What Is Eva Midsole and Why It Matters

EVA midsole technology has been in existence since the 1950s, but its recent popularity has brought this lightweight and cushioned material into the spotlight. 

VANS Shoelace Length Guide & Size Chart

You can easily find the right VANS shoelace length by measuring the old shoelace if you have it. But sometimes, you just don’t have it because you’re making a brand new set of laces out of nothing but love for your shoes.

Best Shoe Protector Spray: Best Reviews Guide

If you’re looking for the best shoe protector spray, then Crep Protect Spray is overall your best bet because it will keep your shoes from discoloration and can even help in protecting them against stains.

Best Boot Laces on the Market: Top 10 Best!

After doing a rigorous evaluation of, what we believe to be, the best boot laces on the market today, we have concluded Miscly Round Boot Laces as being ahead of the competition!

Looking for the Best Boot Dryer? Check Out These Top 10!

We invested so much research and time into finding the best boot dryer, and we’ve found that your best bet is to go with the PEET 2-Shoe Dryer! It’s fantastic and does everything that we were hoping for out of a product like this!

Best Shoes for Morton’s Neuroma: Buying Guide & Reviews

We looked a lot into the shoes that Morton’s neuroma sufferers wanted the most, and after careful consideration, it seems like Orthofeet Asheville and Orthofeet Charlotte are by far the best shoes for Morton’s neuroma than other products. 

Best Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis to Buy

If you’re in search of the best shoes for Achilles Tendonitis, MBT Colorado X Rocker Bottom is the best overall shoe for you. These shoes have all the best features like its rocker bottom shoes and proprietary SensorTechnology that provides natural cushioning necessary.

Best Shoes for Sciatica Sufferers

After going out of your way to gather a lot of information including survey results, product quality reports, and consumer feedback from other customers, we can confidently recommend Orthofeet sneakers as the best shoes for sciatica sufferers.