Best Shoes for Ankle Support: Reviewed and Compared

The New Balance Men’s 1080v8 offers a perfect blend of cushioning and ankle support. It’s an ideal choice if you want to find a comfortable, functional shoe that can protect your ankles as well. They are the best shoes for ankle support overall.


Our ankles are one of the most vulnerable parts of our body, which means that if we suffer a severe ankle injury then it can leave us out of commission for quite some time while it heals. 

This is why it’s so crucial to wear shoes with ample support on your feet so that you don’t risk injuring yourself by wearing shoes without any sort of extra protection.

The NB Men’s 1080v8 is among our favorite shoes for ankle support also because of its design and high comfort level. It provides you with enough protection, stability, and shock absorption to keep you on your feet longer so that you can burn more calories.

Sneakers and athletic shoes can support and cushion your feet as you walk, run, and play sports. However, many types of sneakers and shoes don’t provide enough ankle support to protect you from ankle sprains. 

When choosing a pair of running or walking shoes, look for ones that have extra padding around your ankles. You may also want to consider buying a pair of shoes designed specifically for runners with weak ankles or flat feet.

The perfect way to choose what will work best is to know your activity level and what you want out of your shoe. You might want to consider brands like Nike, Adidas, Asics, and Under Armour too.

We’ve put together the best options out there that can offer better support without sacrificing style or comfort. Take a look at some of these options and choose the best shoes for ankle support for you.

Best Shoes for Ankle Support

  1. New Balance 1080v8 – Best Overall for Men
  2. Ryka Sky Walking Shoe – Best Overall for Women
  3. Under Armour Curry 3Zero – Best Basketball Shoes
  4. Brooks Addiction 13 – Best Shoes for Walking
  5. HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 6 – Best Running Shoes 
  6. RYKA Tenacity – Best Tennis Shoes 
  7. ASICS Gel-Nimbus 18 – Best Athletic Shoes 
  8. Nike Kyrie 6 – Best Nike Shoes 
  9. adidas ACE 18.3 FG – Best Soccer Shoes
  10. KEEN Targhee II – Best Hiking Shoes

10 Best Shoes for Ankle Support Reviewed

There are a number of great shoes that are great for your ankles. Below is our list of the best 10 shoes for ankle support.

New Balance 1080v8 – Best Overall for Men

New Balance Men_s 1080v8 _ Best Overall for Men

The New Balance Men’s 1080v8 shoes are the best shoes for ankle support.

The Fresh Foam midsole gives you extra comfort each step of the way, while the ABZORB heel unit ensures that your back will stay protected during your runs. 

These shoes also have a versatile design that’s suitable for any type of training, you’ll fall in love with this pair time and time again.

This shoe is the one you need to give your workout a boost. 

It’s ideal for everyday workouts and intense cardio because of its sturdy sole and comfortable design. Plus, its grip will make sure that you don’t slip.

It also has features like redesigned cushioning technology that allows air to flow through the shoes. 

This makes it easy to match your feet’s flexibility and breathability, especially required for athletes that use their feet as a tool in their craft.

With a great balance of price, features, and performance, New Balance Men’s 1080v8 is the top pick for many people who want high-quality shoes with superb ankle support without breaking the bank. 

These shoes deserve the top spot for the best shoes for ankle support, not just have an engineered mesh upper that is featuring a soft but secure saddle that enables your foot to move freely but it is also lighter and provides superior fit and support.

Ryka Sky Walking Shoe – Best Overall for Women

Ryka Women_s Sky Walking Shoe _ Best Overall for Women

Ryka Women’s Sky Walking Shoes are a must-have for any woman who continuously walks long distances and wants added ankle support. 

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These shoes are the best shoes for ankle support that women will love.

The shoes’ lightweight design and cushioning lining can greatly reduce the stress that builds up in feet and ankles throughout the day and allow you to remain comfortable at all times.

The comfortable, casual design makes it easy to wear these shoes in any situation, making them an excellent choice for everyday use.

These Sky Walking shoes’ design is secure and breathable — they’re perfect for any activity and form your feet perfectly. 

The shoes are lace-ups, making it easy to tighten or loosen them on the fly and ensuring that your feet stay stable and secure.

The memory foam sole feature of this shoe has a latex coating for traction to keep your footing steady even on the snowiest days, and its low-top design enables you to go about your day without fear of slipping or tripping.

The mesh, cushioned sock liner, and rubber sole are also shock absorbent, so walking can be as smooth as possible. 

These are the best shoes for ankle support that women will surely love.

Under Armour Curry 3Zero – Best Basketball Shoes

Under Armour Curry 3Zero _ Best Basketball Shoes

The Under Armour Curry 3Zero Basketball Shoes are the best basketball shoes for ankle support on the market. 

They can handle all the basketball games you’ll play without sacrificing comfortability.

The rubber sole adds extra traction to your movements, ensuring that you can play on any floor without worrying about sliding.

A shock-absorbing sole is also a great feature of these high-rise sports shoes to prevent foot injury during workouts. 

The flexible sole also helps with the natural movement of the feet, allowing players to move freely and avoid stiffness.

The Under Armour Curry 3Zero shoe’s tongue is a mesh material, which means it has breathability to keep your feet cool for longer periods. 

This is especially important for basketball players since they need to make sure that their feet don’t overheat while playing.

With its blend of high-performance features and modern design, the Under Armour Curry 3Zer0 basketball shoe will help you take your game to the next level. 

This is why they are the best basketball shoes for ankle support.

Brooks Addiction 13 – Best Shoes for Walking

Brooks Addiction 13 _ Best Shoes for Walking

The Brooks Addiction 13 is a walking shoe designed with a progressive diagonal rollbar technology to help control overpronation on the foot. 

They are also the best shoes for ankle support when walking.

It has a reliable midsole cushioning and two-layer outsole which ensures that your feet will have protection from abrasion during long walks.

The Brooks Addiction 13 has a segmented crash pad that lowers your heel upon landing, preventing stress on your joints and reducing the risk of injury. 

It’s excellent for runners too with injuries or those without. 

The HPR Plus technology makes this shoe exceptionally comfortable; it’s a great bang for your buck. It is also available for men and women.

If you’re looking for quality shoes and the best shoes for ankle support when walking, Brooks Addiction 13 has you covered. 

It’s not one of the more popular shoe brands, but it’s made of high-quality materials and will outlast most shoes on the market.

HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 6 – Best Running Shoes 

HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 6 _ Best Running Shoes

The HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 6 Running Shoe is a state-of-the-art design that pushes the boundaries of what a running shoe can do. 

These shoes are the best running shoes for ankle support.

The premium upper delivers support and durability, while the toe spring helps you run lightly. 

A proprietary mix of rubber creates a responsive ride that grips the road for effortless traction.

Their soles are from ethylene-vinyl acetate foam, which means they will remain sturdy without needing a replacement for years. 

Additionally, they use radial prism technology where there is no distinction between the forefoot and rearfoot push off – so your toes work less than conventional footwear and thereby allowing you to go faster with less effort.

HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 6 uses wind tunnel testing to maximize airflow around the foot while minimizing wind resistance (so you can run/walk/CrossFit even faster). Another thing is it is nicely padded.

They truly stand out among other competitors that is why it is the top pick you can find especially when looking for the best running shoes for ankle support.

RYKA Tenacity – Best Tennis Shoes 

RYKA Tenacity _ Best Tennis Shoes

If you’re an avid tennis player or want to get into it, your ankles and feet will thank you for investing in a great pair of tennis shoes. 

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RYKA Tenacity shoes are the best tennis shoes for ankle support which tend to last longer as well. 

The RYKA Tenacity Tennis Shoe has an exceptional overall score that combines comfort (4.2 out of 5), style (4.0), and durability (4.1). 

It also comes in both men’s and women’s sizes if you prefer something more specific. 

The toe area which is the most vulnerable part of any shoe has synthetic leather, which not only helps avoid snags but also makes them easier to clean. 

They are super comfortable as well. 

This is an important feature when considering tennis shoes because you’ll be putting a lot of wear and tear on them during play. 

They have plenty of cushioning in the forefoot and heel areas to keep you from feeling pain when running around on hard surfaces all day long, too. 

And, thanks to its nylon webbing upper, there’s excellent stability and lateral movement without having to worry about any slippage. 

Even though these shoes aren’t waterproof at all, they still manage to keep your feet dry after several hours of playing on wet surfaces thanks to their suede uppers. 

It is absolutely the best tennis shoes for ankle support.

ASICS Gel Nimbus 18 – Best Athletic Shoes 

ASICS Gel Nimbus 18 _ Best Athletic Shoes

The best athletic shoes for ankle support are from ASICS, specifically their Gel Nimbus 18

This model is popular among athletes, who love how comfortable it is, even after long runs. 

The soft gel cushioning provides unparalleled comfort and durability, which means you’ll never have to worry about your ankles feeling wobbly or stiff during exercise. 

Asics Gel-Nimbus 18 sneakers feature state-of-the-art performance technology that optimizes footwork on a variety of surfaces, including hard court surfaces. 

Versatile enough, that you can wear them in almost any sport, they are the ideal footwear for running and other athletic activities. 

It has superior shock absorption capabilities due to its special Gel sole construction, which allows it to provide your ankles with more than ample support without affecting your agility or movement speed while you run or jog. 

With proper care, these shoes can last up to 500 miles before needing replacement. These shoes are the best athletic shoes for ankle support.

Nike Kyrie 6 – Best Nike Shoes 

Nike Kyrie 6 _ Best Nike Shoes

With a carbon fiber shank and Nike Zoom Air heel unit, these basketball shoes from Nike offer your ankles maximum support. 

Nike Kyrie 6 are the best Nike shoes for ankle support.

You don’t need to worry about injuring yourself because of their flexibility and durability. However, these shoes are heavier compared to most other shoes on our list. 

They may not be ideal for runners with flat feet, but they work well with arches and provide good ankle support if you need it. 

With a lifetime guarantee from Nike, it’s easy to see why these shoes have the best ratings. 

The shock absorption feature of these sneakers is very effective when it comes to protecting your ankles while running or working out. 

Although some customers experienced pain when wearing them after playing sports, others found that they lasted much longer than other brands in their price range. 

These shoes are absolutely the best Nike shoes for ankle support.

Adidas ACE 18.3 FG – Best Soccer Shoes

Adidas Adult ACE 18.3 FG _ Best Soccer Shoes

The Adidas Adult ACE 18.3 FG soccer cleats are our number one choice when it comes to ankle support since they come with a durable external heel counter and an ultra-lightweight EVA midsole

These shoes are the best soccer shoes for ankle support.

These shoes are very light in comparison to most others that also have great ankle support. 

They also feature low-profile elastic laces that stay tied no matter how much your feet swell during practice or games. 

This is because of their lower profile nature, so if you plan on getting these be aware that calf sleeves might not fit well due to there being less space around your ankles. 

However, just because they don’t work well with calf sleeves doesn’t mean they aren’t excellent sneakers for all types of weather conditions; making them just as versatile as any other high-quality pair of sneakers on the market today.

These shoes offer top-notch performance. 

It is undoubtedly the best soccer shoe for ankle support.

KEEN Targhee II – Best Hiking Shoes

KEEN Targhee II _ Best Hiking Shoes

The KEEN Targhee II Hiking Shoe is a well-rounded hiking shoe that works just as well on easy day hikes as it does backpacking expeditions. 

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It’s durable, comfortable, and provides ample ankle support; in short, it’s an excellent option and the best hiking shoes for ankle support.

These shoes provide excellent ankle support due to their thick heel cup, firm EVA midsole, and roomy toe box. 

It’s also water-resistant, meaning it’ll keep your feet dry during light rain showers. 

The outsole features 10mm lugs, giving these shoes fantastic grip whether you’re crossing wet rock surfaces or scrambling down a rocky trail at high speed. 

The one downside: some users report that these aren’t very breathable and take longer than average to break in but most hikers say they’re worth every blister!

If you’re planning a hiking trip, be sure to purchase KEEN Targhee II Hiking Shoe because it is a sturdy pair of hiking shoes that will provide ankle support and plenty of traction. It is also the best hiking shoe for ankle support.

Best Shoes for Ankle Support Buying Guide

Best Shoes for Ankle Support Buying Guide _

What’s most important when it comes to ankle support? 

Each person and/or sport will have their own unique set of priorities, but some things stand out as being broadly important. 

When you’re trying to determine what shoes are best for your ankles, try to consider these factors below.

  1. Fit
  2. Support
  3. Stability
  4. Comfort


The most important part of a shoe when it comes to ankle support is fit. 

Without a good fit, your ankles will be vulnerable in any shoe that has minimal or nonexistent ankle support. 

Your heels should lock in place and your toes should not touch the end of your shoes when you’re walking around normally. 

When standing up straight, there should be about an inch of space between your toe and the front of your shoes. 

If you are flat-footed or have mobility issues in your feet, look for thicker soles with more cushioning to provide extra padding where needed. 

Also, check out motion control shoes which have built-in arch supports that can help keep proper alignment.


To help prevent injuries, make sure you get good ankle support when you’re running or playing tennis. 

A common area of injury in runners is ankle sprains; wearing shoes with good arch support and stable heels can greatly reduce your risk of such injuries. 

Tennis players on the other hand should look for lightweight shoes that offer lateral support, especially if they play on clay courts, which can be slippery. 


The stability rating in a shoe indicates how much it helps to correct pronation—that is, an inward roll of your ankle. 

If you have flat feet with either over-pronation or under-pronation, then buy a shoe with added support and stability features. 

These shoes will help keep your ankles from rolling too far inward or outward as you move about on them. 

Some shoes have designs that include shock absorbers, which provide additional stability around ankles during movement by absorbing impacts from landing hard on surfaces after leaping off higher ground, such as jumping up onto a curb from running across a crosswalk.


You’ll want to choose comfortable shoes that give excellent ankle support. 

To find out which shoes are best for your ankles, you can check with your podiatrist. 

Podiatrists are experts on feet and will be able to tell you exactly what type of tennis shoe is best based on your foot size, arch type, and history of injuries or pains. 

If you don’t have a podiatrist, talk to a store employee who works with coaches—they can point you in the right direction. 

Wearing proper footwear is extremely important when playing competitive sports because it improves balance and performance. Make sure that your shoes fit well so that you don’t develop blisters or corns due to rubbing during play or when you’re enjoying a casual walk or run.


The New Balance Men’s 1080v8 is hands down our top pick for men. 

This pair of shoes provides a lot of cushioning, a removable orthotic insert, and superior ankle support. 

If you’re looking for a shoe that’ll help prevent ankle injuries as well as provide great arch support, these are your best bet. 

The Ryka Women’s Sky Walking Shoe is perfect for female runners, walkers, and women who are looking to have ankle support in their footwear. 

This shoe provides great impact protection. 

The material used in creating it has high-quality synthetic materials that are breathable, flexible, and long-lasting.

When picking out the best shoes for ankle support, make sure they are comfortable and offer excellent stability because you want to be able to work or play without any distractions. 

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