing the best shoe for deadlifts depends on many factors, such as foot shape, offset, and more. I’ve put together a guide outlining all the factors you need to know so you can choose the best shoe for your deadlift.

Things to consider:

  1. Outsole Material
  2. Sole Rigidness
  3. Sole Thickness
  4. Support and Straps
  5. Slip Resistance

Outsole Material

Best Deadlift Shoes Buying Guide _ Outsole Material

The material that makes up the outsole of deadlifting shoe matters just as much as comfort, design, and traction. 

For the outsole, you need to care about its material. The outsole material is very important for deadlifts. Material impacts: When considering the right sole material for your deadlifting shoes, there are three types to look out for: rubber, polyurethane, and wood.

Keep your eyes peeled for materials like EVA, EVA foam, and vinyl. These kinds of materials are the easiest to break down when they’re used in the deadlift — their flimsy composition can’t provide your feet with the stiffness and support they need to stay stable during lifts.

Sole Rigidness

The rigidity of soles measurement is on a Shore scale. This is a way of checking how hard the plastic or wood used in the soles will be. How hard it is will determine whether or not you can feel the ground beneath your feet. 

A material’s Shore number describes its rigidity, and how hard or soft it is. It’s important to remember that other factors contribute to padding like gel-filled insoles.

When you’re lifting weights, your shoes should be flexible enough to bend and conform around the different positions that your feet can take. A pair of shoes with a softer sole is the most likely to meet these requirements. These kinds of soles give up under constant pressure. However, you should avoid ultra-flexible soles.

Sole Thickness

Don’t be foolish and think that the sole’s thickness contributes to its level of support. You want a shoe that offers you as much cushioning and support as possible without thick soles. 

Your natural foot position will have to adapt, which means less injury and pain in the long run! And don’t forget that the thicker the sole, the higher your elevation will be with each deadlift.

Support and Straps

Best Deadlift Shoes Buying Guide _ Support and Straps

When you’re deadlifting, two major things can go wrong. First, you can lose your balance and fall forward; second, you can lose your posture and suffer an injury. 

Deadlift shoes’ design is to fix both of these problems by giving you extra support — thus making your form more stable.

Shoes with straps are the ones you should look for when deadlifting. Straps ensure lateral support for your foot and ankle, preventing them from over-extension. These features make shoes with midfoot and ankle straps the best ones to deadlift in.

Slip Resistance

Without a doubt, one of the biggest challenges encountered by lifters is slipping. Even though you hold the weights with your hands, slipping can still happen at the very first part of the movement. 

And with heavyweights, it can be dangerous—a serious accident waiting to happen. When it comes to deadlifting, nothing beats a good pair of deadlift shoes with rubber soles.

When you are about to do deadlifts, it’s of utmost importance to pick the right shoes. In the video by KAGED MUSCLE, world-renowned powerlifter Jesse Norris talks about what makes an ideal pair of weightlifting shoes. Along with other insights, he also talks about the importance of a heel strap for those who are looking for perfect stability while lifting heavyweights.


There are different kinds of deadlift shoes out there, but they all have their pros and cons. The Sabo Deadlift Shoe is the best pick for the serious lifter. With a thin, flat sole, it offers the grip you need to push off the floor while offering flexibility for other exercises such as squats or lunges.

If you’re searching for an all-around sumo deadlift shoe, consider the Adidas HVC. The quality construction, comfortable design, and excellent traction make it a perfect fit for every single lifter. It offers the ultimate versatility, especially for the sumo deadlift.

If you’re on the hunt for a regular and affordable shoe that’ll hold up to the wear and tear of lifting, consider a pair of Chuck Taylors. Many lifters claim that their shoes have lasted them years after purchasing, despite enduring a lot of heavy lifting.

We hope you found the best deadlift shoe on our list. Let us know which pair is your favorite in the comments section — or if we missed any pairs.